Introducing FrankenBalm

D empty 8In the process of going through all of my products and deciding which ones needed to be used first versus later, I came across three of my essential oil balms.  All three jars were almost finished with a little bit left.  Now, I could have just decided to take that stuff and slather it all over my elbows and knees for extra softening power.  But these are my beloved balms that I use to treat my facial skin.  I didn’t want to be wasteful.  On the other hand, two of these balms were several years old – the Decleor balms.

D empty 3There wasn’t much thought process involved.  Frankly, I acted before I could finish the thought and be ok with it.  The only thing I loved about the Darphin Aromatic Purifying Balm was the buttery texture and cute jar.  While I loved the efficacy of the Decleor Purifying Night Balms, but did not care to have two nearly empty unattractive jars.  I dug out the remaining product from both Decleor Purifying Night Balms and mixed it in with the Darphin Aromatic Purifying Balm.  Since there would be no product integrity at this point, I decided to get my mixing freak on and added a few drop of my “special” mix of essential oils I posted about here, and a few drops of Institut Estherderm Intensif Propolis Concentrated Formula Serum and Yuli Cell Perfecto PM Corrective Serum.

D empty 4The end result is this rather moist balm blend that I have no idea how it will react on my skin.  Combining the natural gentleness of the balms with the aggressive natural actives in the two serums created a balm that I would only feel comfortable using in the summer – on uncompromised skin – when my skin requires more aggressive treatment because of excess oiliness. 

Dempty 6I haven’t tried this concoction yet but I assure you I will report back.  But I am pleased that even if it was with slight of hand that I ended up being able to get rid of two unnecessary jars.  Win for me!! 

D Empty 7Now if only I could end up using up this new FrankenBalm by the summer than I will be super pleased.

PS –  I know that Frankenstein is actually the scientist that created the creature, and that the creature has incorrectly been referred to as Frankenstein in pop culture, as I am doing right now.  But let’s get real, isn’t that an AWESOME sounding name for the creature!? It just fits.  🙂


  1. Haha hurray for playing mad scientist and getting rid of 2 jars!!! 😛 The texture of the balms look really, really nice–very light and almost whipped! I’ve never tried anything from Darphin or Decleor but I’ve always been curious (scared though bc many of their products just sound SO rich!).

    Ooh btw, how do you like that Institut Estherderm Intensif Propolis Concentrated Formula Serum?? I REALLY want to try that one now! I love when skincare products include honey or propolis–I’m obsessed for some reason 😛 haha

    • You know I thought I would be more satisfied because I was able to get rid of two jars, but since I cheated to do it by combining, it’s not the same. I’ll feel great when I use that new FrankenBalm to completion.

      I totally recommend the Decleor night balms in either the Ylang Ylang or Rose D’Orient. They both have a purifying conditioning effect on my skin when it is irritated. My pores react really well to this stuff and it lasts forever. So maybe one jar is good enough! The Ylang Ylang is less conditioning than the Rose D’Orient, but it is more purifying, while I save the rose D’Orient for when my skin feels irritated. I have post on it if you do a search on the blog.

      I also love propolis and honey in my skincare, ever since I learned it has a antibacterial, conditioning, and purifying effect on skin. Some products I have looked into but not tried yet are Pevonia’s Propolis Serum, Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Glycolic Honey mask, and Ann Webb’s Skin Pumpkin Exfoliating Enzyme Peel. However, I have also been playing with idea of buying a large jar of Manuka Honey (which is still a FOOD product, not a skincare/beauty product – so I skirt my Ban!) and slapping that allover my face and hair (natural hair lightener), as well as adding it to my tea! 🙂

      I have had the Institut Estherderm Propolis Serum for half a year and I am still trying to figuring out the best uses for my skin. It is a surprisingly strong active product that does irritate my skin when I use it with glycolic acid or retin-a type products. So, I can’t use it with those types of products if I don’t want a burning sensation. So far I have figured out I can use it on the oiliest parts of my face with the largest pores – my t-zone. I use this exclusively on my nose and a bit farther out near my cheeks. It has a purifying effect but I have not discerned yet if it helps prevent breakouts yet. These types of products always take much longer to figure out. So far, I don’t think I will be giving an effusive review because for the cost, effect, and difficulty in tinkering with application for suitability and effectiveness make this a do not buy, unless you like the idea of buying expensive niche French skincare brands with minimal to moderate effectiveness. I would DEFINITELY hold off on buying this. Same goes for the Yuli Cell Perfecto Serum, which was even more expensive and equally dubious in result.

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