Les Parfums Chloe Rollerball Trio

Chloe Triple Main

Les Parfums Chloe Rollerball Trio, $55.00

Eons ago, ok, more like last fall, I was sniffing a bunch of scents looking for a nice springy scent to remind me of spring while I hunkered down in winter.  I dislike committing to perfumes and prefer to make smaller investments to figure out if I really like a scent.  Surprisingly, it takes me a while to realize whether or not I really like a scent a lot.  Rollerball perfumes are the best way to make a small investment which allows you to figure out if a scent is for you or not.

Chloe Triple

I was only interested in the L’Eau de Chloé Eau de Toilette Rollerball.  At the time that I purchased this scent, the rollerball was not available for purchase and only came in this set.  I was not pleased by this because I did not really care for the other two scents: Love, Chloe Rollerball and Chloé Eau de Parfum Rollerball.

L’Eau de Chloé appealed to me because it reminded me of a light green spring without the cloying scent of heavy or sweet florals.  The brand describes this scent as “free, carefree, and feminine with a delicate and lively mix of roses, floral notes and green outdoorsy notes” and I completely agree.  This scent which is comprised of 22 percent natural rose water, combines the following notes:  Grapefruit, Cedrat, Peach, Violet, Rose Petals, Cedarwood, Patchouli and Amber.  Surprise, surprise violet and cedarwood are combined in this scent.  These two notes seem to find their way in many of my favorite scents.  These notes must have balanced the grapefruit and peach notes I am not particularly fond of when they are distinct.

The opposite of a light green spring to me is the rather suffocating magnolia scent, Chloé Eau de Parfum.  I intensely dislike magnolia scents.  They smell oppressive to me.  The kind of scent little ole ladies douse themselves in.  It’s not the kind of scent that my nose recoils from immediately, particularly when they are initially masked by notes of pink peony, freesia and lychee.  But when that magnolia settles in, I just want to stick a peppermint up my nose to immediately clear the air.  I can’t distinguish anything else, despite the supposed presence of lily of the valley and rose midnotes.  The base notes are comprised of cedarwood, amber and honey, which the literature described as a velvety base.  This definitely adds to the heaviness of the scent along with the magnolia.  I had to give this rollerball away to my mom who loves ALL SCENTS.

I initially liked Love, Chloe, which I tend to do with powdery scents, but then it made me sick because it eventually settles into a synthetic watered down sweetness.  Another powdery scent I initially liked was Prada’s Infusion d’Iris, which gave me a watered down, powdery synthetic headache.  When it settles, it feels like stale powdered bath water.  While Prada’s Infusion d’Iris reminded me of a powdery soapy bath, Love, Chloe reminded me of a sweet, powdery warm bath with bubbles.  This perfume contains notes of Orange Blossom, Pink Pepper, Iris, Lilac, Hyacinth, Wisteria Blossom, Powdery Musks, Talc, Rice Powder.  This rollerball also ended up in my mother’s bag.
Chloe Triple SpreadWhy mention this set despite it being a bust for me, especially because the individual rollerball for L’Eau de Chloe is now sold separately?  It’s well into spring, summer is approaching soon, and Mother’s Day is near.  Whether for yourself, as a birthday gift, or a Mother’s Day gift, this is worth checking out.  It’s a great value ($55.00 for three, as opposed to $25.00 each individually) and it’s a gift that could potentially keep on giving as the receiver may decide to share the unloved spoils with others, while keeping her favorite rollerball to herself. 



  1. I love Love, Chloe–it’s one of my signature scents 🙂 I’ve never been into powdery scents though so when I first discovered this one, I fell head over heels. For me, it’s clean but not in a gross, soapy way–it’s very fresh and delicate and feminine. Of course, scent is subjective so I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. I only sniffed L’eau de Chloe once but from what I remember, I really liked it! It was very fresh and spring-like. I’ll have to be sure to check that one out again!

    • Perfume scents are so personal. It’s like the one thing that no matter what you always have to just go with your nose and no one elses. I used to think I liked powdery scents until I started realizing they irritated me after the first moment of use. If you like powdery, I think Guerlain’s :L’Instant is similar without the sweetness. I think I have a near exclusive love of violet, light wood scents that nothing else can come close to.

  2. Hey! I’m glad I found your blog….do you have recommendations for other beauty blogs here on wordpress? Yours is really nicely done!

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