Two (Many) French Hens + Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquers

What can I say?  I like scarves!  Not just any scarves!  Colorful print scarves that are a little quirky.  This JCrew scarf is currently being sold online and in stores.  I saw the cute little french hens on the navy background and knew it would be a safe way to wear the print.  I liked the blouse version on the model, but I knew it would not translate the same way on me.  This was my modification. 

As far as nail polish, I liked the idea of a bright yellow or slightly pinky-toned vibrant red.  It seemed like a classic french take.  I mean, hello, there are “french hens” on the scarf!  🙂

I used Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquers in Fierce N Tangy and Keep Up The Flame

Fierce N Tangy because bright yellow nails are kind of difficult to wear or do.  Most bright yellow nail polishes are streaky, sheer, and require tons of layers to get color opacity.  This nail polish was no different.  This shade required almost half a dozen coats of color.  I will admit I am not good at applying nail polish.  I suck at it actually!  Thankfully, there are things called showers, that help remove the excess lacquer off of skin! 🙂  Plus, it is not the easiest nail color to wear that will work with most outfits.  If not appropriately planned, it can look out of place, or if it is planned, it can look a little contrived.

Keep Up The Flame, however, only required two coats to reach color opacity (but I think three coats would have been best).  I prefer Keep Up The Flame with the scarf.  Maybe bright cherry-like reds with a navy scarf are a little basic and boring for the Fall and Winter.  But it works.  Despite Fierce N Tangy being so streaky and sheer, I think it’s a good cheap find for yellow nailpolish.  Honestly, how often are you going to wear yellow nailpolish? Exactly.

I wouldn’t dare wear anything to frou frou or feminine with this though.  It’s a little too “adorkable.”  I do prefer sportier looks for just about any day, and especially casual days.  The feminine, kitschy print needs something to bring it down for me.  Frankly, I don’t see myself NOT wearing my faded green cargo jacket on these cool Fall days.  So, there it is.  Plus, this scarf screams a hat.  I would probably wear a toned down version of a newspaper boy cap in cotton canvas, or a old school baseball cap, with brown tortoise shell rounded frames with the slight cat eye edges. 

Regarding Maybelline’s Color Show Nail Lacquers, I think they are a good value.  I have several other shades – their metallics are awesome – and depending on the shade, opacity can be reached in two coats and it dries smooth and shiny.  Is it as good as a $30 nail polish?  I do not know.  I have never spent more than like $10 bucks on nail polish.  What I do know is that they are not bad either.  Although, that Fierce N Tangy shade is REALLY bad application wise.



  1. You know what I am going to say – I love the red nail polish, haha. I never was a yellow nail polish fan but actually just yesterday I was wearing a green lace blouse and was thinking a yellow nail polish would look great with that. I am still looking for the perfect yellow nail polish for me, maybe softer than the maybelline one. I also have one of those and find it pretty good for that $$$.

    • I love bright red nails, if not bright red lips! I love the color yellow – but it is not an easy color to wear and I would love to be able to wear a softer pastel yellow, but I think it would just enhance the green in undertone.

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