Awesome Randomness: Anna Kendrick in K-Pop Spoof Video

Anna K and Cup

If you haven’t seen this around, you must click on the link below and check it out.  Anna Kendrick has teamed up with Korean K-Pop band f(x) to create this new Funny or Die video.  It’s mostly a spoof of Pitch Perfect – a movie I absolutely loved.  Yup, I own the dvd.  How lame!!! Whatever.  My favorite character was Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy and she can do no wrong in any movie, but Anna Kendrick has really impressed me.  Who knew it would be HER from the Twilight movies who actually has acting chops and versatility?  Loved her in ParaNorman (cute movie), Pitch Perfect, and Up in the Air.

Here is the link to the video.  Or you can find it on your own from Funny or Die.

Second favorite line from the video?  “UGH!!!  That’s resource management m*therf*ckers!”

You’ll know what the first is when you see it in the video.  Or take a gander at the image for this post.  🙂



  1. “Do the cup.” and “kekekekekeke” got me.

    Anna Kendrick is just so darn likeable! Loved her in Pitch Perfect (but loved Fat Amy and Lily and Chloe more). You know what else was pitch perfect? Her crying scene and the subsequent one in Up in the Air. She’s adorable.

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