Things You Do On A Beauty Spending Ban

1. Offer to take a makeup newbie friend to Sephora to help them isolate a few key products for their makeup bag.  If you can’t spend the money, it doesn’t mean that someone else can’t!

2.  Become really interested in multi-vitamins and supplements.  The one’s that are known to enhance skincare benefits.  Who said you can’t work from the inside out!

3. Start looking at your most recent last purchases and wonder if you can return it, and if you can, whether exchanging it for another product technically breaks the ban.  WHY, YES.  Yes, it does.

4. Starting looking at food and thinking of ways you can use it in a new beauty related way.  Manuka honey, Tumeric, Yogurt?   I am on my way!  No one said I couldn’t buy foodstuffs that doubles as a hair or skin treatment.  BWWWAAAHHHAAA!

5. Start thinking of birthday gifts that are coming up, and wonder if that relative who has never had an interest in skincare needs a skincare routine STAT!

6. Consider buying a skincare routine, or perfume set, for your mom, who actually does like that stuff, for Mother’s Day.

7. Think about whether Sephora will let you redeem your points without a purchase.

8. Consider whether redeeming those Sephora Beauty Insider Points breaks the ban.  Yes.  Yes, it does.

9.  Start adding items to a shopping cart in a moment of weakness, but close the browser after you have entered your log in information.

10. Start going through your products and rediscover products you have forgotten about and immediately put them into rotation.  It’s (almost) new to you-AGAIN!

11. Rediscover products there was a reason you didn’t use and give yourself an accidental chemical burn…   :/

12.  Stare at the count down clock daily and ask yourself if you went overboard committing to six months.  Maybe, I did.  Just a little.

13.  Ask yourself, who really needs to know if you break your ban, huh. WHO!  WHO! TELL ME!  WHO NEEDS TO KNOW!  Thaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s riiiight.  NOONEDOES! Actually, yes they do.  How lame would that be.  Lying to internet folks you’ve never even met in person!  🙂

14. Get a little loose hipped about other purchases you probably would have shown more restraint on…Why yes, I need that floral printed leather cosmetic case!  So pretty!

15. Start avoiding those promotional emails from beauty retailers.  Shakes fist at Skincarerx and their 30% off storewide promotion!

16.  Become relieved when you realize the coupon restrictions covers all the brands you want.

17.  Become extra creative with old products courtesy of a good idea from a blog commentator.  #SILKIESTBUTTCHEEKSEVER

18.  Wander out of Sephora wearing a new lipstick shade from STILA’s called Tesoro on the lips.  You know, that thing you said was tacky when you saw OTHER people do it.  #YOUGOTSERVED

19.  Stare listlessly at your makeup and skincare-filled Muji organizers for long stretches of time.

20.  Develop bad case of Jazz Hands when your hands are near each other because you are lost in thought thinking about the beauty spending ban. 

21.  Start obsessively stalking your usual blog haunts and repeatedly clicking the refresh button.  DAMNITWHYISEVERYONENOTGIVINGMETHEGOODS!




  1. love your sense of humor! you must try honey, yogurt, turmeric as skincare treatments. by the way, i purchased the by terry foundation today and had KGD send me samples of the aqua foundation 🙂

    • I hope the By Terry works out, it is possibly the most luxurious foundation I have ever tried. I am so on that au natural skin treatment thing. Did you also know that you could mix honey with conditoners to gradually lighten your hair? I thought that was so cool!

  2. #11 is the worst. Every single time I make myself go through my stash, I end up finding something like this. Cursed awkwardly sensitive skin. You would think this would make me get rid of things that burn through layers of my skin, but nope. Makes too much sense that way.

    Hilarious post!

    • I actually have a rather large pigmentation spot from burned and crusted skin which I am hoping will peel away soon…I think for those extra strength products that just don’t agree I will either have to modify their effect with other add-ons, or just use on different body parts….I may end up having a gleamingly shined door knob of a posterior when this is all over.

  3. Hahaha amazing post! And it’s so true. This is like your withdrawal stage. And I’m not as familiar with my Kubler-Ross (sp) model, but you might be in the denial stage as an equivalent. Great that you find the humor in it!

    Number 9 has been absolutely essential in my own efforts to become a wiser spender. I did it just today – very, very reluctantly – during Illamasqua’s flash sale. It stings, but if there’s anything I’ve learned there will be another sparkly object featured in the beauty blogs that will divert your attention. And if it doesn’t, then you know it was worth the buy. The beauty industry will do everything in its power to compel you to purchase, with Sephora and some savvy e-commerce sites basically being wallet death traps, and I admire people who can practice restraint and think carefully about what they really want to get. You’ll be a stronger person for it once your ban ends! And maybe you’ll find that the thing you wanted so badly in month four has faded into a “nice to have someday” by month 3.

    Alternately, don’t feel bad if you have to shorten the time span. Six months *is* pretty ambitious to go cold turkey. Amazing if you can stick it out the whole way through, but equally amazing if you even go a month with that sort of restraint!

    I’d like to propose a #22: More frankenproducts! Across product categories! Who knows, you may come up with the next illuminating exfoliating tinted super salve (SS cream).

    • Haha – you went all psychology on me! The hour before my ban went into effect I was literally adding items into an online cart but stepped away.

      I always go overboard when my skin starts REALLY MISBEHAVING. From foundation, to finding a sunscreen that interacts well with acne-prone, oily skin, to facial cleansers, treatment products, and masks – it is all about when my skin goes NUTS. I am a whirling dervish throwing everything at it. That needs to stop. It’s not coincidental that I was able to start a ban after my skin has been mostly behaving for the past couple of months!

      However, the beginning is always the hardest part for me! My biggest concern is that I will have a difficult breakout and I won’t have anything on hand. I’ve already noted that that many of my products are only 2-3 weeks, or less, from being used up. I am actually going to be able to toss more products faster than I expected. However, I have decided to stick to my ban until I truly use up all of what I have – barring any emergencies.

      However, it’s not accidental that November is the end of the ban. 🙂 November is great for sales.

      Franken-products are awesome! I’m already thinking of adding honey to my crappy hair conditioners.

      I am really interested to see how long this ban can truly last. This post was so funny for me because it was so true and of the moment.

  4. LOL YOU CAN DO IT!!! 😛 See this is exactly why I have never gone on a ban. I don’t think I could to be honest, and I wouldn’t want to commit to something and then totally fail in like a week or two. That would be depressing 😛

    Oh, and manuka honey and turmeric are AWESOME in homemade face masks. Works really well with my oily, acne-prone skin so I think it’d work well for you too 🙂 Good luck my dear!

    • I am not good with bans for exactly the same reason. However, I figured this would be an ideal time considering the circumstances. However, I think I may actually finish up many skincare category products before the 6 months….if not cosmetic. However, I am going to ride this out. I mean what happens when I am down to my last facial cleanser or mask, or moisturizer, huh? Will it be like a desert island scenario when I start rationing? I think it’s going to be an interesting experience…lot of LOL’s. I can’t wait to write that post!

  5. Oh my lord, I laughed out loud in each and every one of these things! Number 9 – I thought I was the only crazy doing that. I swear, it’s like an addiction. I dont know why I do it. To practice buying? LOL!!

    I’m UNOFFICIALLY not yet in a beauty spending ban but I think I need to be SOON, ASAP, RIGHT AWAY. I should stop following beauty instagrammers as they’re much more enablers than beauty blogs (save for the chosen few that are ultimenablers for me).

    I bookmarked this to remind me that I’m not alone in this journey.

    Cant believe I only stumbled upon your blog now when most of my daily reads are visitors and active readers of yours 🙂

    • Nah, I don’t need a beauty ban to start filling carts and then close out. If I had really shown no restraint pre-ban…well, then things would be mighty interesting… 🙂

      I actually find that others blogging about what I want helps with me not purchasing, oddly. It’s like I still get to enjoy it without laying out the money for it. This is probably REALLY weird.

      I am excited to see what happens during the ban and what crazy things I may do while on it. Any guarantees that this will last 6 months ? Who knows! But it will be the longest time period in years since I’ve not purchased beauty item. 🙂

  6. I meant to comment on this post earlier but I read it on my phone, said the comment on my head, and then forgot to type it out. LOL.

    Anyways, I laughed, quite literally laughed reading this. I have cut back on my spending so I’m on a loose, unofficial spending ban and I feel identified with this list. Especially the one on the SkincareRx sale (which has already passed). I made a cart full of stuff I wanted to buy and ALMOST hit purchase just because it was discounted (it really was a great discount!). I made myself walk away because I actually didn’t need any of those things.

    • Those skincarerx promos are the worst because that’s when I do my biggest shopping. They save order history for quite a while and I’ve been horrified to know how much I spends yearly. It’s only a few times a years but those amounts are ridiculous. Did the same thing the hour before the ban started filling up a cart but never pressed send. I am glad I didn’t. Not so bad after the first few weeks. I just refocused on using my old stuff. 🙂

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