Muji Organization For Skincare Products

Muji Overview

I have the Muji acrylic drawers like many beauty bloggers.  What’s not to love about them?  (Other than the fact that I wish they offered a deeper drawer version to fit more skincare products, of course…)  I used to stash my stuff in clear acrylic boxes tucked in drawers but this proved problematic because I would forget about the stuff I had, and I wouldn’t use it.  Or accidently repurchase something I had already repurchased but was in storage.  Hate when that happens! 


Anyways, these are old pics I was supposed to post ages ago.  There have been a few changes, mostly in the order of the drawers, and product changes because I have used up an item, or added a new one.  I figured I would post these pics, otherwise they go to waste.  It is still representative of how I organize my skincare stuff in these drawers.  Eventually, I will update with a current picture, preferably with daylight.  These were taken at night with flash.  Right now, my stuff is a controlled mess and I have to start tossing a few items that have expired, but not from my skincare drawers, just liquid makeup products that went bad before their time.


I like to organize items by type of product.  For instance, I like to keep my primers in one drawer, mini cleansers in another, sunscreens grouped together, ecetera.  Sometimes, I can’t fit everything in the same drawer, which is a bummer.  So there will be some commingling of various products because of space issues, which I hate, but you gotta do what you gotta do in order to maximize the drawer space.  I can only use the two drawer Muji drawers for my skincare stuff because they are just deep enough to hold some of my smaller skincare items.


I actually love my Muji drawers more because I can house some of my smaller sized skincare products that would just go hidden, sight unseen, or collect dust outside.  I am not a makeup nut the way I am a skincare nut.  Beautiful skin will always be in, makeup is just spackle, no matter how artfully placed or colorful.  If the Muji store came up with a larger system capable of storing larger tubes and pots, I would be so happy, because this new skincare organization system I use has been super instrumental in getting me to use more of my stuff.  It also gives me a good idea of when I need to repurchase, so I don’t over purchase something. 

I suspect as my makeup hoarding ways wane, I will start to swap in various skincare bottles into these drawers.  I don’t see myself with dozens of blushes, as I get older, but I do see myself with tubs and tubes of creams, potions, and lotions. 


Anyways, it’s probably weird to admit this but I do have an absolutely favorite drawer.  As in every time I open it I get super pleased.  Tickled pleased.  I love this drawer so much.  I know it’s weird but it makes me happy every time I pull it open.  Can you guess which it is? 

It’s my acne treatment drawer!


Weird, I know. 

I used to hate how my acne products would collect dust laying out flat, or would clutter up small open top boxes on my makeshift vanity table.  But this drawer showcases all of my ‘in use’ products that I rotate without it getting dusty and it is readily available at the quick flick of a wrist and pull.

I love using my Muji drawers for my skincare stuff.  I feel sad that I couldn’t fit in all of my masks or lotions inside these drawers because they were not deep enough.  But the moment I find an acrylic drawer system that is sturdy enough and deep enough, I am going to be in product organization heaven.  I love being able to SEE my stuff but still have it organized and protected from dust.

I feel like Kumar hugging his bag of weed. 





  1. I just bought a 5 dawer muji a couple of days ago! Too bad a lot of the other sizes are often sold out. One is not available to JULY! Eeks!

    • I am sure you will love it! I went to the physical store and even there they are often out of stock. I had to make 3 separate trips to get all the ones I needed. If they made a deeper one, I would so jump on that. It’s like a file system for your beauty stuff. Love! But definitely overpriced.

  2. So envious of that anti-acne treasure trove you’ve got there! I have one product that a friend sent me and thought I no longer needed that category of skincare, but nope… THEY’RE BAAAAACK. My holy grail was La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo. Might have to get it again.

    • I think I would hyperventilate if I didn’t have any anti-acne stuff. My skin has been very good for a while now but it gets really, really bad – cystic bad – easily without my stuff. I’m neurotic about having everything I need and back ups stashed in their boxes somewhere else. I have the epiduo, too. It’s not as effective for larger acne, but works fine on smaller, fleshtoned bumps.

  3. *sigh* love these organizational posts so much! I think your post just kicked my butt into really organizing my collection. Literally right before I was reading your post, I was playing with some makeup (yes it’s 1:30AM and that’s what I like to do in the wee hours of the morning–play with makeup and then wash it off :P). I decided to play with a Giorgio Armani gloss that I had tucked away in a hanging travel-bag type makeup organizer (I hang it in my beauty closet/wardrobe).

    As I was digging through the pocket filled with lip products, I discovered about 5 different lip high-end lip products (I specify because, as bad as it sounds, I don’t get upset when I realize I’ve let 5 or 6 drugstore lip products go to waste. That’s the beauty of drugstore products, I guess) that I had completely forgotten about. Beautiful products that I was obsessed with getting, wore once or twice, then promptly got hidden away in the deep abyss of the lipstick stash. I really need a new system where I can actually SEE where everything is or, like so many other people, I will just not use it and forget I have it. :/ Also, I’m sure it’s soooo incredibly satisfying having your whole collection set out in a nice, organized way so you can pull out drawers from time to time and just savor the site of so many goodies!! 😛

    Nice acne product drawer! I actually don’t have that many acne treatments. Exfoliators, yes, but not acne treatments. I only have 3 things that I really need: my Epiduo (CANNOT live without this. Such a godsend!), Retin-A, and Effaclar Duo (I use this one on larger pimples). How do you like the Differin XP??

    PS: hahaha sorry about the super long comment. I got a little excited there when I saw your pics 😛 LOL!

    • Oh, I feel the same way about looking at other folks org pictures. It makes me happy. My one regret was that I didn’t take it during day light, but I had these pictures and I wasn;t going to let them go to waste.

      Before I was hit with really bad hormonal acne, all I needed was the Differin, but it is the MILDEST retinoid out there. Really good for mild exfoliation and evening skintone. It’s not great for bad acne, but I get it anyways to use on days my skin needs a break from Retin-A and Tazorac. I have only tried a tube of Epiduo once. For me, Tazorac is the most effective at getting rid of monster zits but its also crazy stripping. Retin-A is also good, just not as strong. I’m a little bit of a throw everything at acne type person. I long for the days when I only needed one tube but my skin is so erratic I prefer to have everything that has worked on me . I also have the Effaclar Duo, Effaclar K, and a surprisingly good one is Epionce Lytic Plus and Astara Blue Flame Treatment which both have 3% salicylic acid. Great for when I am giving my skin a break from retinoids.

      I am actually going to post later this month a new makeup and skincare initiative. 🙂 You will appreciate it, especially in light of your first comments. 🙂

  4. What do you think of the Nia24 Strengthening Complex? Any specific product recommendations from Mario Badescu ? Thank 🙂

    • Hello! Well. So far I’m not a fan of the products I have tried from Badescu but that’s only two cleansers. Not bad, not good. I wouldn’t repurchase unless I needed a travel size item and couldn’t find anything else cheaper. The NIA 24 I have purchased 4x at this point. I bought it because of the niacin. Their proprietary version supposedly goes deeper in to the dermis than regular niacin. It’s good for hyperpigmentation, reducing sun damage to skin by fortifying the skin barrier, and increasing cellular moisture in the skin. I use this when I have nuked my skin dry from retinoids to protect the skin and increase hydration. I noticed that I did not like using it during summer, or oilier days because of this increased celluar hydration. So, I prefer to use it in drier, colder months. However, if I have nuked my skin dry, regardless of the weather, I will still use it. In the past, I have used this in combination with vitamin c serums in the morning (after the vitamin c), after thinner serum based salicylic acid acne treatments (effaclar K), and after retinoid treatments at night. My skin always emerged hydrated, smooth, supple. Also, I do think there is ant-acnegenic properties to it that were as a result of increasing cellular hydration levels in the skin and strengthening the skin barrier, but I think this would vary from person to person. However, in a super hot and humid summer, this would exacerbate clogged pores and break me out because my pores are producing too much oil to begin with. This is probably even better for dry, thin skinned individuals, too. This is definite repurchase and I would suggest this to anyone who is over 30 as part of their basic ant-aging regimen. It has a ton of positive reviews. I’m actually doing a dual post on this product along with a similar Kinerase product I have used. I think you inspired me to post that sooner.

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