Mission to Finish & Beat the Expiration Beauty Clock #1

Use Up

I’ve got a game plan.  I may deviate a bit depending on my skin condition, but these are the first round of products I am focused on using up because they are nearly finished or they are in danger of expiring. 

Origins Stay Tuned Balancing Face Makeup in Warm Beige, $23.00

This is a really good foundation for oily skin.  What’s impressive about this foundation is that despite it being one of my OLDEST foundations it doesn’t appear to be in any danger of expiring.  However, it IS one of my oldest foundations and it’s almost used up.  I figure less than two more weeks of continued use and this will be done.  One thing I did not like about this foundation is that it can appear rather flat/matte on skin, especially under Shiseido Sunscreens.  I solve this by mixing in a luminizer.  This is best on oily, or well moisturized skin. 

MAC Cosmetics Blushcreme in Lilicent (DISCONTINUED)

This cream blush is one of my favorite shades.  It was discontinued, but there are dupes out there, not with the same finish though.  I have already hit pan on this.  This is not one of my oldest MAC blushes.  I believe I purchased this right before they discontinued it.  YAY for me!  I am not exclusively using this.  I have become rather attached to the very powdery matte blushes from Prestige Cosmetics.  I can’t always use a cream blush, but if I can, this is the cream blush I am using until it is completely used up.

Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheers in Golden Beige, Apricot (not shown), Golden Bronze(OLD FORMULA)

I really did go overboard buying these.  Both bottles are almost used up.  But these are very pigmented highlighters and it does not take a lot to get the desired effect.  I try to use these every day.  The travel size bottle can no longer be used with the pump, so I pour it out into my hand which is a good sign it is nearly used up.  The regular size bottle is almost at the pour into hand stage.  Still, it may take several weeks of use to use these up.  I will show more restraint with liquid highlighters.  They do take forever to use up. 

Inglot AMC Cream Foundation in MW 100, $22.00

It’s awful that I haven’t even posted this yet from my next foundation round up.  What’s the hold up?  Laziness.  I have the pictures, the swatches, thoughts – just can’t seem to write it.  Well, I guess this is a preview.   This is an interesting light-medium olive shade that is not commonly featured in foundations in the U.S.  Someone in a youtube video described it as gray.  No, it is not gray, but I can understand the confusion, since it does not have any strong yellow, pink, beige or orange undertones.  While I liked the shade, this was not a good foundation.  This is supposedly for all skintypes, ESPECIALLY DRY, but I found that you needed to lube up your face with moisture otherwise it highlighted dryness and flakiness.  Even when I did lube up, I still had issues with this foundation.   And, yeah, it is going bad way too soon!

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream SPF 55, $35.00 (OLD FORMULA)

The current packaging for this sunscreen now says SPF 50 due to FDA regulation regarding listing SPF’s higher than 50 on sunscreens – you can’t.  This hasn’t gone bad, but it’s almost done.  I can’t squeeze anything out of it now, so I had to cut it in half to get the rest of the product.  I figure about a week’s left usage is in there.  Makes me happy.  Woohoo.


FrankenBalm primarily contains my Decleor Ylang Ylang and Rose D’Orient Essential Night Balms, a bit of the Darphin Aromatic Purifying Balm, with a few extra add-ons.  The Decleor balms are more than a few years old, while the Darphin balm is about a year and a half.  I have to be careful with how many balms I collect.  They take a REALLY long time to use up. 

I will be so excited when I start chucking these bottles left and right!



  1. It’s always good to have a game plan! I think you have just inspired me to make out a list of products I need to use up first. Opening up a Word document now…:P Part of that goes hand-in-hand with organization though. I know I said I would but I STILL haven’t organized the beauty closet so as a result, I can make lists all I want but unless I actually SEE all the products I need to finish right in front of me, it ain’t gonna happen 😛 Definitely have some cleaning to do! Part of the problem is that I really need to get some drawer organizers and more shelves for the closet which I haven’t had time to do. Sigh…

    Oh I almost forgot–I had a quick question! When you mix luminizers with your foundation, do you apply it all over or just in certain areas? I hear people raving about the effects all the time and I’m curious but I just can’t seem to imagine applying something luminous all over my oily skin–especially on the t-zone, though all the other parts of my face are pretty much as oily as the t-zone. I know you have oily skin too so I was just curious how it works out for you!

    • In the summer, I realized that my skin can’t handle too much makeup. My skin just becomes so much greasier in the summer that it’s not a good idea to use full coverage bases or all over luminizers. But I figured out that if I mix my luminizer with mattifiying Japanese sunscreens, my skin glows without the same level of grease ball reflection when it is mixed with foundation.

      I know I kept buying extras without realizing I already had an extra that I just had not seen. How I ended up with so many Shiseido sunscreens and a few other products. I bet if you just did one full sweep of all your products and pulled out the oldest ones, you could get started on using those up first. Hope to see what you need to use up first in a future post! 🙂

  2. Good luck on your journey! I have a couple of products that need to beat the beauty clock too – a foundation, a blush and a few skincare items. Thanks for doing this post which reminded me to do it as well.

    • Thanks! I am making head way but already I am seeing that I should have started this a few months earlier. It’s really difficult to use makeup product in the summer. Already gotten muggy! Hope to see your must use stash on a post!

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