I thought about adding this as a regular post, but that would mean burying it until someone stumbled upon it – and that would not be cool. Why make information hard to find? This is awesome information that hopefully people will check  out. This page will contain links to websites that act as skincare treatment or product references. I will be periodically updating it.  As long as it is useful and relevant to skincare, it will go on this page.

1. Japanese Cosmetics and Beauty Source : http://www.ratzillacosme.com/

  • This is an AMAZING resource for anyone who is interested in Japanese cosmetics and skincare products.  The owner of this website works exclusively with Japanese and Chinese cosmetics companies as a beauty trends forecaster.

2. The Triple Helixian: http://thetriplehelixian.com/

  • This is an amazing skincare – science reference blog run by an aspiring dermatologist.  Provides really technical information about various skin processes, as well as product recommendations.

3. Charlotte Tilbury: http://www.charlottetilbury.com

  • Charlotte Tilbury is a very successful professional makeup artist who has does tons of campaigns, covers, and beauty and fashion editorials.  What I love about her blog is that she occasionally features tutorial videos, which are amazing.  I wish she would do more.  I am currently obsessed with her secret concoction she uses as a glowing makeup base.  She needs to package and sell it!  I’d buy it.  I am trying to create my own super thick, glowing pre-makeup/pre-primer base – but I’d rather just buy hers.

4. Miss Maven: http://missmaven.com/

  • An armenian model and actress, Teni Pansoian, often features beauty products she loves, as well as amazing professional quality makeup tutorials.  I love watching how she applies makeup to pick up tips because I le suck.  Oh yeah, and she is also stunning…but whateva right?



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