Mea Culpa…

I was supposed to return to blogging much earlier than this.  Consider this an update post.  I still haven’t officially emerged from my blogging hibernation.  I thought I had a few months back, but that petered out fast.  With me, repetition is key with getting back into the swing of anything to make it part of my routine.  Unfortunately, blogging fell out of my routine and it’s been hard finding the will to do so. It’s more a focus thing than anything else.  Rather than try to do an official “I am Back” post, i think it’s better just to slowly easy my way in.  it feels great just typing this.  So here goes…. 

Much of my time the last half year has been focused on my then new job and the super crazy scenarios I have seen play out at work. I have been so hopped up on adrenaline that I couldn’t sleep; I have spent hours dissecting information on phone calls with co-workers late into the night, played a live action cloak and dagger game and all because of a few toxic people creating a quite dysfunctional work environment.  But it has oddly been very fascinating at the same time.  It is really interesting to see how literally one or two toxic people can create chaos within supposedly sophisticated corporate organizations.  Also, very interesting how these people can out last so many others!

My current employment has been incredibly informative on office politics, office drama, office personas, and office inefficiency and that funny thing called the “merit system.”  What’s so funny is how not perturbed I am by the whole thing.  What has happened at my job resembles a corporate version of a daytime soap opera.  I watch and play defense.  The best defense of course is being above all OBSERVANT and after that damn productive and helpful and getting along with everyone.  Not that it makes you permanently immune to being targeted, but that regardless of the warring personalities involved, they want you on their team – for now.  No one wants someone who can’t do what they are supposed to, is too slow, or can’t work independently without asking a billion questions.  But who wants to work in an environment like that?  

It’s been a crazy ride and this pleb needs to plan an exit plan that doesn’t involve unemployment or being overworked!  🙂

Aside from work being all consuming, I have had a product whore moment of truth during this time.  Technically, it’s my second.  The first beauty ban I imposed was right after grad school and I actually had less than I have now (!)  I was very good for a long while and then it all went to hell.  Again.  Since my beauty ban I have unceremoniously dumped products that expired or I figured should have since I have had it too long.  This has thinned out my drawers.  And yet, I STILL have too much.  I know you are all aware of that Sephora promotion going on right now and the end of my beauty ban was very much planned around the discount/promotional season for a reason.  However, despite filling up my online cart I had to ask my self if I needed any of it.  I still have product in their boxes.  I ended up having to throw out a gorgeous full bottle of Suti’s Rejuvenate Face Oil because it went rancid (or smelled like cold pressed meaty butter….GROSS!). I dumped over a dozen nail polishes that had separated.  I dumped over half of my bottled foundations and I still have product for at least several months use.  I’ve got tons of sunscreen bottles (mostly Elta and Shiseido).

The point? 

I don’t need much and I don’t want much in the beauty arena.  

But who am I fooling?  I am not going cold turkey.  So, yeah…this reformed product whore IS getting a few items this holiday season.And I can’t wait to blog about it and all the other goodies I have been diligently using up.  Plus, I want to let you know what happened during the course of my official spending ban.  It wasn’t a perfect record…and yet, I am still reformed.




  1. It’s nice to hear from you. I love all your posts and I’m saying this from the bottom of my heart. I did wonder where you had gone, and I checked my blogger account a few times to make sure it was still following your blog… Welcome back, so glad that you haven’t given up on blogging…looking forward to more posts.

    • Thanks Nazneen! It is much appreciated! i do want to get back into blogging consistently. I am going to have to tap into that thing called willpower. That could actually be a very good future post! Awesome! I have a few post ideas up my sleeve now.

      Sharon 🙂

  2. Aw so good to hear from you again my dear! And don’t worry–I feel you on the blogging hibernation thing. I went through the same thing myself. I would pop up every month or so and declare I’d “returned”, only to disappear for yet another month. It’s not as if I don’t have time now…I recently quit my job (long story but let me just say, again, that I feel you on the whole office drama/politics thing. Add in a crazy boss and a middle-aged, disgusting pig-headed pervert of a co-worker and it was a recipe for disaster) so I definitely have the time to blog now, but it’s so hard to get back in the groove of things. I feel so lost sometimes! I have no idea what collections are out, haven’t bought any new shiny products in a while, and feel out of touch with all my blogger friends. Luckily, everyone has been crazy supportive and eager to welcome me back into the fold. haha!

    Just wanted you to know though that I have missed talking to you and reading your posts! So WELCOME BACK and look forward to chatting with you again! ❤

    • Hey! Good to hear from you! I noticed the same thing on your blog as well. But you have been more “prolific” than I recently…just sayin! 🙂

      It’s definitely a loss of focus. I am distracted by a lot. On the flip side it is also about priorities. I am not as aware of beauty launches as I used to be and the idea of spending unnecessary money on products I have buttloads of doesn’t interest me. Neither does writing basic reviews on cosmetics. There are so many blah reviews.

      You know that takes some serious balls to quit a job. I think I have only done it twice and really it was by attrition – long long ago. I kind of slunk away with vague excuses….which were lame. No, I quit assholes…maybe I should have? It’s so unfortunate how many fundamentally damaged people there are roaming the workforce. I can’t quit the mayhem because I do need a steady supply of income for my bills/expenses. But then I have to be honest and say that it has been easier for me this time around because I have not been the one targeted at work, while others have.

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