Skin Perfecting Primer and SPF: La Roche-Posay Anthelios Daily Anti-Aging Primer with Sunscreen, SPF 50

Prmer Love

1. La Roche-Posay Anthelios daily Anti-Aging Primer with Sunscreen, SPF 50, 1.01 oz for $39.50

I am not much of a fan of primers, considering all the layers of serums, lotions, sunscreen, and foundation, or concealer, I use.  Even I have limits as to how many products I will use on my skin.  I have purchased primers before, but I have never come close to even emptying a bottle of primer.  As a matter of fact, I think I have all of them mostly unused with two exceptions: Hourglass’s No. 28 Serum Primer (A-MAZING) and La Roche-Posay Anthelios (Surprise WHOAH).   While I loved Hourglass‘ essential oil serum primer for my dry, flaking tazorac’d skin almost immediately, La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios Daily Anti-Aging Primer with Sunscreen was a slow crawl to adoration.

First thing first, I did not pick this up because it was a primer.  I picked this up because it had a high SPF and the Anthelios lines is well rated in the suncare category.  However, I have not been able to find an Anthelios sunscreen that wasn’t oily feeling on my skin and that’s just a HUGE NO.  I was hoping for a more dry-matte texture.

My first unpleasant experience with this was how HARD it was to squeeze product out of the tube.  The primer/sunscreen is like hardened silicone.  It is thick and on the dense side.  You should not apply directly to skin without warming and softening it up between your hands.  Also, I prefer to use a very thin, sheer moisturizing serum, or lotion, beforehand to cut down on the skin dragging that happens when applying this primer/sunscreen.  It is NOT silky.

Once applied to your skin, it creates a hazy, blurring effect – BUT NOT in a good way.  This primer/sunscreen is not invisible.  Your skin looks like its been coated with old style, non-translucent vaseline.  I did not like the way it looked on naked skin without some sort of coverup.  However, when I fully layered on foundation my skin looked too done.  The trick with this primer is to use only a little bit of base.  Localized dabs of concealer on spots, around the nose and above eyebrows, or super sheer applications of foundations – only where you need it – created this incredible glowing, clear skin HD finish. 

The key is that you have to allow the foundation/concealer and the primer/sunscreen to melt into your skin from the heat of your body.  Your skin won’t look amazing during the first 15 minutes, but your skin looks AMAZING after, and for MANY, MANY hours later.  It also had a mattifying effect on my skin.  I noticed my skin a few hours later and it looked fantastic, non-greasy, glowing matte  I was asked by somebody, who knows about my acne/post inflammatory mark covering struggle, if I was wearing makeup because they couldn’t tell.  YES!  (I told them the truth).

Want enhanced glow?  Mixing a highlighter like Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone with La Roche-Posay Daily Anti-Aging Primer with Sunscreen, created an amazing glowing base for the small dabs of concealer/foundation to melt into the skin with.

Caveat?  You should REALLY thoroughly cleanse your skin before applying this product.  If you have super oily, acneic skin like mine, use a strong pore-clarifying cleanser with salicylic acid – and while you are at it – with alpha hydroxy acids, too.  The first time I used this, I used a non-beta, non-alpha hydroxy acid cleanser (gym bag mini cleanser) and I broke out in a huge bump that came out of nowhere later that day.  I am also careful to use only a very thin, sheer application of serum, or lotion, to add silky moisture to my skin to make sure the primer/sunscreen glides on skin easier without dragging.  If your skin is not oily, you may need a heavy essential oil moisturizer to prevent overdrying. This is the sort of product you don’t want to layer too many other products under., though.  However, if you are careful with cleansing and not using too many products that could potentially clog pores, your skin WILL NOT break out.  Also, make sure you REALLY get this off your skin, perhaps with double cleansing.  This is kind of an industrial strength primer.  My skin needs industrial strength, though.

This is the first primer I will get the chance to repurchase – EVER.  I have to…I am almost out.  The next big test will be in the summer where it is super hot and humid.  If my skin can withstand breaking out with this stuff on, and not look like a greasy hamburger in the summer, then this will be an all year round product for me.

With that I am going to quickly go through the product literature on this primer/sunscreen, which describes it as a colorless (NOT exactly – think of semi-opaque plastic containers), lightweight (NO) texture primer that fills in and smoothes imperfections like fine lines, wrinkles and pores (YUP), while mattifying combination-oily skin with oil absorbing powders (OH YEAH! ).  The anti-aging properties of this product are mostly in the fact that it has a strong, stable SPF with a few antioxidant ingredients (Cell-Ox Shield Antioxidant Complex with Senna Alta).  However, this product does an amazing job of blurring imperfections on the face after it melts into the skin and mixes with dabs of concealer and foundation, while offering a smooth, matte long lasting finish for oily-skinned girls.

Oily skinned girls should run and pick this up.  However, before you do – keep reading.

Miracle Blur

Now, I noticed a curious thing with the advertisement of L’Oreal’s Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Skin Smoother Finishing Cream, SPF 30. The “Miracle Blur” product strikes me as very similar to the Anthelios Daily Anti-Aging Primer.   La-Roche Posay is owned by the global parent company L’Oreal.  I took a look at the ingredient list and they are ALMOST exactly the same (and in the same order) except for the fact that the more expensive product has 3 more ingredients at the back, which I have highlighted in magenta font color. Diethylhexyl Syringylidenemalonate is identified online as a skin protecting ingredient that acts as a UV ray filter.  Maltodextrin (usually found as a food additive) is used as a binding agent to stabilize other ingredients that may have a beneficial effect on the skin (in this case, an anti-aging benefit).  Cassia Alata Leaf Extract serves as an antioxidant against free radical damage.  I have not tried L’Oreal’s “Miracle Blur.”  However, I do have a generous sized sample I will try and compare and report back with my results.  Fifteen dollars is a kind of a significant mark-up for nearly the same thing.  However, the difference in SPF’s also gives me pause.  However, the listing order of ingredients does not necessarily mean that the ingredients were used in the same amounts.  Either way, I found the similarity between both products interesting.  It is worth investigating.

L’Oreal’s Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Skin Smoother Finishing Cream, SPF 30

Ingredients:  Avobenzone (3%), Homosalate (10%), Octisalate (5%), Octocrylene (5%), Oxybenzone (6%), Dimethicone, C12 15 Alkyl Benzoate, Talc, Diisopropyl Sebacate, Silica, Silica Silylate, Glycerin, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Water

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Daily Anti-Aging Primer with Sunscreen, SPF 50

Ingredients: Avobenzone (3%), Homosalate (10%), Octisalate (5%), Octocrylene (5%), Oxybenzone (6%), Dimethicone, C12 15 Alkyl Benzoate, Talc, Diispropyl Sebacate, Silica, Silica Silylate, Glycerin, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, dimethicone crosspolymer, Water, Diethylhexyl Syringylidenemalonate, Cassia Alata (Candle Tree) Leaf Extract, Maltodextrin



  1. I used to use the la roche posay primer too but it ended up drying out fast! there was so much silicone that the drier it got the more it would fall apart and leave my face with little bits of the primer sloughing off. hope that doesn’t happen with you!

    • Because it’s so dry, i make a point to moisturize my skin lightly before I apply it, but I think because my skin is so normally greasy, this mattifying effect helped out the physical appearance of my skin soooo much. I love the dual purpose of this product as primer/spf, so for me it’s a lazy life saver. If you are interested in a more moisturizing primer have you tried Hourglass No. 28 Serum? I will post a review eventually.

      • Thanks I’ll try it out after I read your review! But you’re right, I love primers with SPF! ❤ your blog 🙂

      • Realtime commenting! haha. Totally try moisturzing up, or an essential oil serum for moisture. It helps so much with this primer because it is very dry on application and can drag on skin. Thanks for the complement! Hope to not fall off the content wagon…been a little off these few weeks – tis the funk season for me. can’t wait for spring!

  2. Interesting…I have not seen this one out yet. I have had poor experience with all the other LRP sunscreens too–WAAAAY too oily and gross-feeling for my skin, as well. I am nervous about this one because of what you said about it being heavy-duty and pore-clogging if you’re not careful. I just imagine breaking out into cystic acne so don’t know if I will try this…

    • Yeah, I was actually very annoyed when I first used this. The only reason I kept using it was because it was sooo expensive. But now I am a convert. The high stable spf and skin perfecting aspect sold me. Other than that monster blemish I got when I was sloppy with the type of cleanser I used, I haven’t broken out because of the primer – as far as I can tell.

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