MAC Pro Burnt Pepper Powder Blush

Mac Pro Burnt Pepper

MAC Cosmetics Pro Burnt Pepper Powder Blush, 0.21 oz for $17.00

I’ve been digging warm blush tones for a while.  I picked up MAC Pro Burnt Pepper Blush and I like the ruddy, “I just ran for 45 minutes and almost puked” flush this imparted on my cheeks.  There isn’t much to say about this product.  I tried to line up a few blushes that were similar, but you can clearly see that they are not the same shade which is a plus.  What is the point of having blush powders in the same shade?  Redundancy is not appreciated.  No ma’am!

MAC blush powders have much more pigmentation than a drugstore product.  however, it is not as finely milled and creamy as higher end blush powders.  I could definitely feel a difference between Becca’s Mineral Powder Blush and the Mac Pro Blush.  The same could be said of the super pigment imparted from Make Up Forever Blush Powder. Mac Pro’s Burnt Pepper, here, can apply kind of patchy, unlike the other two blushes.

Below you can see how MAC’s Burnt Pepper compares to Becca’s Wild Honey and Make Up Forever’s Matte Cinnamon (164)Burnt Pepper has NO SHIMMER or glitter.  I have decided that as far as blushes are concerned, major shimmer, or any glitter, in my blushes emphasizes my rather large pores.  Plus, since I already use an illuminating lotion, shimmer in my blush is too much.  Matte blushes ALL THE WAY.  However, the very refined, barely there shimmer from Becca’s Wild Honey is acceptable.  Burnt Pepper has a nice pinkish-red tone compared to the browny-brick color of Matte Cinnamon (164), while Wild Honey looks clayish with a hint of dulled peach.  However, I have to note Burnt Pepper appears VERY PINK because it is swatched between two warmer earthy tones.  Not sandwiched between the two, the warm red-tones are more prominent.

MAC Pro Burnt Pepper swatches text

Hope you enjoyed the swatches.




  1. I had never seen swatches of this shade before. It’s very pretty and I like that it’s matte. I know it wasn’t the central focus of the post, but I totally just went crazy over Wild Honey!

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