Dark Horse: Longchamp Planetes Tote, Large

While I am still contemplating the MZ Wallace “Jane” bag, I have come across another contender for my new Fall work bag.  I am surprised I did not think of it sooner.  I already own the Longchamp Planetes Tote in medium.  I bought it on sale and when I first got it, I was not pleased.  I wanted to return it.  I didn’t return it because of the hassle and I did get it on sale.  The tote in medium looked like a toy bag.  Compared to my other totes and satchels, it was tiny.  As a matter of fact, I crazily thought about giving it my three year old niece.  I said crazily, ok.  I didn’t want the hassle of shipping a return through the mail.   

Now that little tote is my favorite go to bag for going out.  I have even started using it to go to the gym.  It is deceptively small, but spacious for basics and a few extras.  It all depends on how you pack it.  It never looks rumpled, or sloppy.  The bag is put together, even if you are not.

One huge con for this bag is the absolute lack of compartments.  There is only one inside small slide pocket big enough for a metrocard.  This is where its sturdy boxy shape comes in handy.  It does not slouch or schlump.  Things pretty much stay where you put them.  But use of pouches for small loose items will be essential.

I, also, like that it is half the price of the MZ Wallace “Jane” bag.  It retails for $175.00, comes in a water resistant coated nylon material, and looks timeless.  I want the brown/ebony version.

Updated: I can be incredibly picky and sometimes I only choose by fault of exhaustion mulling over a decision.  The Longchamps Planetes Tote in Ebony won!!  I am really happy I got this bag.  I use this bag a lot!



    • I have NEVER been able to get to this discounted on bluefly, nordstroms, or any other flash site. They go FAST! I got my small black one on sale though, Probably because it was forgotten. I am getting over the whole bag thing. Give me a bag I won’t get tired of using season after season.

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