It’s A (VERY LATE) Recap Sun…errrr Tuesday

Another Recap Sunday post…which is REALLLY late. 

It will be a slowish blogging week for me (maybe, for month of February, too).  I haven’t had an unintentional slow post week since I started the blog until now.  There is always room for firsts. 

1. Had another informational interview with someone else and it was kind of depressing. They painted a very difficult picture of breaking into what I wanted to do.  Hmmmm.

2. Finally heard back from another suggested contact – it only took two weeks to respond back!   I am all networked out for the time being. This is being scheduled for early February – if I can help it.   

3.  But I am still going to another professional networking event I signed up for weeks ago, later this week.  May not be on my “A” game but I am just going to treat it like a social event.  So tired of “network” speak.  Let’s see if I can meet some cool new folks for fun. 

4. Had awesome catch up dinner this past friday with some friends.  Found out one of them is celebrating their birthday this week in JAMAICA!!!  BRRRR – I mean – GRRRR – it’s freaking freezing out here in NYC!   Oh wait – now it’s not.  Schizo weather…

5. Had a great weekend with a friend.  First by visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, getting lost on the upper west side looking for a popular restaurant, and then heading downtown to escape the biting cold and just sitting and talking all night long.

6. Discovered a new cosmetics line carried by Nordstrom called Gorgeous Cosmetics, an australian beauty brand.  I hoped the foundations would match but nope.  The highlighting POWDER of varying shades of Beigey-Gold, however, was a super HIT.  Hope to post some swatches eventually.   Too bad about the foundations.  These run high yellow, peach, pink or orangey-beige, but the formulation is REALLY NICE.  😦

7.  Tried some new Elizabeth Arden products.  Eh…izokay.  Trying to figure out if the brand history somehow justifies department store prices for middling products.  You look into the early history of Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics and it’s basically misrepresentations on sourcing of ingredients, efficacy, and total marketing magic working on an upwardly mobile, newly industrialized population hungry for some magical cream.  Ah, the good ole’ days when you could create demand with any ole’ lie.  Oh wait…

8.  Not sure why I wait so long to post some swatches, in general, especially for the new of the moment stuff.  I’ve been sitting on some stuff for a while, including a drugstore cleanser-palooza.  Oh well…Don’t want to do half-assed review.

9.  Yeeeaaaaah….Don’t expect to see a post, perhaps, ’til next week…

10. Looking forward to a laidback week and a nice weekend meet up with some more friends.  I’ve been very social lately.  I really dislike these darker, dreary days.

11. Late january through end of february is the worst time of the year for me.  Super cold, dreary, mostly overcast, dark, and sometimes rainy.  Where’s that green JCrew sweatshirt and green MAC Clutch when you need it.  I am going to rock emerald green for as long as possible.

‘Til next week amigos!


Jouer Cosmetics Tints

Jouer Tint 2

1. Jouer Cosmetics Tints in Amaryllis, Dahlia, and Petal, $20.00

Jouer Cosmetics, despite it’s “newish” status among blogs has actually been around for a bit.  I can’t exactly remember how long, but it’s definitely been more than just a couple of years.  It used to be carried by Sephora before it was removed.  I know this because I actually played with this in a Sephora store.  The weird thing is that I am pretty sure this either used to come in a white box, or white plastic container, but I am not 100% sure.  It’s weird that I have this nagging memory of playing with this brand in Sephora, but not 100% certainty.  Jouer is a pretty distinctive name and the interlocking casing mechanism is unique.

I first heard about Jouer Cosmetics as a small beauty blurb mention in a beauty magazine, probably Allure.  As always, I was intrigued and curious to try the line.  But a quick check of the ingredients turned me off,  as it appeared to have oil in it ath the time.  At this point, I was avoiding products with oil in it, as well as, any creamy textured products because of my oily, acne-prone skin.  I have since become a more informed beauty consumer and I am the better for it.  Not all oils are evil on my acne-prone skin.

Jouer Tint Open 2

I picked up Jouer Tints because of its multi-purpose nature.  A lip and a cheek product that is creamy and blendable on the skin? Awesome!  I tried to pick up an assortment of shades that I didn’t really have.  This can be hard to do since most brands try to provide the same core blush shades, but I was hoping for a different varitation of what I already have.  Plus, even if it was the same, I don’t have too many dual purpose products.  Plus, the packaging is COOL!

I picked up three shade; Petal, Dahlia, and Amayllis, but I actually wanted a fourth, too, called Bare, but it seemed like it might be similar to Kevyn Aucoin’s The Creamy Glow in Nuelle (which was discontinued years ago, but I still have the shade).  Well, after having tried these, I wish I had picked up Bare and Peony!  While I love the blendable tints on my cheeks – that would be flattering on just about any skintone –  I loved them even more on my lips!

Jouer Tint Back

I have difficulty finding lipstick textures that I like on my lips, as well as more casual, wearable shades that don’t make me look all washed out and sallow.  This is why I prefer bright, almost neon shades for lips, like NEON oranges and VIBRANT pinks.  But these are not CASUAL colors and they are definitely NOT low maintenance.   I want casual, low maintenance, and flattering!  These are it!

Jouer Tint Open 1

Petal is a described as a soft rose pink.  Amaryllis is described as a creamy soft red, while Dahlia is described as a sheer ripe berry.  I found Petal to be a warm, light pink.  Not really rosy at all.  Amaryllis reminds me of a juicy strawberry smoothie, a bright reddish pink.  Dahlia is a medium berry color.  The coverage is adjustable.  You can go for a stained effect with sufficient blotting.  You can layer and blot, blot, blot for a subtle matte effect.  Or coat with heavy layers for a fuller lipstick effect (I am not a fan of this since I hate feeling a thick layer of lipstick, but it is a good way to build volume if you have thinner lips.)  Best of all, all three shades are easily mixable to create your own custom shade.  I decided to layer all three and blend, blend, blend, and came up with the PERFECT, spring medium warm pink for my skintone.

However, I was not a fan of the inconsistent formula in the pan.  There were random larger lumps that were NOT thoroughly blended.  This could be a quality control issue, or it may be a storage environment issue.  I am not sure.  It does not effect the texture of the cream once blended on the lip, but it does not feel as “luxurious” with those lumps in the pan.  However,  I absolutely love the interlocking form factor to create your own palette.  I did not think this would matter to me but I actually do like locking these together.  Kind of brilliant, actually.

Jouer Tint Swatch 1 Text

Ingredients: Ricinus Communis (Castor Seed) Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Petrolatum, Beeswax (Cera Alba), Paraffin, C12 15 Alkyl Benzoate, Stearoxymethicone Dimethicone Copolymer, Trioctyldodecyl Citrate, Ozokerite, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla Cera) Wax, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Isostearyl Behenate, Polyethylene, Kaolin, Biotite, BHT, Propylparaben, May also contain:, Mica, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77894), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), Red 7 Lake (CI 15850:1), Red 27 Lake (CI 45410) (CI 45410:1), Carmine (CI 75470) (CI 75470)

Depotting Disaster


I mistakenly believed based off of all of those depotting posts you see floating around, as well as youtube videos, that depotting is easy.   Well, maybe, I got a tough case with tough glue cuz I warped the metal casing with the knife (and warped the knife) and broke my MAC Blush in Buff into crumbly pieces.  Since, I was clueless, I crushed the broken bits on a paper towel (FAIL) and proceeded to try to add it all into the pan, except it overflowed the pan (FAIL).  After dumping some Super 70 Bay Rum (SCENTED) distilled alcohol (don’t think this was the type of alcohol I should have used) and creating an overflowing – but very fragrant – lumpy mess (FAIL), I was able to save some of the mush my blush had turned into, and playdoh that sucker into a somewhat flat surface.  In the end, I got a lumpy looking blush to go in my MAC palette.  That was the last time I will attempt depotting.  My blush looks grimey.  And I normally throw out makeup that looks grimey – hello! Nars Blush in Orgasm (the grimey-est over time product packaging in the world of cosmetic packaging).  What saves this franken-blush?  I love smelling it.  It totally enhances “blushing up.” 

See below.

Busted buff

Revlon Photoready BB Cream Skin Perfector SPF 30

Revlon BB Cream

1. Revlon Photoready BB Cream Skin Perfector SPF 30, 1.0z for $10.99

When I heard that Revlon released a BB Cream called Photoready BB Cream Skin Perfector SPF 30, I knew I would have to get my mitts on it.  Revlon is the only drugstore brand that makes a suitable shade match for my skintone: Golden Beige.   Not perfect, but decent for a drugstore brand.  I was curious to see Revlon’s BB Cream since they were so late jumping on the BB Cream trend.  L’Oreal, Garnier, and Maybelline had all come out with their versions of BB Cream a while ago.  I tried them  all and found that the shade matches weren’t very good for me since they ran either warm ivory or medium beige pink tone.  Revlon’s Photoready BB Cream Skin Perfector SPF 30 in Light/Medium is a great option for those with light-medium, warm beige undertones.

First, if you have ever tried an asian BB Cream, and compared to american BB Creams, you know that asian BB Creams are considerably thicker and offer more color coverage.  But then you also know that they are not the greatest when it comes to matching non-asian skintones (or even many asian skintones for that matter).  American brands offer a better shade selection for those within the Light to Medium range.  Most of the american brand BB Cream versions feel like tinted moisturizers with a small shot of color.  Revlon’s  Photoready BB Cream felt thicker than most drugstore brands I have tried, such as Maybelline’s and L’Oreal’s BB Cream version, but offered more color coverage than L’Oreal’s BB Cream and Maybelline’s BB Cream.

Another difference between Revlon’s version and other drugstore BB Creams is that Revlon’s shade undertones run more beige-orange warm, as opposed to pinkish medium-beige.  Across the board, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Garnier and Revlon offered a similar shade for the Light shade  – a warm, light ivory shade suited for yellow, or neutral, undertones (but not very fair, pink tones).  However, once they went up a level,  the undertone differences were very distinct.  Garnier was by far the most MEDIUM BEIGE PINK of the bunch.  At the time that I tried Garnier, they only had two shades available, and Medium was a massive jump into a true medium beige shade.  Maybelline offers a Light/Medium and a Medium, but they also have a medium beige undertone.  L’Oreal was the closest to a warm, yellow-orange undertone but it offered, by far, the SHEEREST color coverage.  Actually, L’Oreal’s BB Cream’s felt, and looked, like nothing at all.  I am not sure why anyone would buy L’Oreal’s BB Cream.  It felt like the leftover’s of strained tinted moisturizer – some water, hint of silicone and a bit of shimmer and tiny hint of color.

Revlon Photoready BB Cream shade range runs the closest to MAC’s NC 15 – 40 shade range.  It has warm, beigey-orange/peach undertones.  The overall shade range runs darker.  So, you should stay away from this if you are very pale, or pink.  This will not work on you.  I was closest to the Light-Medium shade, which is well suited for anyone within the MAC NC 25-30 range.  Medium is deeper and better suited for the MAC NC 30-40 range.  Light can be worn if you still have yellow undertones and are MAC NC 15-20.    I could swing Light in the dead of winter after it oxides.  But no thanks.  These shades do oxidize, so expect them to get a bit darker, after application.

Revlon’s Photoready BB Cream feels non-greasy and has a “siliconey”cream texture that offers a moisturized, satin-dewy finish on my oily skin.  It is layerable.  However, layering deepens the color of the BB Cream and oxidation, increases it even more.  On me, more than two layers of the BB Cream gives me orange face.  Learned that the hard way.  Eeeek.   If you have deeper, medium beigey-orange skin, you can do this.  Also, it can appear a bit cakey if you use more than two layers.  However, I can layer a thick primer/sunscreen product underneath this without any issues, such as  La Roche Posay’s Anthelios SPF 50 Primer Sunscreen.   There were no issues with pilling, clumping, or caking.  Since Revlon’s BB Cream is technically a primer/tinted moisturizer hybrid that is pretty awesome.  It may not be necessary to use another sunscreen with Revlon’s BB Cream because it has SPF 30, but I prefer to rely on brands with proven, stable sunscreen ingredients.  I don’t rely on cosmetic SPF add-ons. 

Quickly comparing other more expensive BB Creams sold in the american market that I have tried: Dior Hydra Life BB Cream (too orange and moist), Dr. Brandt Flexitone BB Cream (too orange), Smashbox CameraReady BB Cream (too orange and with a drywall texture), almost all of the Dr. Jarts (too light, either ivory or medium-pink), and Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm (runs beige nudey-pink and VERY MOIST).  None of these were appropriate for my oily, light-medium, warm yellow (with a hint of green) skin. 

Revlon’s Photoready BB Cream offered the best shade match for me, in comparison to other drugstore brands, despite it being warm beige with a peachy-orange undertone rather than yellow.  As someone who has SUPER oily, acne-prone skin, this DOES NOT GIVE A MATTE LOOK.  It starts off satin, and then transforms into “dewy,” and then I do need to blot.  So, if you hate dewy skin and prefer a matte look, stay away.  Dewy skin doesn’t bother me, greasy looking skin bothers me and I can tell the difference between shiny, dewy and greasy.   It also doesn’t break me out.  But everyone has different  acne triggers.  I have been using this for the last couple of weeks after I am done at the gym.  I have gone through quite alot of it already for a new product and I know I will be picking up another tube before spring arrives. 

This is a great budget buy base option.  I am curious to see how it will hold up in the summer.  Since it does have a hydrating, creamy-silicone feel to it, it may not be suitable for the summer on my oily skin.  For now, it works great in these cold, dry days.

Here are the swatches for the Light-Medium.  It was shot by a window in natural light but it was an overcast day.  I assure you it does NOT look very peach, or orange, on my face as long as I don’t use more than two layers.

Revlon BB Cream Swatch Text

Here is a dual swatch of both the Light and Light-Medium shot on a sunny day by the window.

Revlon dual bb swatches Text 2

As you can see, it is a significant jump in the color.  If you were to blend both together, this is the shade you would get.

Revlon Blended Swatch Text 2

One more thing, if you are curious about Revlon’s new Nearly Naked Makeup, then know that Revlon’s Photoready BB Cream seems to run in the same shade family, has a thicker, “siliconey”  cream texture that is more moisturizing, and it offers almost the same level of color coverage.  Revlon’s Photoready BB Cream in Light was a dead match for the Nearly Naked  Makeup shades in Ivory and Vanilla.  I tried Warm Beige and Sun Beige and they were similar to Photoready BB Cream in Medium.   Nearly Naked’s Medium Beige and Natural Beige seemed like a good match for the Photoready BB Cream in Light-Medium.  Here is a tip.  You don’t need both Revlon’s Nearly Naked Makeup and the Photoready BB Cream.  It’s like they are ALMOST exactly the same product.  Nearly Naked Makeup is an incredibly lightweight foundation that feels like nothing on the skin as you blend it in, while you will FEEL the Photoready BB Cream as you blend it in but then you won’t notice it later on (at least not in the fall/winter).   The real difference between the two is that Revlon’s Nearly Naked Makeup offers more shades for darker skintones, within the medium-deep range.  So, if you are MAC NC/NW 42, or darker, you could find a match within Revlon’s Nearly Naked Makeup, but Revlon’s Photoready BB Cream would be off limits.

One more thing, while I didn’t notice a distinctive smell from the Light-Medium tube, the Light tube had a really strong chemical scent that was a tad repugnant to me.  I didn’t know why the Light had that scent but the Light-Medium didn’t.  It did not dissipate over time.  Everytime I opened the Light tube, the strong scent wafted out.  So, if you are fragrance sensitive, these may not be right for you.

Here are the ingredients:

Ingred 1 Ingred 2

Laura Mercier Cavier Stick Eye Colour

LM Shadow 1

1. Laura Mercier Cavier Stick Eye Colour,  0.05 oz for $24.00

I was checking out Sephora to see if they had a display of Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Powder I could look at, which they didn’t, when I discovered these really pretty eyeshadow/liners from Laura Mercier, which are new to the line for Spring 2013.

The Eye Sticks were not the creamiest, silkiest, or softest pigment, but it was suitabley comfortable applying it to my skin.  Once applied it did not shift, budge, or crinkle.  These were created as a companion to the Caviar Eye Liner, to create an easy smokey eye effect in a “long-wearing, transfer-proof, and crease-resistant” formula with intense color pigment.   I love the smokey eyelook and have never been able to duplicate it.  Eventually, I will test this on a weekend before actual purchase.

I was able to meander around the store, flexing my hand, checking out different products.  It did not shift, or crumble, for the 30 minutes I was there.  Obviously, this is not my eye area.  I liked the colors and I like how they felt and stayed put.  One huge problem.  You may need extra strength eye makeup remover to remove this.   I mean hardcore extra strength. 

One of my big concerns with these types of cream eye shadow/liners is that they do not stay put on my oily skin.  On my eyes, most things migrate downward, or the oils break it apart dissolving the color.  This will not do that.  This would be awesome if I did not become freaked out by how much makeup remover I had to use and how hard I had to literally scrub my skin to remove this.  It took six cotton pads soaked  with Sephora’s makeup remover – which may be kind of weak, I don’t know – and vigorous rubbing in my skin, until it was very red and hurt to remove this. 

Here are the swatches. 

LM Swatches Text

I only applied them to the back of my hand.  Forgive me for the mini hairs.   I hate swatches with hair follicles interfering.  I don’t shave my hand because I feel like it’s quite normal and fine to have fine hairs on the arm, but in close up shots – it looks all sasquatchish.  It didn’t even occur to me to put on the underside of my arm since I was only swatching for my benefit ’til I realized that I could take a picture and post.  Oh well.

Here is what the swatches looked like after two makeup remover soaked cotton pads.


*The Khaki tester was not available and the extra stick in the Khaki holder is actually another Sand Gold tester.   There is, also, a wider assortment of colors available online than what I saw in the store.

These are really pretty, long lasting, and comfortable but there should be suggestions as to the kind of makeup remover to use to easily and non-irritatingly remove this.

It’s A Recap Sunday

Formerly named Sunday Sundries…NOW – It’s A Recap Sunday!!!  A post for the little things not appropriate for a full post, a recap of the past week, and a peek into the next.

Beautiful Creature Cover

I have been seeing those fascinating movie trailers for Beautiful Creatures.  I will see the movie because it seems interesting, and because the cinematography looks beautiful.  However, the unknown actors in the lead roles don’t seem compelling to me in the bit I saw.  But since it is focused on a book series, I picked it up to read.  Unfortunately, the first few pages just did not grab me.  Ok, I know, it’s the first few pages…

Renpure Empty

Another empty! Yes!  I reviewed this a while back here.  I always finish conditioners faster than shampoos.  I have so many bottles of conditioner AND crazy shampoo bottles that it will be a while before I repurchase this.  And repurchase this I will.  It is very good.

Zumna cover

I read this on the cover of INC. and it reminded me of how I dropped out of ZUMBA.  THAT SH&*&*(*T is HARD!  I don’t know what was more embarrassing: not being able to keep up with the bobbing college coeds, or the fact that I got two left feet with the latin footwork, did I mention that bachata, merengue, and salsa are my people’s dance moves?  FAIL!!!  Well, I am not that great a dancer.  Two words – MASALA BANGRAH!  If you are not the most foot coordinated, jello-hipped of dancers, Masala Bangrah is fun, upbeat and ALOT simpler.  Of course, it get’s a little crazy with the hand motions, but you get SOOOO tired jumping up and down!

Stock Up

I ordered my cleansing balm and enzyme mask last week and it came (picked up a new toner I never tried before too).  YAY!  Doubled up on the Glamtox – it is actually doing a really job of removing the reddish brown post-acne marks, as well as the large discoloration around my cheeks and forehead from melasma (in conjunction with Differin).  


I saw the movie MAMA and it was interesting.  I enjoyed it but the ending made me sad.  It was unusual for a horror movie.  If you are into horror movies, this is worth checking out, if you are not – I guess you could pass and wait for the DVD. 

DSC03310Filling in the calender for the next two weeks with dates, appointments, and meetings.


Ah, let’s discuss the trainwreck that was that networking event.  It started off well, then came the jumping accusations, the snappish behavior, the eye rolls, the increasingly badgering questions on why I was interested in the area I was trying to redirect my career in (she happened to luck into it with no background, she revealed, but she NEEDED a concrete connection – umokay).  I had an answer, she just didn’t like it.   The alternating hostility and superficial fake friendliness was confusing.  It ended at a cafe, with me just wanting it over.  As I went home, I beat myself up about not having prepared better.  Except, as I recollected the event, it became increasingly clear that she HAD AN ISSUE WITH ME for whatever reason.  She was unprofessional, rude, too familiar, and just unbelievably inappropriate.  I wish I could get more detailed – but that would be too revealing.  After how awesomely easy the other networking connection I made with the other senior executive was, this mid-level person was an abrupt glass of cold water in the face.  Needless to say,  I am keeping my distance.  After recounting the event to a friend, I realized I was also upset that I just took it.  The next time someone thinks they can get out of line with me for whatever DEEPSEATED ISSUES – I mean –  reason is going to get a terse walkout.  The upshot, my friend mentioned, is that I am now prepared for the next offthewall person to cross my path.  BRING THE CRAZY – I am ready!

The sad truth in the professional world of over-degree’d individuals is that those extra years of schooling does not necessarily mean that they are of sound mind, judgment or principles.  Degrees do not change people.  It’s just an extra few lines on a resume, a few letters at the back of your name, or the front.  You get to cloak yourself with the perception of respectability, but that’s all it is – A CLOAK.  If you have issues, a degree isn’t going to solve it – it’s just going to help you to mask it longer from unsuspecting folks.

Go Easy Saturday

Mini Me Collage 2

I am unbelieveably hard on myself.  My family has started to refer to me as a mini hulk, since I have allowed my internal harshness to spill out unfairly, and unwarranted, all over them.  I need to take a chill pill.  On two separate occasions this week, two completely unrelated individuals (who don’t even know me) told me the same thing: Focus on the things you can control, and stop focusing on those you can’t.

We are often our own worst critics.  Sometimes, we have to show ourselves the patience and understanding we so easily allow other people (hopefully – unless you have become a tyrannical, obnoxious mini-hulk like I have lately.  Ooops.  Well, technically, it’s not harsh, if it’s true, but I digress).   Could you imagine saying those things to the baby, or child, version of yourself?  Exactly.


LEMMING SOOOOO BAD…Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder










I am AGAINST highlighter powders.   I purchased LORAC’s Perfectly Lit Oil-Free Luminizing Powder some years ago and could not figure out how to use it – like it was a rubiks cube that needed to be solved.  No matter what I did, it was too much.  I looked like I was frosting my face.  I finally threw it in the garbage.  My skin was too greasy to effectively use powders without it cakeing up on my skin, and the frosting action was too much.  I eventually picked up LORAC’s Oil-Free Luminizer in Pearl 1, which I LOVE!  This was goof proof.  Since then, I have never lusted after, or been remotely curious about highlighting powders.  Liquids and creams are my go to.  So multi-purpose, so easy.  But if anything is going to get me to try a powder highlighter….I think it may be these….Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder…ACK!

Say it ain’t so…Hourglass!  These are soooooooo flipping expensive!  Did you have to come out with more than one color?  Why, why, why!? 

Why did you have to add that techno-speak – me and beauty-enhancing technology – MUY SIMPATICO.  “Photoluminescence and color-correcting”…arrgghhhh.  “Transparent micro-“…stop right there!  “Alter and refine the perceived appearance of the complexion by manipulating and filtering”….!!!!  Can it filter out my acne while sucking up my pores?….NO.  Damn. 

Six universal shades?  As in, I can use any of the six shades for a different effect? YES!  Eh, I’ll take 4.  Don’t need all 6.  I can show restraint.



I will just stare at my collage…that’ll tide me over….We’ll see if this oily skinned, acne-prone girl can be converted by this product.  I haven’t even tried it, touched it, seen it in real life, and I WANT TO BELIEVE!!!!

From Sephora’s website:

Mood Light – Soft, Sheer Lavender Pink

Diffused Light – Soft, Warm Yellow

Luminous Light – Champaigne, Pearl Powder

Dim Light – Neutral Peach Beige Powder

*Hmmm…maybe I should swap out the Dim for the Radiant…I hate peach beige on my yellow-green skin.  But that powder color looks interesting.

Update: Sephora gave me ETA as end of January…they can’t keep these in stock – ARGGGHHHHHHHH has these back in stock baby!!!

Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup Swatches


1. Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup, 1.0 oz for $11.99

For those of you who are curious about the shade differentiation, and if you are around a MAC NC 25 – NC 30, I figured I would post the shades that closely correspond to that shade range.

Here you go.

Revlon Nearly Naked Swatches

While the outdoor shot is accurate for how the shades appear, I have to caution that the indoor shades appear less orange, than they show up in real life. 

All of the midtone shades looked various shades of orange except some leaned yellow, while others leaned pink.  The swatches are aligned going from darkest intensity to lightest, or at least the opposite of how the bottles are arranged above.  Did you notice how the Natural Beige actually appears darker than Medium BeigeMedium Beige is the yellowest shade of the entire range, I believe.  It may actually work for MAC NC 30 girls, too.    The shades Warm Beige and Sun Beige are much deeper instense yellow shade, turning towards tan-ish light brown.  However, I urge anyone to check out this range personally because what may look orangey-wrong on me, could look beigey-perfect on you.

As far as texture, it is incredibly lightweight and the coverage is sheer, but I believe buildable to a medium.  However, this will intensify the color, and it may make orangey-ness aspect even more noticeable if you do not have beigey-peach skin.  It sets very quickly because of its sheerness and on my non-oily arms, stayed put.  As to how it reacts to oily skin and large pores, I do not know.  I did not face test this and I will not.

Movie: Bachelorette


Women friends.  Girlfriends.  Friends with boobs.  Female friendships can be complex. Male friendships are easy.  They hang out, they get drunk, they get pissed off, they kick each other’s asses, then they are friends again like nothing happened.  Women, not so much.  We have all seen, or experienced, female friendships that aren’t the most positive.

The movie Bachelorette explores old high school female friendships in a dark comedy format.  I am assuming it is “dark” because while the comedy is there, there is nothing really cute, or “rah rah” about this movie.  My mouth was mostly agape.  These were some seriously dysfunctional, almost caricaturized, friendships.  Except, I think they cared about each other.  Okay, maybe not.  Who knows?

Bachelorette came out in the fall of 2012 and it was not heavily promoted.  There is nothing feel good about this movie.  Okay, there are a few endearing scenes.  Mostly, though, it’s like a distorted funhouse mirror, where everything is so bad and fucked up that small bits of genuine non-selfish and snon-self absorbed emotions become magnified.

I STILL enjoyed this movie.  You know, the way you become fascinated by a total train wreck.  Regan, played by Kirsten Dunst, meets up for a quick lunch/brunch with Rebel Wilson’s character, Becky.  Regan is the quintessential movie stereotype of a self-absorbed, calculating, anorexic, “blue-blood-ish” icy-blonde obsessed with staying “on track” to the plum job (non-existent) and the plum wealthy, blue-blood boyfriend in med school (hasn’t proposed yet) who is “best friends” with Becky, the formerly bullied, but still very much overweight girl.  Much later on in the movie, you will discover why Regan feels indebted to Becky.  Becky tells Regan that the wealthy, charming, attractive guy she has been seeing has proposed to her.  Initially, Regan has presumed that the wealthy, attractive, total catch had dumped Becky and that is why Becky has called Regan for brunch, because  he was embarassed  to be associated to Becky.  However, Becky corrects her.  Regan is AGHAST and SHELLSHOCKED.  Becky has one-upped her not just by being the first to get married, but also by getting such a catch.  So, Regan is made the maid of honor, and she and the other bridesmaids, Gena (Lizzy Caplan) and Katie (Isla Fischer), go about preparing for the bachelorette event.  Except, it is a travesty of misshaps caused by their completely dysfunctional, self-absorbed selves.  Gena is a barely functioning, promiscuous drug addict and Katie is a not functioning promiscuous alcoholic, who gets so drunk, she frequently blacks out and has sex with men she does not know, before or after. 

Now, the reasons why whatever pivotal moment in their past fucked them is briefly provided, but as to why it became this debilitating experience they could not move beyond is never explained and mostly they come off as INCREDIBLY UNLIKEABLE and IMMATURE.  I did feel bad for them, though.  Even ice queen Regan.  What I did not like was the complete lack of character development for Becky’s character.  She has the least screen time because she is the bride and the movie follows the bridesmaids for one night trying to make right what they destroyed in time for the wedding.  However, I believe Becky is presumed to be the most healthy and functional of the group.  Except, I don’t know how someone like that ends up being “besties” with three other women who are so selfishly broken and dysfunctional.  Of course, Becky’s dysfunctioning could be that she thinks she is “lucky” to have friendships with the now formerly “hottest” girls in high school?  Her self worth magnified and increased because of her relationship to these three girls.  However, it is obvious that with the exception of, maybe, Regan, that the other two girls don’t really give two “you know whats” for Becky, and were probably only friends with her because of Regan. 

Anyways, why did I like this movie?  Despite the melodramatic hotmessiness of this movie, there was a “real” human flawedness to it that I enjoyed.  Not all relationshps are the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.  (In college, one of the girls in my freshman hall, who was pledging a very popular sorority, was nearly poisoned with extreme laxatives baked into a chocolate fudge brownie cake decorated with her pledging sororities letters.  She and a few of her hallmate friends she shared the cake with were RUSHED to the hospital to have their stomaches’ pumped.  Oddly, I discovered several years later that she blamed her roommate for making the cake because they did not like each other.  So, she and her frat boyfriend, and their fratty/soro mutual friends, EXTREME hazed the roommate for the rest of the year.  No one in the sorority took responsibility for the cake.  It was a cake that would have required an off campus apartment, or sorority house, something that her roommate being a few months into the semester as a freshman in a foreign state would not have had access to.  The roommate never made the cake.  There was no point to. Clearly, someone never took responsibility and was afraid so they allowed someone else to be HAZED.)  Anyways, hopefully, most people’s friendships are not that insane, but if you ever start feeling a little like a gremlin for whatever reason, and it’s not them but YOU, watching this will SMACK it down.

The other alternative is to enter girls in fight clubs and allow them to physically take out their aggressions early on so that we too can sock the crap out of each other and move on.

But it is a really interesting movie and I did enjoy it.