The Gorgeous Floral Leather Collection from MZ Wallace

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I hate giving out my email address to retailer websites.  However, there are a few that are totally worth it mostly because they don’t spam the heck out of my account and the promotional images used in their marketing emails are so visually appealing.  And I love their products.  🙂

I received an email from MZ Wallace introducing their new limited edition custom print floral leather accessories.  I fell in love immediately.  Distinctive, one of a kind, colorful, artfy and destined to only get better with age.

Funnily enough, when I received an earlier promotional marketing email from MZ Wallace containing a photo of one of their core collection items with a floral arrangement in the bag, I was immediately attracted to the florals in the bag, rather than the bag.  I thought to myself, isn’t that a beautiful floral image. I wish I could own something reminiscent of it. 

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I am pleased that MZ Wallace was on the same page!  Love their new limited edition!   If you are looking for a small special treat for someone, or yourself, they are also selling a small cosmetic bag for under a $100.


  1. Just found your blog searching for becca reviews…thanks for the great reviews! Becca and otherwise. I think we are similar skin tones and type; what are some of your favorite skin care and mu items? I love knowing what bloggers in my similar skin tone like and what works for them. I feel like I’m forever on the hunt for good go-to items for our skin tone and type. Thanks so much!

    • Hi! Thanks so much! My blog has featured some of the things I loved and work for me. I haven’t posted everything, though. If you give me price points, preferences as to texture and finish, I can narrow it down some. Off the top of my head, for a streamlined routine, I could suggest: Topix Glycolic 10-2 gly/sal cleanser, Cetaphil DermaControl SPF 30, Obagi Professional C Serum, Origins Stay Tuned Foundation, and Becca Highlighter in Moonstone to mix in with foundation. For powder blushes my favorites have been Becca Mineral Blushes and Prestige Powder Blushes because they are a mostly matte finish.

      • Price point anything under $75 ish…I don’t think I could spend more than that on one item because I think of all the other stuff I could get…I’m in search of skincare that will help with breakouts (I get random black and white heads and tiny cysts on occasion- adult acne is so frustrating!) anti aging, antioxidant stuff. For foundation, I just want to find something with enough coverage that doesn’t look cakey or make imperfections more obvious, and that’s in the right shade! Everything seems to be too pink or turns orange. Ugh. Thank you for the recs! I will be looking into them!

      • Oh, fdtns I’ve tried- all MAC = breakouts for me now. I used to be able to wear a powder fdtn they have but can’t anymore. MUFE fdtn = breakouts, chanel va in b30 is ok during winter but not summer, b40 is too pink. Chanel PL fdtn looks too cakey and dries out my oily skin too much. I think UD fdtn breaks me out. Nars fdtn breaks me out; Becca radiance fdtn gets makes me look really oily too quickly and the shades seemed off. Couldn’t find the right tone in Shu. All drugstore fdtns are a no go- either they break me out, can’t stand a chance against my oily skin or turn orange. Prescriptives seemed ok, but they are sold only online…want to try kevyn aucoin but can’t get the right shade to sample at the dept store…didnt like LM or bobbi b, couldnt get the right shade in ELDW. tarte Amazonian fdtn is a maybe, but still testing. It says its full coverage but it doesn’t seem to be…which could be a good thing. Idk yet. i remove mu with oil and then wash my face with regular cleanser…sorry for the super long posts!

      • Wow, that’s a lot of foundations that break you out. Ok, here goes:

        Seems like your skin is oily and easily breaks out from smaller acne spots, not cysts which is better. When I have these types of breakouts I use a combination BPO/Salicylic/Azelaic/Sulfur acid treatment method.

        PCA Skin Acne Cream (under $20), is a gentle cream with BPO that does not irritate my skin that was effective at getting rid of the small flesh colored bumps, as well as white spots. This is great for when you have active lesions you want to get rid of.

        Epionce Lytic Plus Tx is a great night time or day time treatment with 3% salicylic acid and hydrators to prevent over drying of skin. This is great to clear out pores on a daily basis. Generally, I will use the Epionce to remain clear, but once I have smaller mild acne, I switch to the PCA Skin Acne Cream.

        For day time, I would use the PCA Skin Clearskin ($32.00) moisturizer, which I found effective on mild acne spots because of the sulfur. It is non-drying, but not very moisturizing if you need extra hydration during the summer. Most oily skinned, acne-prone folks don’t.

        I think you mentioned blackheads, as well? Unfortunately, in my experience the only thing that works for me is constant daily application of Decleor Ylang Ylang Serum (it’s an essential oil product) only on the nose/t-zone or PCA Skins Pigment Gel HQ Free ($50). It’s supposed to reduce dark spots but I never noticed a difference. However, I did notice my skin was less oily and I had less clogged pores in that area.

        Foundation wise, I wonder if you still prefer a liquid since so many break you out. I could suggest Origins Stay Tuned which is a mattifier in Warm Beige or Plantscriptions Light-Medium Warm which is more hydrating and silkier in application. For full coverage there is Lancôme’s Idole Ultra in 230 Buff W.

        If excessive oiliness is an issue, I found that La Roche Posay’s Anti-Aging Primer SPF 50 was a fantastic mattifier under makeup, but you really need to clean your skin thoroughly before and after to prevent breakouts. However, since your skin is so sensitive not sure how this would fair on you.

        Have you ever thought of switching to a powder foundation for the summer? I alternate between Givenchy’s Prism Foundation Powder in Amber and Lancôme’s Dual Finish Powder Makeup in Wheat I. Both are slightly darker but not orange, which works well in the summer.

        You mentioned you use a regular cleanser for washing your face, but I strongly suggest switching to a glycolic/salicylic acid based cleanser. Neutrogena’s anti-blemish/anti-wrinkle is a good intro product to start out using.

        I’ve had to discover what works for all the various stages of my skin freaking out through tons of trial and error with products. It seems like you only suffer from mild to moderate adult acne, which I don’t think requires all the products I use. (I get cystic acne on occasion, as well).

        Since you are new to these brands I think, I would suggest getting them from a place that has a good return policy if something does not agree with your skin. However, I would give around 2 weeks to see if these products are having any effect.

        Obviously, I don’t know if you have allergies, skin sensitivities, or other special needs regarding your skin. So please consult a physician when you using any new skincare treatment that may have an adverse reaction. These worked for me without issue, but it may not be the same for you.

        Let me know how everything goes.


  2. I don’t have any allergies or special skin needs that I know of. Are there any brick and mortar stores to find the products below? Other than Lancôme and neutrogena, the rest are new to me. The cleanser I use is the Boscia clear complexion or something like that; haven’t used neutrogena for awhile but maybe I’ll start alternating. I haven’t thought of powder fdtn for a long time. For some reason I figured it wouldn’t last as long, would look cakey or “sit” on top of my skin rather than be a part of it….yes those skin colored bumps suck 😦 I feel like I get them a lot around my temple and around my chin

    • Hmmm…I don’t think I have ever seen PCA Skin products or Epionce products sold in stores. I’ve only been able to find them online like at, or SkincareRx. The brands do have a website though where you could find out if they sell this stuff near you. I think Neutrogena is a great intro product line for acne but most of it is to weak, or too irritating, to handle adult acne. Sephora would be the other option for a physical store…but I don’t much care for anything you could find in there for acne. I feel like it’s just a more expensive version of drugstore brands that have little effect. Both Epionce and PCA Skin are dermatologist developed private lines. As far as powder foundations, I used to feel the same way until I started using La Roche Posay’s Primer. I now prefer powder foundations because they feel like nothing at all but they do offer coverage, but I don’t think it will ever be FULL coverage. Origins is a department store line which is carried by Macys. Not sure if other federated branded stores carry this, though.

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