THE Spring 2013 Cosmetics Case

I love cosmetic cases.  They offer cheap and swappable options for “pretty” that can be secreted away in a respectable, conservative handbag.  NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW.

My taste in cosmetics bags run the gamut.  I like to play!  Any size, any print, any color.  However, I still think about utility and convenience.  These cases must be cleanable, sturdy, and NOT COST AS MUCH AS A SMALL MID-PRICED HANDBAG.  This pretty much means my fantasy of owning a Smythson, or Valextra, case, is just not going to happen until I retire my desire for owning different cases.

Anyways, I have been looking at cute Spring 2013 cases and I fell in love with these two Tory Burch cases, which are conveniently backordered ’til mid-april on Nordstrom.  These are so cute and scream eclectic pretty spring.  The mixed print and soft pastel florals look lovely together.  This print looks especially very Easter-like, so I figured I would share on Good Friday.  A small dose of pretty for the holiday weekend for $78.00 a piece.

Makeup Case TB Makeup Case TBs



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