Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in Light

Nearly Naked Light Powder Cover

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in Light, SRP

I purchased Revlon’s Nearly Naked Powder because I am actually a huge fan of their ColorStay Pressed Powder, which I have purchased three times.  I use Revlon’s ColorStay Pressed Powder as a finishing and setting powder to control the oilies.  I was curious to see how I could use Revlon’s Nearly Naked Powder, and if it would be similar to Revlon’s ColorStay shades.  It is not.

Revlon Powder Comparison Text

From my earlier swatches of Revlon’s Nearly Naked Liquid Makeup (posted here), you can tell that this foundation range in the light through medium runs VERY orange and would be great for those with peach, or strong orange undertones to their skin.  Companies often make the matching powders in a slightly different tone compared to the liquid foundations to allow it to be layered without deepening the color.  However, these powders run in the same undertone family, which is actually a good thing, since after using this powder, it could easily substitute as a light powder foundation.

When I tried it on, the coverage was light-medium.  The texture of the powder is finely milled.  It also easily layers over sunscreen, primer, or foundation seamlessly.  However, it does settle into pores and teeny fine lines.  There is no real oil control and if you have oily skin, expect your powder to get darker and more intense golden orange on your face.

Nearly Naked Finger Text

This powder comes in Fair, Light, Medium, Medium-Deep, Deep, and DarkFair, which has pink/yellow undertones is very light, while Light is really more of a Light-Medium shade for those with strong peach, or gold-orange undertones.  There is no real shade option for those with yellow skintones within the light-medium range.  Light can easily be used by someone who uses MAC’s NC 25-30.  You can definitely see a gold-orange tint to the powder, once the powder mixes in with your own natural oils, it  become more intense.  My skintone looked as if it had been adjusted by a technicolor makeup artist.  I definitely looked weird with it on and it did get darker rather quickly as my oily skin adjusted the tone further. 

Revlon ColorStay Powder Open Finger Text

Revlon’s Nearly Naked in Light, compared to Revlon’s ColorStay Pressed Powder in Light/Medium, is yellower and darker overall. They are nowhere near the same undertone family.  Colorstay’s Light/Medium appears to have both yellow and pink undertones, lending itself to a more neutral color that still blends well into my skintone, layered over my darker foundations.  Since my oily skin oxidizes most foundations, and turns powder’s darker, this is not a problem for me.  I generally cannot use powders that are an exact color match dry because they always turn darker on my face, so I prefer to go a shade lighter and allow it to darken up.  Also, ColorStay is more of a sheer finishing powder, while Revlon’s Nearly Naked offers significantly more pigment and coverage.

Revlon Powder Comparison Close Up Text

Texture-wise, I find that Revlon’s Nearly Naked Pressed Powder feels much more finely milled, while ColorStay Pressed Powder is not as finely milled but because of it’s sheerness you don’t notice it as much.  However, you can appear too powdery if you go overboard with the ColorStay

Revlon Powders Comparison Swatches 4 Text

I think the Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in Light is a great option if you have peach, or yellow-orange undertones and you like some coverage in your powders.  However, Colorstay’s Light/Medium Pressed Powder is a better option for me as a finishing powder.



  1. Awesome review!

    I think we have very similar skin tendencies and even skin tone/shade, too. I’m kind of on the fence about trying Revlon face stuff, so maybe I’ll ease back into it with the Colorstay powder eventually. I’ve dispensed with powders for the most part the last few years and just choose to blot like a crazy woman all day long.

    • Ha. I just got on the powder wagon after over a decade of never touching one because of how oily my skin was and never being able to find a good enough skintone match, So, now I am all about using powder foundations, or primer and teeny amounts of foundation, or concealer, in tzone and trouble spots. It’s interesting because Revlon’s Colorstay line is lighter and more neutral leaning than their Nearly Naked line which is VERY warm and much darker even at the lighter end. Yeah, unless you have a hint of peach or orange, this is not a good option for you.

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