Gorgeous Cosmetics “Sheer Brilliance” Liquid Foundation

Gorgeous Sheer Base

1. Gorgeous Cosmetics Sheer Brilliance Liquid Foundation, 1.1 oz for $50.00

I was checking out Nordstrom’s beauty selection when I came across the new to the U.S. brand, Gorgeous Cosmetics.  My eyes went agog.  As a true beauty fiend who is always looking for something better, or just – different – I had to do some net sleuthing for this brand. 

Gorgeous Cosmetics is a premium australian brand created by pro australian makeup artist David McConnell.  It is difficult to find blog reviews for this brand.  As always, I focused on my makeup bread and butter: foundations, blushes and highlighters when I decided to check out this brand.  It was very difficult to select shades sight unseen as a Nordstrom is nowhere near me.  I decided to select from the lower shade range. 

First up is their “Sheer Brilliance” Liquid Foundation, which is a sheer coverage foundation that provides light to medium coverage with layering.  Now here is where I will start making comparisons to Becca Cosmetics, that OTHER australian brand.

SBG Bottom

“Sheer Brilliance” is meant for dry skin and offers a very soft “velvet” but sheer finish.  I find that the texture of this foundation is slightly thicker than the water-like Luminous Skin Colour by Becca Cosmetics.  It also offers more pigment, which  means that you won’t necessarily fit multiple shades the way you could with Becca’s Luminous Skin Colour, which is more forgiving with wrong shade selections.  Another difference with “Sheer Brilliance” and Luminous Skin Colour is that “Sheer Brilliance” offers distinct undertone categorized shades, while Luminous Skin Colour follows a more fluid skintone range that changes wth depth and undertone, but isn’t very easily broken up into different undertone categories.  I find Becca’s skintone range far more flattering and reflective of the diversity within human skin, while Gorgeous Cosmetics seems to stay within the strict Yellow, Beige, Peach, Brown undertone categories which doesn’t offer much flexibility for those of us who fall outside of it.  In that aspect, Gorgeous Cosmetics offers a similar shade range to what most American Beauty brands offer.  However, the finish and feel of “Sheer Brilliance” is unique to me compared to the many foundations I have tried.  Lightweight, sheer, velvety and luminous is not that common.

Unfortunately, I was not able to find a shade match from the two shades I selected.  I am fortunate I did NOT go with the beauty advisor choice of a level 3 shade.  You mention the undertone “olive” and all of a sudden someone things you are medium-deep.  No, I am not one of those folks trying to “brighten” my skintone with makeup three shades too light, I am trying to match it.  And yes, I have green undertones to my skin, even though I am naturally light, if not fair.  While 3Y may have been useable, it is obvious it would have been a very golden yellow and I am not golden.

SBG Swatch Text

2Y is closest to MAC’s NC 15-20 without the dreaded peach undertone, while 2N is closer to MAC’s NW 20-25.    It felt soft, velvety and luminous, but also sheer.  It’s very nice texture and look and I think even oilier skintypes can use this even though it says it is best for dry skin.

If you are looking for a sheer foundation with a bit more coverage, and you fall within american traditional shade ranges, then this is a good product to check out.



  1. I recently received some products from this brand to review, too but haven’t gotten a chance to review them. I’m glad to see that the quality is there. The texture/consistency of this foundation looks absolutely lovely (I LOVE a thin, sheer foundation!), though I am still a bit worried about how my oily skin will handle it past an hour.

  2. I love how I’m Australian (Perth born and bred!) yet have never heard of Gorgeous cosmetics. Even more amusing that an American department store stocks it!! 😐
    Probably cheaper over there too.
    Oh I know what you mean about colour matching, they think you’re either pale as a ghost or tanned to the max!! 😦
    Can’t wait to hear more about this brand, will have to keep an eye out for it in the stores.

    • Haha that actually made me laugh. It doesn’t seem to be advertised that much. Even a review search was difficult for me to find. Price wise, this is designer expensive compared to typical department store makeup. I know what you mean about shades. I think companies focus on light and medium pretty well, but the space between light-medium is kind of patchy, especially if you fall outside the beige shade. However, fair and deep ladies probably have bigger gripes.

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