Model Faces

Kelly Gale 7

Ummm.  The model above was born in 1995 to an Indian (India) mother and an Australian (unknown background) father.  Her name is Kelly Gale and she is STUNNING!  I was looking at someone else’s beauty blog with a FOTD inspired by a model.  I pulled up the source site and started looking at various editorials when I spotted this model’s face.  There isn’t much to be said but I hope I see more of her in editorials, beauty campaigns, catalogues, runways, commercials – and, yes, dammit, she deserves a COVER. Many covers!  Here are other stunning pics I was able to find.

Kelly Gale Collage



    • I know right?! I saw an editorial for her in the Asian Models Blog and I was like ” WHO IS THAT!” And then I discovered many of the shots I pulled for her were when she was like 15/16! She is like 17 now, right? She looks more like a woman than I do! And I’m like [redacted] haha almost outed my age! NOT! CRAZY!!!

  1. I guess she probably doesn’t speak with an Australian accent, but that would be the icing on the cake, right? Now would the dramatic cheek bones and full lips and possibly even the square-ish forehead be sort of like the aborigines? At the risk of sounding weird, I always love studying people’s faces and picking out features from their father/mother, (whether their parents were of the same ethnicity or not).

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