Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Highlighter in Rose Illumination

Arden Illuminator

Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Highlighter in Rose Illumination, $34.00

Back when I was lemming for Hourglass‘ new highlighting powders, I decided to jump back in with highlighting powders, which I normally do not like.  My first experience with a highlighting powder was with LORAC’s Perfectly Lit Oil-Free Luminizing Powder.  I could not figure out how to use it without looking like a disco ball.  I tossed that sucker after a few uses (oh, how some of you would quiver at how I disposed of barely used makeup that I did not figure out how to use back in the day).  Anyways, the specific shades I was interested from Hourglass were not available at Sephora at the time, so I just picked this up instead. 

First off, if there is any difference between this and a general drugstore powder highlighter, I can’t tell.  The powder in the compact feels rough to the touch, gritty.  The shimmer/highlight is not delicate, or refined.  While it did not look like large scraggle-rock glitter, it wasn’t very fine either, or sophisticated looking.  Even some of Hourglass‘ more aggressively twinkling shades like Radiant looked more refined than the pink-coppery-golden points of light this offered like a rough edged sandstone just glistening under the water. 

Arden Closeup

This wouldn’t be so bad though, if it weren’t so overpriced.  I feel like $34.00 for this is pretty high. I wouldn’t exactly call this a multi-functional product either.  Too golden shimmery to be used as a highlighter or a blush. This is almost like a duo chrome finish so I tried this as an eye shadow, too.  But there isn’t enough pink pigment in there.  This wasn’t a good purchase for me, overall.  The color is just not very skin tone friendly for me without it looking like I am  going to a 10 year old pink Disney costume party or clubbing like a 20 year old.  Unlike what the marketing for this product says, this rose-gold shade highlighter is not universally flattering.  Some will look good with this, others will not.

Arden Swatch



  1. just judging from the colour in the pan, I never would have thought that it actually will look that nice and kind of subtle. I also think that 35$ is very pricey though. it’s a colour I haven’t seen very often as well xxx

    • I couldn’t really make this work on my face, but perhaps someone who is very pale could make it work. It is an unusual color for a highlighter, but when you compare the texture of this to other highlighters, you will feel the difference.

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