EcoTools:Favorite Powder Brushes


I used to buy these large powder blushes with the super fat brush heads that dispersed powder EVERYWHERE into the air.  I always felt as if I was being wasteful when I used these powder brushes for my powders.  I still have them, probably because I felt like I should have them, but I don’t really use them unless I am low on my other favorite powder brushes.  I find that full brush heads are best for quickly gliding over the face for setting powder or a sheer wash of color, but not really for applying foundation powders.

My favorite foundation powder brushes are by EcoTools.  The EcoTools Sheer Finish Kabuki Brush ($6.99) is my absolute favorite for home application of foundation powders.  I love the ergonomic handle and the flat bottom of the brush that allows it to stand on any flat surface ready for use.  The brush head is super soft and fine.  I don’t have a problem with application or coverage using this brush.  It also doesn’t kick up a lot powder when you rub against a powder surface, but it still picks up powder.  I can get sheer to light-medium coverage with this brush.  The brush head could be fuller and denser for fuller coverage, but I do not mind.  Also, after a while, the brush head can look a bit ratty/fuzzy after washings.  At that point, just swap it out.  I have paid multiples more for other foundation powder brushes that wasted more powder than applied it to my face, while somehow also managing to make me slightly powdery at the same time.  For around $7.00, this is a steal and I have multiple brand new brushes waiting in the wings when I need to replace my current in-use brush.

My second favorite powder foundation brush is also by EcoTools and it is the EcoTools Retractable Kabuki Brush ($7.99)The denser, fuller brush head allows for more coverage with foundation powders, but it doesn’t veer into cakey.  I love that it is retractable and that it has a brush.  For around $8.00 it is also a steal.  It’s compactness and portability make it ideal for travel or regular commutes.  One caveat is that I try not to get the metal casing wet.  I am pretty sure the cheap cost of this item does not ensure against rust. 

I have more expensive brushes that sit unused by MAC, Shiseido, Bobbi Brown, and various Sephora Professional brushes.  I prefer these brushes by EcoTools.  They do what I want without being wasteful, making a mess, or costing me extra unnecessarily.  If I do decide to buy a more expensive brush, it will likely be one of those Japanese numbers featured in SweetMakeupTemptations’ blog, following the old adage: less quantity, more quality.



    • I have the fuller brush heads and I didn’t like how it felt or looked post application. It could be a preference thing. I avoided powder foundations because they made me look cakey with my super oily skin, so I actually prefer lighter coverage with powders. Just enough to even me out. But for $7 bucks, not a bad idea to try out and see.

  1. YAY love Eco Tools!! I have the retractable kabuki too and it’s my favorite brush for applying my BM Matte foundation. I’m kinda cheap when it comes to brushes–I’d always rather spend my money on makeup :P–so I buy a lot of drugstore brands’ brushes. Mainly I purchase from Sonia Kashuk and Eco Tools. I keep meaning to go check out their newest brush sets but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Must definitely write myself a note 😛

    • Sometimes when I buy something for the first time I will mistakenly think I need to go for a “quality” expensive one, but then it turns out it was just a waste a money. Most of my more expensive brushes were a waste of my money. My favorite powder brush is by EcoTools and my favorite blush brush by Real Techniques, go figure.

      • Ahh that’s right–I need to check out Real Techniques too! I did briefly feel a few of their brushes a couple of months ago and my initial reaction was “nice but that’s it?!”. I guess I had my hopes set REALLY high since everyone and their mother raves about those brushes. They were definitely nice, don’t get me wrong, but I was expecting the softest of soft, I think. 😛 Still, I definitely plan on picking up some of their sets one of these days and I’m sure I will be impressed!

      • Don’t get me wrong, my favorite blush brush is by real techniques. I haven’t been blown away by other stuff, but since I don’t find mid-priced brushes ($15-40) that great either, I think they are comparable quality wise and good value.

  2. I have several ecotools brushes, including the finish kabuki and I adore them, they’re some of the best brushes I’ve used and the price tag can’t be beat : ) Enjoy them all : ) xx

    • I’ve had a lot of other face brushes, but until I found these, I hadn’t like one. I think I am using my third sheer finish kabuki brush and I have like 3 new back up waiting in the wings. Meanwhile, my other face brushes are almost never used.

  3. Must try these as I haven’t found my ideal brush! I have one of the full fluffy Mac brushes that was super expensive and useless…waste of money – I guess I do use it for a light dusting of translucent powder though so maybe not so useless.

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