MAC Cream Colour Base – Neutral Highlights

I enjoy going through blogs, forums, and magazines looking at what the makeup artists used to create the runways looks.  There is one particular product I keep coming across no matter the season: MAC’s Cream Colour Base.  I purchased my first Cream Colour Base a few years before I started trolling blogs and forums for backstage look breakdowns, and it was Fawntastic, which a MAC makeup artist explained to me could be used as an eyeshadow base – NOT.  I went on my merry way, but eventually, after I started trolling backstage beauty breakdowns, I picked up Hush and Pearl.  Personally, though I would love to add to my collection of Cream Colour Bases, and I hope MAC comes up with new shades, like a shimmery medium depth sienna color.  I can dream.

1. MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl, Fawntastic, and Hush, in Frost, 0.12 oz for $16.50

All of the shades I have work effectively as sheer highlighters.  A little too sheer for my taste to be honest, but that does stop me from relying on these as blushes alone.  Pearl is a moonbeam-like pale yellow-gold shade that shows up as a candlelight white-like shimmer on me.  Originally, I was looking for Luna, but I saw that rather stark white, and said no thanks.   Fawntastic is a beigey-pale mushroomy color that I like alot.  Hush is a peachy-pink shimmer.

I have read about how makeup artists like to layer these on top of powders and creams, and while it looks great in the backstage photos, perhaps, I am missing some application tricks?  Personally,I do not like adding ANY creamy, or moist, substance to my skin, if I have used a powder on the same area previously, as this just looks sludgey on me (remember, I’ve got super oily pores).  I also do not like layering these on thick textured, or full coverage, foundations because I think it looks kind of muddled.  The cream shades tend to mix and look indistinct from each other.

So how do I use these?  With very little color product underneath that’s how.  I don’t know if it is an issue with my technique (possible),  if I am overusing color base products underneath and so it is muddling up the shimmer (possible), or if I am not using the right tool (I always use my fingers for application with cream products), but I just feel these products look the best on ME with a very sheer tinted moisturizer, or super-sheer foundation with a thin, quick-dry texture (YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation or Becca Cosmetics Luminous Skin Colour).  I think even using a brush to really sheer out, and buff the base color into your skin would be very helpful.  The point of these particular shades is to highlight the skin.  These shades are light enough, and sheer enough, that you should be able to see your skin through a color veil.  At least that’s how I like it too look.  The less coverage with my base product the better to allow this.

I think these shades work well  on all skintones, but they will read differently.  These shades will be more multi-dimensional on really pale skintones, and act as pure highlights on darker tones.  However, I would love to see MAC make skin-toned highlighter shades that would flatter tanner skintones, or medium to dark-toned ladies.  A deeper, warmer version of these would be awesome.  You know, like, imagine if MAC made a shade similar to Becca Cosmetics Mineral Powder Blush in Wild Honey!  LOVE!!!!

Here are the swatches:

MAC Colour Cream Base Text


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