I have never had a foundation bottle break on me.  Most are pretty destruction proof from typical spills and falls.  Granted, it’s very difficult for them to roll off my vanity desk which is above 36 inches off the floor because they are in non-rollable bottles.  But I had my first foundation bottle roll of my desk and hit the floor.  I don’t remember what attachment kept the bottle together, but it is definitely broken.

Here is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup bottle post fall.  It is also leaking liquid.  Sigh.  Going to have to be careful.  I really do like the color and the feel.  It is only one of TWO olive foundations I have that work the BEST with my current skintone.  The other is yet to be posted, but soon my pretties..cackle…um, no.  Halloween is over.

I feel like the bottle design could be less bulky and rollable.  Although, the test tube inner bottle is pretty cool, if it could stand on its own.

Update on 7/27/2013:  Teehee.  Reddit blew up this post.  So random.  At first I started reading the comments and was like, “oh no, an anti-makeup post,” but I trudged along.  I’m too lazy to figure out how to post on Reddit, but to the person who diagnosed the problem and provided the possible consumer solution – THANKS!  It was an informative read and shame on Urban Decay for such cheap, ill-thought out packaging.



    • Exactly. Never had a foundation bottle break on me and I’ve dropped tons of bottles. I think the money went into the formulation of the foundation which is amazing, and not in the packaging…but next time – they could have just gone smooshy opaque plastic…but I think they wanted folks to see the incredible shade breadth…but this is what you get with cheap clear plastic casings.

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  2. Mine did the same exact thing and leaked all over in my make up bag and all over my other high end products. Luckily, i scooped up most of it back into the bottle so it didnt go to waste. The little ring thing that holds those peices together fell off and the pastic cracked on mine which is why it leaked. Bummer :/ its a great foundation tho and i absolutely love it!

    • I liked it too at first and I loved the wide range of undertones. Love that they had a light-medium olive shade. But I also noticed this foundation started separating very quickly for a foundation bottle. I purchased it like the first two weeks it came out and it started separating after about 6 months….For a brand new bottle of foundation that literally came out of the factory…that’s very fast.

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