I Love Empties!

empties 2

It is so nice to get through products.  It makes me feel less guilty about my skincare addiction.  Here is a pic of the most recent empties I have.  One bottle is missing because I accidently threw it out before taking this picture.  I will make note of it in the list below though.

1. Exuviance Vespera Bionic Serum, 1.0 oz for $72.00

  • This stuff is amazing for all skin types.  I think dry and sensitive skinned types would love this even more than an oily skinned girl.  Give it a try.  It’s a bit sticky but the results are real and gentle.  I use this after I have nuked my skin dry.  At that point my skin needs moisture but also non-clogging exfoliation.  I reviewed it in a previous post.

2. Obagi Professional C-Serum 20%, 1.0 oz for $108.00

  • I was supposed to review this stuff ages ago.  Problem was, I interfered with two many other products at the same time so I couldn’t tell if this serum alone did anything different.  Even though I ended up using most of it before it turned completely brown, I didn’t feel comfortable reviewing it just yet.  I have easily purchased half a dozen bottles in the past, but that was over five years ago, and I wanted to compare it now.  It is very pricey, which is why I ‘ve been looking for a substitute.  I feel like I only have 3-4 weeks to use it up before it turns really brown because it is the strongest form of vitamin c, l-ascorbic acid, which oxidizes super fast.  I refuse to use it when brown, even if it may still be “active”, although it is unlikely.  When I did use it ages ago my skin was firmer, even-toned, less oily and perfected with shrunken pores in my t-zone.  But that was before I was hit with adult hormonal acne and I really want to know if it will have same effect now.

3. PCA Skin Pigment Gel, 1.0 oz for $50.00

  • I’ve purchased this and the hydroquinone-free version a couple of times.  I have never noticed any lightening of post acne marks with this.  But I did notice something else.  It actually degreased my pores and reduced breakouts significantly. It also mattified my skin for long periods of time, better than any mattifier I have used before.  But it still allowed me to layer other products on top without interfering with it, which is my issue with most mattifiers.  Go figure.  I wouldn’t purchase the regular version again with hydroquinone because I am afraid of it causing localized over pigmentation (which can be a side effect in some people and I think I am the kind of person who would be LUCKY enough to experience it).

4.  Pevonia Aromatherapy Face Oil – Sensitive, 0.5 oz for $23.50

  • This was a face oil I purchased a while ago and reviewed in an essential oil post.  It is a cheaper version of the Decleor face oils I love.  The jar is cute but the packaging is not sturdy.  This version is meant for sensitive skin and it offered a nice thick protective coat to skin that had been nuked by retinoids.  This little jar was instrumental in preventing chemical sunscreen burn on my tazorac’ed skin.

5. Nuxe Crème Prodigieuse Anti-Aging Gentle Renewing Cream, Discontinued

  • I went through a Nuxe moisturizer phase when I fell in love with their unbelievably delicious Nirvanesque moisturizers.  It smelled like mimosa-rose heaven.  I went through several jars and then decided to pick up a few other products.  I didn’t fall in love with the other products the way I did with the Nirvanesque line.  This was one of them.  It is really too mild for oily, acneic skin.  I didn’t notice a difference and I never felt the slightest irritation.  I don’t think they sell this anymore.  If you want a heavenly smelling, deliciously moisturizing cream for sensitive to dry skin, their Nirvanesque line is amazing.

6. Renpure Originals Argan Oil Luxurious Shampoo, SRP

  • I liked Renpure’s Brazilian Keratin set, but this was BAD, which was ironic.  This was marketed as a moisturizing line, but the set (shampoo and conditioner) left my hair feeling like I had only used shampoo.  There was no moisture.  My hair was dry and tangled out of the shower.  I still have the conditioner bottle lying around which I will mix with something more moisturizing.  Maybe someone with super greasy oily hair will appreciate it.  Anyone with dry hair should stay away.

7. Phisoderm Anti-Blemish Body Wash, SRP

  • I like to mix in salicylic acid body washes with my regular body washes to prevent body breakouts, which thankfully are not a problem for me.  But I like being covered.  This was nice and cheap.  I don’t like Neutrogena’s version because it’s hard to squeeze out of the tube and I don’t like the scent.  This was cheap and effective but a bit drying.

8. L’Oreal Youth Code Foaming Gel Cleanser, SRP

  • I posted about this product in the drugstore cleanser-palooza post.  It’s great for folks who like mild exfoliation with gentle moisture.  Basically, if you have slightly dry skin – to slightly combo, oily skin, you will like this.  I didn’t like it when I needed to degrease my face because I felt like it left unwanted moisture.  However, I totally appreciated it when my skin was nuked by retinoids and very dry.  I’ve already repurchased it, though I have no need for it now because my skin has been very good for a while now.

9. Lumene Vitamin C+ Dry Skin Comfort Radiance Cocktail, SRP

  • I accidently threw out the empty bottle before taking a group photo without realizing it.  I was going to go buy another vitamin c serum but then I decided I would rather just start using the backup bottle of this stuff I had purchased over the winter.  This is a gentle oil-based vitamin c serum that I guess is a bit similar to Ole Henriksen’s Truth Vitamin C Activating Oil I want to try.  I reviewed this in an earlier post.

One final goodbye to these empties.  It takes a lot for me to hold on to empty bottles.  I get immediate satisfaction  getting rid of them. 



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