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MAC Pro FuchsiaGorgeous Sheer Base

Maybelline Whisper

Glyco Square

Gorgeous Base Perfect

Drugstore cleansers

Foundation Collection

MAC Lip Mix

MAC eyeshadows


LRP SPF Primer

Arden Illuminator


Mac Pro Burnt Pepper

Inglot Palette

Becca Mineral Bronzer Sideways Jouer Mineral Blush

I have gotten really lazy about blogging lately.  I posted this as a push for myself to get these up.  I normally have a few weeks of prescheduled posts.  Now, I have NADA.  Posted these to put some pressure on me.  Otherwise, you’d all be waiting a few weeks.  That’s how lazy I have gotten.  Don’t be surprised if a post shows up that I didn’t provide a sneak peek of.  The order will really depend on my mood.  Some of these are nearly two months old.  I have a few other product posts  that have been languishing for far longer though.  Yikes.



  1. wow you have really accumulated some gorgeous goodies! I’m so happy to see you finally got some Jouer–I hope you like it as much as I do! I’m also curious to see all your foundation reviews–the MAC F&B, MUFE HD, and RBR in particular. I was actually just reading reviews on the MAC F&B last night. I have never tried any of MAC’s base products before but have heard such good things about that foundation. I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts since we both have similar skin types! 🙂

    • Honestly, the Tiare was meh for me even though I LOVED your swatches…I compared it to Becca’s Moonstone – and Moonstone just better overall product with more value, and ease of use. Gorgeous Cosmetics’s Prism Highlighter offered better golden highlights btw – that highlighter is amazing just for the varied shades of gold. Was able to use it to cancel out the too pink tones of Dior’s Nude in Medium Beige and make it work with my skintone.

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