Let’s Celebrate: 1 Year Anniversary!

Four score and seven years ago – oh wait – actually it’s only been exactly one year ago that my very first blog post went up.  I spent a few years wondering if I would ever build up the courage to start a beauty blog – cuz that’s what youngins’ do.  After I started it, I wondered if I could keep on going longer than 6 months…there were lulls that were mostly disguised because I had completed and scheduled a half dozen or more posts to cover for my period of inactivity.  This time around, I was not so well prepared. But it hasn’t been blogging nadirs as much as it has been the fact that I go to work early and come home late.  I’ve been posting sporadically on weekends, when I can.  The truth is – the urge is still there to post, but the time has not.  When blogging becomes a chore that’s when it will stop…But for now, it’s just a bit slow.  I haven’t abandoned ye yet bloggie!

So, looking back – I think it’s amazin’ I’ve been here a year!  In one year, I have gained 193 official followers and generated over 120,000 page views. I have received almost 300 comments and I have uploaded over 250 posts!  Small fry in the blogging world, but pretty awesome for me!  I have come across some lovely folks in the blogging world and  shared my love of all things beauty-related, which is always fun to do!  Beauty bloggers may proliferate in the net world, but hardcore beauty lovers are hard to find in the physical world.  I mean who else am I going to share my excitement about the 20th new blush release in a near similar color to all the other blushes out there in existence, and then get excited all over again when the 21st comes out? Who?! Who I ask you?!  Eventually, I would like to become more interactive in the beauty blogging community, but when I can be more consistent with my time and attention.

I hope to get back to consistent periodic blogging again with new products, thoughts and better pictures.  I can assure you while my new focus on maintaining a manageable stash is quite serious, my love of beauty is just as serious and has not suffered.  I await excitedly for the end of my beauty ban and for more of my current stash to be used up or expire.  (it’s gotta go one way or the other – that’s my new attitude.)  I mean it’s not coincidental that my beauty ban ends in November, the beginning of major discounts in the beauty world for gift giving.  🙂

I have pretty much avoided checking out Sephora and other beauty retailers in the meantime, and that’s ok.  I have started to read books again, I hang out more consistently with my friends, and I am taking in the city I was born in, and exploring new areas or becoming a frequent visitor to the old ones.  It’s all good.  I have ventured into the youtube world and now actually follow a few youtubers, which is pretty interesting and different for me.  Don’t get me wrong…I will never be a hardcore exclusive youtube viewer because I just don’t have the patience to sit and watch someone ramble on for ten minutes or so about a product, and so help me, I never will as I tend to focus more on beauty application/tutorial videos.  But it is a nice distraction occasionally.  

Here is to one year, and perhaps, a few more!  

Happy fourth of July!!!




  1. Happy blogaversary! I think you write more intensely and more passionately about makeup than many of the “big” beauty bloggers out there – I’d rather read your take on something a couple times a week/month than a daily stream of pleasant affirmations of all the latest releases.

    Agreed that blogging takes up so much time, and I marvel at those who can post regularly and still hold down full time jobs. Still. hope you’ll continue to keep us updated with your adventures, beauty and non-beauty alike! 😀

    • Aww thanks so much! Really, none of my friends are as into beauty products like I am. So all that enthusiasm has to go somewhere! I get to squeal like a 1NDirection fan ( it is a shame I know this) except its for cosmetics! 🙂

    • Thanks! I think of it as small fry as I know beauty blogs with 2 and 3x times the view who aren’t even a year old. I try to stay in my lane and just go at my pace whatever that is within the beauty blogging world. It’s fun and I hope to continue it. 🙂

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