The Foundations: Part 4

Foundation Collection

These four liquid foundations were the last foundations I purchased before I went on my beauty spending ban.  Sadly, one of these bottles may already be on it’s death legs -err bottle.  These foundations get the least usage from me for one very big reason…they are mostly too dark, with the exception of MAC’s Face & Body Foundation in C2.

By far the DARKEST foundation I own is Rouge Bunny Rouge Milk Aquarelle Liquid Foundation ($64.00 for 29 ml) in Cashew Milk Parfait.  I had been staring at the few online swatches I could find and I was stuck between Cashew Milk Parfait and Chestnut Milk Parfait.  I decided to err on the darker side because it was described as olive.  But this is what I call a Eva Mendes with a tan olive – very orange olive.  I tried to pass it on to my really golden tanned sister, who was rocking a MAC NC 42 tan, but it was too light for her.  Now, I just use a teeny amount of this stuff mixed in with a too light foundation, or highlighter, and use it like a tinted moisturizer for warmth.  I can’t really comment on how this feels on it’s own long term on my oily skin because I have to dilute it significantly with other lightening products.  But I will say it has a lovely blendable gel-texture.  There is a slight scent to it and it has moisturizers in it like shea butter and skin conditioners like panthenol.  This foundation DOES oxidize darker on its own and it’s not great for oily skin.  I like the idea behind Rouge Bunny Rouge, but their foundation range is incredibly limited, so I would not purchase any of their foundations again, until they expand AND I can test it out.  I purchased this from

The second darkest foundation I own is Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation in 123 Desert ($42.00 for 1.01 oz).  Unlike the Rouge Bunny Rouge foundation, which I purchased based on online swatches, I actually sampled MUF HD in 123 for a while during the fall.  I knew it was too dark for me, but I LOVED the way I looked with it on because despite it being too dark, it worked with my undertones.  I eschew tanning of any kind because I know that it will make my future skin leathery and wrinkle-y (and I suffer from melasma) but I look GREAT with a strong tan.  This foundation represents the sun burnt shade I would be if I didn’t have to work for a living.  Plus, I felt ooooooooooooh so exotic in this shade, like I was from one of those teeny French Polynesian islands.  I know I should not have purchased this shade, but I did.  I have worn it occasionally at night in the winter (with a turtleneck and long sleeves), or during the daytime lightened up with highlighters and moisturizer.  This shade leans more yellow-brown with a hint of orange.  It offers an incredible satin-finish to the skin but my skin did look oily very quickly with it on.  This is not a good summer foundation, so I suggest avoid it during the summer if you have oily skin.  Honestly, I should not have gotten this color and this is not a good foundation for oily skin, but drier skin types will likely love it.

My Inglot AMC Cream Foundation in MW100 ($22.00 for 1.0 oz) was purchased last year and I was super excited with it’s very olive-tone.  I saw a youtuber describe it as almost gray, but it’s just a very green tone.  I was stuck between MW100 and LW600 and just decided to go darker.  I loved the shade, which looks darker in the swatches than the other shades but it does NOT oxidize darker unlike the other shades.  I do lighten it a bit but it works with my undertones.   The color is the only thing I loved because this is not a skin friendly formula.  This cream foundation emphasized dry patches on skin, even on my oily skin.  I found I had to excessively exfoliate my skin and use Japanese toners to remove the loose skin flakes for even application and then slap on some moisturizer, but it didn’t matter because an hour or so later I would see lose skin flakes separating on my face along with the foundation.  I understand I was using strong retinoids, but even when I wasn’t I would have the same issues. I would not purchase this again.  It is not a good foundation, but the shade is great.

Last, but not least, is my MAC Face & Body Foundation in C2 ($27.00 for 1.7 oz).  This is a very sheer foundation, but it offers more color coverage than Becca’s Luminous Skin Colour Foundation, which is super duper sheer.  Unlike Becca’s Luminous Skin Colour Foundation though, MAC’s Face & Body Foundation offers flexible, buildable coverage.  This foundation, like most warm-toned MAC foundations leans orange so I went with the lighter color, although I could have gone with C3 just as easily.  The shades overlap into each other.  I have used this foundation for a tinted moisturizer look.  It is not the best for oily skin, but it can be blotted rather easily due to it’s satin-finish that reads humidity-dewy on me.  It does not emphasize dry flakes of skin.  It is also water resistant, which makes it great for body cover-up.  This product is probably one of the most used foundations in fashion shows.  I know it is constantly mentioned in backstage beauty breakdown lists.  I do have a packaging caveat – it is not leak proof.  The cap does twist off easily  when in a make up bag and product can collect in the cap while it is closed creating a mess.

As you all know, I am officially banned from buying anymore beauty products until November.  However, I will go on a modified quantity restriction for certain products even after the end of my beauty ban.  I have WAY toooo many foundations.  Yes, my overall number has decreased because of expired bottles and what not.  But no single human should have like a dozen or more liquid foundations, that’s like ridiculous.  I am going to cap myself to six, which in truth is still a lot, but still manageable because I do use a lot of foundation to cover up acne or discoloration.    Six is an arbitrary number, but it’s a hell of a lot better than like 15!  I do want to get better at discarding USED UP products and not expiring ones.  Therefore, it will be a while before I purchase a new foundation even after the ban because I still have more than six bottles left and in non-expiring condition.

Here are the swatches.

Foundations 4 text



  1. When I had super oily skin, MUFE HD totally didn’t work for me. I did half my face with it and the other half with MUFE Mat Velvet + and the saleswoman and I both agreed that Mat Velvet worked better.

    MAC Face & Body is one of those weird products that I want to try out of sheer fascination. Hmmmm.

    • If it weren’t for the gorgeous exotic Tahitian glow the MUFHD gave me, I would not have picked it up. It’s not good on oily skin and well…..yeah…I just loved the shade…ridiculous since it’s no different than someone walking around with a foundation that is too light for them…except I am walking around too dark…at night…in the winter…all covered up…:)

  2. Hello! Love your fdtn posts! So I tried the Origins fdtn in warn beige and it looked a bit too pink on me o_O. And it didn’t last through the end of the workday unfortunately. I’ve tried the MUFE above in 123, 127 and 128, but I dont remember which was the best match. It looked a bit cakey no matter how thin the layers I put. I’ve previously tried MAC face and body and it was weird- I felt like it never actually dried. It felt sticky all day. It was so odd. I tried Becca Luminous in nude and I think I really like it. The sample I got from sephora was only enough for two days so I need to get another sample…I wanna try to get a sample of Tarte amazonian clay fdtn in light medium and see how that goes.

    • The Origins didn’t last on you?! Wow. It is my longest lasting foundation. I get medium to full matte coverage with it but then I also use it over a healthy amount of Shiseido sunscreen, which is like primer plaster on the skin and then I dust the foundation with NARS powder in Beach. It’s the only thing that lasts on my face without budging…that and Lancôme’s Teint Miracle…with the Shiseido sunscreen. I wonder how much skin and oily chemistry come in to play. My skin is super oily, and it eats through NARS foundations and another one of my foundations, I can’t remember. I am surprised the Warm Beige from Origins looked pink on you! But I am glad Becca’s Luminous Nude was more to your liking but it’s a bit surprising because it is sooooooooooo sheer and actually lighter and pinker toned that warm beige. I hope you get a bigger sample from Sephora to get a longer test!

  3. I was surprised too! In the sample jar the Origins looked perfect, but you could see the difference from my chin/cheek and my neck. And the Becca looks more yellow on me and appears seamless. Even though the Becca radiant fdtn in nude didn’t match I want to try the lighter shade down. I noticed that the Becca nude in the luminous and radiant fdtn did not appear the same. And I tried the new becca matte in nude and it emphasized every line and pore. Don’t think I’m going to buy that one anytime soon. I was at rite aid today and looking at the loreal true match shades. I think I’m a w3 and may but it to test out. It’s pretty cheap…

    • I’m actually excited to try Maybelline’s FIT ME in the new shade Golden Beige. I love the powder so I am hoping the liquid foundation may work. But it will be awhile. If it works, it works. I think one of my all time favorite powder blushes may be from Prestige Cosmetics because its dry-matte, overly powdery texture melts into my super oily skin for a long lasting blush that isn’t shimmery, greasey, or powdery on my skin.Under 8 bucks so yeah.

  4. I have oily skin and MUFE HD worked on me, luckily enough! 😀 I still want to try Mat Velvet though. 😀 And the MAC Face and Body has always intrigued me! I must try it soon! 😀

  5. Oh my goodness. That is the olivest foundation I have ever seen (referring to Inglot). I think I should visit them… Olive foundations are hard to come around in this part of the world.

  6. Looking forward to any new fdtn reviews! Still haven’t found a good match. Becca luminous in nude didn’t pan out so I’ve been using olive lately and it’s alright. The tarte I tried didn’t last all day and my oiliness/redness came through by the end of my workday. Loreal w3 true match was too beige. I’ve recently tried Armani and nars and couldn’t find matches. If Stromboli was a couple shades lighter I think it would be my shade. Punjab and Fiji look too peach on me. The search continues!

    • Funny, you listed my same concerns for the shades you mentioned. Stromboli would be a good fit if it were lighter too. Right now I am dutifully using up my Origins Plantscription foundation in Light-Warm. However, I am also sneaking in a bit of the new Lancome Idole Ultra Full Coverage foundation I recently bought in Buff 230W. The trick for light skin with warn yellowy-green undertones that’s not a true medium, golden, or beige – yellow shades that you can adapt with bronzer or powders, like Lancome’s Versatile Duo Powder in Ecru to set and Wheat to contour.

  7. Looking forward to any new fdtn reviews! Still haven’t found a good match. Becca luminous in nude didn’t pan out so I’ve been using olive lately and it’s alright. The tarte I tried didn’t last all day and my oiliness/redness came through by the end of my workday. Loreal w3 true match was too beige. I’ve recently tried Armani and nars and couldn’t find matches. If Stromboli was a couple shades lighter I think it would be my shade. Punjab and Fiji look too peach on me. The search continues!- ocelot1

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