You Don’t Have to be Blonde to Enjoy John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde!

Sheer Blonde Collage

I have cycled through a ton of drugstore conditioner brands.  I went years using up L’Oreal and Pantene.  Then I went through various periods where I used Tresemme, Organix, Suave, Dove, Herbal Essences, and a ton of other smaller brands. I made the mistake of thinking early on because my hair was on the dry side and because it was dark that my hair needed super moisture from products that focused on very damaged or coarse hair.  My hair would feel super saturated and slippery in the shower but then my hair would feel coarse and dry out of the shower, which would get me to double-down on finding a thicker, creamier, heavier, more moisturizing conditioner.  Anyways, I eventually figured out that I was using the wrong products for my hair.  My hair is not coarse, but finer textured.  It leans dry, but gets greasy at the roots quickly (especially if I brush my hair when it’s dry).  My hair easily gets frizzy from humidity but I have so much of it that it gets weighed down fast.

After trying a crazy amount of drugstore brand conditioners, I have discovered that John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Conditioner range is actually REALLY GOOD. 

I have become really good at improvising and not necessarily going by “type” if you know what I mean.  When most products aren’t really being tailor-made and marketed for your needs, you start cobbling together things that work based off of trial and error and educated guesses.  Dark hair is overwhelming treated as coarse and heavy – because it generally is coarser and thicker than lighter colored hair.  However, if you have a tendency for dark haired fuzzballs around your hairline you know that dark hair can be fine-textured too.  Perhaps, not as fine-textured as blonde hair, but you know you will likely need similar conditioning agents that won’t weigh your hair down, but will still provide gloss-enhancing moisture.

John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde line is all about providing soft, glossy, moisturized health to hair that is chemically damaged on a frequent basis with bleach and highlights, without weighing it down and making it crunchy.  What do you know?  I am ALSO anti-crunch.  So, I thought – HEY, LET’S TRY THIS OUT.  I have used these Sheer Blonde Conditioners and my hair feels much softer, weightless, and moisturized compared to other drugstore conditioner brands.  (This line actually adds more moisture to my hair than the conditioner from the Renpure Originals Brazilian Keratin Straightening line.) 

Being a human guinea pig, I know I will not stop trying out new products.  However, I do keep repurchasing the ones that work, and these are definitely being purchased again.  If you also have very fine-textured hair, and you need real moisture with a light feel, give these a try.  Regardless of what your hair color is.  For the record, I have no idea if these remove the “brassiness” from my hair or “tone” correct. It’s not something I am looking for since it’s not made for my hair color, but soft weightless moisture is always appreciated for under $8 bucks a tube.

*I am using the term “fine textured” to describe hair shaft thickness.



    • I love it because it gives me an interesting perspective. When I say I try it all, I do: I’ve tried Asian haircare products, products meant for afro-textured hair, mayonnaise (blech!), eggs (blech)…it’s fun.

      • I really like your perspective because I think the marketing to the customers of the beauty industry is very dumbed down and full of assumptions. I think it’s like, “products for long hair, products for short hair, products for blonde hair,” etc. And there’s often little explanation as to why this product is for long hair versus short, or why the product would know I have long hair. I think it takes a love of experimenting and research to find what really works for you, as you’ve discovered!

      • Yeah, I use marketing like a starting point. But I also noticed a lot of it is just stuff people in an office meeting make up (having worked in marketing). Especially when it comes to hair products. As a matter of fact, I mostly pay attention to ingredients. You start realizing a lot of them have the EXACT same stuff, perhaps in slightly different quantities.

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