And Another Thing…

How about other musings in my day to day activities?  Gotta cover up the fact that I’ve been less inclined to beauty blog lately, even though I have tons of other stuff to blog about.

Well here goes…

I still have plenty of magazine subscriptions but they mostly suck.  I spend 10 minutes or less flipping through them.  I’ve even allowed issues to pile up without a glance.  Same ‘ole same ‘ole. 

magsBut now things are starting to irritate me.  Like stupid “tricks” that aren’t tricks but common sense.  Next months tip will be to use a “moisturizing” conditioner if your hair feels dry, or you know, use conditioner if you don’t.

Annoying narsA while back I mentioned that I hit a new/old weight low.  I am not sure if I mentioned I “celebrated”…for a couple of weeks…errr, months.  Apparently, I was so proud of that achievement that I decided hitting it a SECOND time would be so much more FUN!!!  It is fortunate it is the summer because being hot makes me less hungry.  Easiest way to lose weight is to just eat less.  On that note, I’m going to be relying a bit more on those NAKED protein shakes – yes, I know – a lot of sugar – but it’s still better than eating a greasy hamburger or fried cutlet.

dbnRecently started at a new job/company.  Despite the long hours I have been told I will need to work to meet a deadline, I will not let my gym habits slip…um, even though I’ve only been to the gym once in the past two weeks.

Don’t put 12 people in a conference room and expect orderly consensus.  I hate hearing multiple voices going at it, mostly over tangential issues.  The more people speak, the less I am inclined to.  This is probably not a good thing. I think there is some relevant post gold to dig there.  Especially as it pertains to Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, Lean In, which I have been reading – slowly.  So far, it rings mostly true.  I am considering sending a cease and desist letter for using my deepest darkest feelings and basing a book around it…JUST KIDDING.  Why do so many women feel like this!

Lean in 2There is a good reason I stopped mentioning networking habits…networking into a career you have no tangible connection to other than grad internships and your undying passion SUCKS!  I am going to have to write a post about acceptance, failures, and recalibrating.  Tenacity is wonderful folks.  But even tenacity can cross over into delusion and detriment if you hold on too long!!!

Networking in the form of just being open to meeting new people, engaging them day to day, and building long term relationships, on the otherhand, is the way to go.  You may get a random text from a former co-worker/friend asking if you would be interested in something you never even thought of.  I didn’t have to interview for my new job.  Internal referral.

The KEY is to be open to whomever, whenever, wherever.  This also means extending yourself to individuals you probably don’t have that much in common with outside the job…I am not a fan of happy hour and alcohol, but I guess it’s going to be me and some Ginger Ale.

KhanI was told by my sister that she would NEVER see another movie with me again, after I became one of those obnoxious annoying people in theatres who loudly whispers a key reveal before the rest of the uninitiated figure it out.  “KHAANNN!!!”

Then I realized that I had done it again by revealing a key SPOILER for the movie by blogging about it.

I actually teared up watching The Great Gatsby near the end.  Build a monument to love, delusional or not, invite the world, watch them greedily gobble it up, and have it crumble with nearly no one to remember you or care. 


I’ve become addicted to eating sliced tomatoes marinated in salt, vinegar and olive oil.  I’ve got a four a day habit.  I wonder if all that lycopene can work on my skin from the inside out.


I’ve discovered my foundation situation is actually closer to DEFCON 1.  Forget using up one bottle at a time.   I’ve pulled out SIX bottles from their drawers and lined ’em up front and center (Lancôme and YSL should not have been pulled out!).  They are not going back in the drawer.  They will be thrown out this summer.  Starting with Becca’s Luminous Skin Colour Sheer Foundation in Camel and Olive (reviewed here).  With the exception of the Inglot foundation they are all at 50% or less capacity, which makes it a little easier.   In the meantime, I am making like a BARISTA with the remaining that have not gone bad yet.


The spending beauty ban isn’t that difficult after the first few weeks.  Habits are easy to break or make.  Repetition is key.  The hardest part is actually getting to the decision of setting a spending ban.  The worst moments: The hour before your spending ban goes into effect and the first week after.

Ironically, its not Sephora that I have to be careful of, but Duane Reade because it is where I do my most THOUGHTLESS spending.  I’ll go in for a NAKED drink and come out with a $50+ bag of goods.  I have to constantly remind myself that I am on a beauty spending ban as I pass by aisles or promotional makeup displays.

I was checking out wristlets for work, when I passed by the Chanel makeup counter and decided to get a quick swatch of the shades I was checking out from Chanel’s Double Perfection Lumiere Long-Wear Flawless Sunscreen Powder Makeup the last time I visited and the shade the beauty associate thought I matched, which was B60.  Need a reminder of my musing concerning this event?  I wrote about it here.  Here is a snap. 

Chanel Powder Text

Seeing this picture reminds me of how reactive my skin is to intense sun.  My skin is already burning a soft red in the direct sun.  I have no red undertones in my skin whatsoever.  This picture was taken with less than a minute of direct sun exposure in the middle of a blazingly hot day.  After a bit, the red will settle into a tan.  Look at the bottom of my arm to compare the skin that is being hit directly with sun.  I am thin-skinned (nastily pointed out by an old dermatologist who pinched my skin repeatedly to show me how thin-skinned I was, and how skin elasticity will decrease over time to wrinkles – I never went to that dermatologist again. But I still think about what she said abut my thin skin).  So seeing this just makes me want to go outside in a burka.  I am not ready for wrinkles.  Maybe in 20 years, if ever.

I’ve gotten really lazy about blogging.  It’s just another lull.  It happens.  I have a bunch of delayed foundation posts, a lipstick inspired post in honor of Carina’s tag from Softly Sometimes and a Versatile Blogger Award post.  I am crossing my fingers and will try to have them up this June.



    • Yup – this can be a bad thing professionally – or not…But remaining silent is never a good thing. So the question is how to make your presence felt without adding to the cacophony.

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