Fuchsia Lips: The Swatches

While I like the safety of mauves and pink-nudes, the truth is that they don’t look that great on me.  My odd coloring, (light skin with pale beigey yellow-green undertone) and my lips natural toned-down mauvey color, makes these lip colors look dull on me, or like nothing at all.  Not even a better version.  Just dull and dirty.  Sallow, actually.  I have since learned that brights look best with my skintone, and on my lips.

Enter the Fuchsia brigade. 

Now, I have always had a preference for bright cheeks to contour my face, so my lip collection has never been that large.  I do try to listen to advice that says never do a lip AND a cheek, otherwise, you may end up looking all Baby Jane like.  I usually err on the cheek but, occasionally, I will go for the lip, usually at night, where the bright day lights aren’t there to enhance my blush enhanced cheekbones.  A bright lip looks great day and night.   Blushing cheeks at night are kind of a waste.

Certain shades look best on me.  The bright ones, actually.  It just so happened for the last two summers, orange and fuchsia lips were the hot trend.  Both of these happen to be the two most flattering shades on me, followed by a distant third with bright red.  Go figure. 

For this post, we will swatch my Fuchsia Lips.

1. NARS Funny Face, $24.00

2. Revlon Colorburst Lipcolor in Fuchsia

3. Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Spellbound

4. Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Tempt Seduction

So here are the swatches. 

And let me tell you, there isn’t that much color difference between these swatches, with the exception of Cover Girl’s Spellbound.  The only high end product was the NARS Funny Face, which is a drier, matte texture, while both Revlon’s Colorburst Lipcolor in Fuchsia and Cover Girl’s LIp Perfection in Tempt Seduction and Spellbound were creamier.  However, the Revlon Colorburst was a thinner, sheerer color, while Covergirl’s Lip Perfection was creamier, and more opaque.  Here was the most surprising part.  When it came to removing the swatches, NARS melted away under an oil cleanser, as did Revlon’s Colorburst, but Cover Girl’s Lip Perfection took TWO DAYS to completely fade away.  It was engraved on my arm!  Oil cleansers, showers, body poufs, and towel rubbing on the first day could not get the faint hint of the swatch off my skin.

On the otherhand, NARS Funny Face was the least likely to completely rub off of my lips, and required the least reapplication.  It stayed put.  Cover Girl Lip Perfection, being creamier, can rub off the top layer (if not the bottom layer), which required reapplication to maintain the color intensity.  Cover Girl Lip Perfection can leave a nice stain, while NARS Funny Face can’t, after normal usage without reapplication.   

Hope this was helpful.  It seems like mass market cosmetic brands are getting better with producing on trend shades, and more color intensity, at lower price points.  However, I find department store brands to “feel” more luxurious.  For the most part, I don’t think it’s worth spending a lot of money on a lipcolor, UNLESS, it’s an unusual color not found in a drugstore, with significant color payoff and staying power.  Other than that, troll the drugstores and save your money for more expensive foundation, highlighters, concealers and blushes. 



  1. I’m not usually a lip girl. My lips a small and pale pink. Nothing seems to look good on thrm except hints of purple (so weird)! This was so helpful to read and im going to try the covergirl stain after your experiment. Have you tried any of Stila’s lip colors? I love their paint brush applicator and also I recently found out that they are an eco-friendly. I wrote an article on it if you are interested. http://thefashionfoot.com/2012/08/07/eco-spotlight-stila/

    • I don’t have any experience with Stila lipglosses, but I do with their convertible color collection. The one that can be used on your lip or cheek. I wonder if it has to do with your undertones. IHave you ever tried a peach lip? I know that they have Fuchsia shade, as well, that is purpley but heavier on pink. I also think Petunia, a peachy pink would like nice, as wel. Gerbera is another one, which seems like a more toned version of Petunia.

  2. Super helpful! I am not a lipstick kind of girl. I get overwhelmed when choosing the right color and never know whether I should spend so much money etc. I am caramel complexion with the yellow green undertone. I am going to try the colors listed above. Also, i had no idea about the “cheek-lipstick rule”. Thanks!

    • With your bone structure and golden-olive undertone, fuchsias, reds and strong pinky nudes work well. Why not start out safe with the pinky nudes from Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Sultry, to feel out wearing lipstick. But I hope you go all out for the fuchsias and orangey-reds.

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