Monday Minis # 2


I love minis.  You know this.  This is my second Monday Minis post.  Woohoo.  The first is here.   I have made headway on using the minis in the first post.  About half are almost used completely.  Unfortunately, the packaging has made some minis difficult to use up completely.  But progress has been made!  With that I introduce to you my second set of mini’s for your review.  I don’t want to slap things on my face just to use them up with these newbies.  I prefer care to distinguish products I may purchase full sizes of. 

Currently, only Josie Maran’s Argan Oil sample has been used.  I am still trying to make headway through my older used products, but some have passed their expiration date and had to be trashed.  It could not be helped.  You win some you lose some.  These minis were accumulated a few weeks before the start of my ban, so I am not worried about them going bad.  Either way, in my gym bag and makeup case they go for eventual exploration.





There is one particular brand I have to rave about in this assortment and it is Atelier Cologne.  I was given a sample of the Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue, which is fine.  I am not a fan of orange scented perfumes.  However, I love their Bois Blonds Cologne Absolue.   I am not a perfume nose and I hate jarring noticeable strong scents. So I have a preference for subtle softer scents, but not powdery ones.  Atelier Cologne’s Bois Blonds Absolue is the perfect subtle scent that skims the senses.  I am not anywhere near picking up a bottle just yet – 1) hello! ban! and 2) it’s rather pricey ($170!).  However, when the holiday season pops up – conveniently around the corner after my ban – I will be picking up a bottle.



    • Shoddy packaging! Not surprising. I hate gimmicky product containers…why I don’t like buying Benefit…even though the quality of the products is quite good. Throw in Tarte and you have the unholy triumvirate of unnecessary packaging complications that could have been avoided. We’ll just call them the trident of evil – Urban Decay, Tarte and Benefit.

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