Meh…MAC Pro Long Wear Eye Shadow & Pressed Pigment

MAC eyeshadows

MAC releases new collections like every hour, or something like that.  I don’t pay them much mind.  So the fact that I picked these two eye shadows up a while back has nothing to do with the fact that they are new, but more to do with the fact that I wanted to try out mauve and pink-toned eye shadows.  I love mauve as a color and, as mentioned by Coco over at The Beauty Milk in her post featuring mauve-toned makeup, it is ultra flattering on many skin tones, but very much so on the light-medium, warm-toned. 

MAC eyeshadow 2MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Eye Shadow in Mauveless, $21.00

I didn’t like this Pro Longwear Eye Shadow in Mauveless.  This shade resembled a dirty, muted brown plum – definitely not mauve.  It is also not very pigmented in the first swipe, although it is buildable.   MAC’s literature for this product says blendable, buildable and creamy.  I can’t say I was wowed with it.  It’s not really that creamy or smoothly blendable.  Seems kind of powdery and patchy to me on first application and becomes denser with most powders as you pack it on.

This color was not flattering on me at all.  There are drugstore eye shadow powders that are on par with this, even if a little less pigmented, but that’s a little less pigmented at a third of the price.  But why bother picking up a slightly crappier eye shadow at a third of the price or less, when you can pick a better one up for a third of the price.  NYX and Prestige Cosmetics’ Total Intensity eye shadow line are better than this particular product.  Save your money.

MAC Cosmetics Pressed Pigment in Sweet Acting, $21.00

I didn’t care for this product either.   MAC literature describes this powder as an intensely pigmented creamy highlighter powder that offers sheer to medium coverage with extreme pearlescence and versatile finishes.  You can use these dry for a glittery and shimmery spectacle of light or add some water for a metallic, watery look.  There was nothing spectacular about this shade or this finish, whether wet or dry. Also, they might as well just call this an eye shadow.  Unless you want to go looking like a Club Kid and apply this elsewhere on your face.  There are tons of other options in the beauty world at various price points, like Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown sparkle/shimmer eye shadows – which give eye/face sparkle extravagant refinement – not Club Kid.  But if you want a cheaper subdued option with a cool duo chrome effect that actually could be used elsewhere on the face – discretely – even though it’s only listed as an eye shadow – I suggest giving Prestige Cosmetics’ Duo Chrome Eye shadow in Spellbound and Crave a whirl for $8.50 a piece.

Here are the swatches. 

MAC eye 1 Swatch Text

On another note, I am so happy I am almost done posting the “Upcoming Posts” posts.  I really slacked off.  I have three more posts connected to that post, two of which are both foundation posts.  I will make it a point to get those soon.  Sheesh.



  1. I haven’t tried any of the MAC pressed pigments and cannot testify to the quality, but as for the shades you were looking for, NARS Grand Palais shadow duo is a great alternative. (You can look into it AFTER the ban lifts!) I bought it on a whim while feeling adventurous but ended up really loving both shades in the set. NARS can be hit or miss but the quality of this duo is solid.

    • I used to be all “ooooooooh NARS” but then something strange happened. I started trying out other brands and started realizing some of NARS products are not all that quality-wise. I agree about the inconsistency. Their new blush powders look amazing, though. Oh well. It’s no coincidence my ban ends in time for my birthday and black Friday/thanksgiving/xmas beauty specials…. 🙂 teehee

      • Hi – Thanks for the rec. Hmmm. Now two people have suggested. I looked through a few swatches and while the mauvey-clay like color doesn’t interest me – the greyish-brown-taupe shade is quite lovely…wonder if they sell that as a solo….something to consider after the ban. 🙂

      • Yup, I don’t think it’s as mauve as it is a rose. 🙂 I really like Plum Smoke by Laura Mercier. It’s matte, rather mauve, but I don’t know if it’s a permanent shade as I’ve only encountered it in a palette. Good luck! 🙂

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