MAC Cosmetics LipMix in Orange and Fucshia

MAC Lip Mix

MAC Cosmetics LipMix in Orange and Fucshia, 0.33 oz for $15.00

My favorite part of Fashion Week is perusing pictures of backstage beauty shots.  I love looking at the makeup looks created by the makeup artists and I love reading detailed breakdowns of the products that were used.  MAC’s formerly exclusively pro-product – the LipMix, was one of those products always featured for the distinctive pigmented lips looks used season after season.  However, it was only after I saw the Missoni Spring/Summer 2013 beauty look created by Lucia Pieroni that I had to get these LipMixes.  I could not think of a single lip shade that emulated this bright matte flouro pinky-orange lip shade.

Missoni Beauty 1 Missoni Beauty

In the video posted by MOD TV, and in press releases for this show, Lucia Pieroni discusses using various MAC LipMixes to achieve the color.  In the video, I have posted a link to here, it clearly shows the Orange LipMix, what appears to be a Pink LipMix, and a White LipMix is mentioned by Lucia Pieroni.  In the video, a makeup artist is shown tapping pink flouro loose powder on to the lips to finish the look.  I am not particularily interested in patting powder on to my lip.  This looks more like an “editorial” look; however, I was going to pick up those LipMixes.  Now, I could not find this Pink LipMix on the MAC website, but I did find White and Orange.  However, I just did not see myself using the White very often.  Instead I picked up the Fucshia and Orange LipMixes, and I must tell you, these are amazing.

First, these LipMixes are meant to be used to mix with each other and other lipsticks to create your own customizable shade.  These are incredibly pigmented, so a teeny dot goes a LONG WAY.  They come in a cream texture that dries to a almost satin-y matte texture.  You should exfoliate your lips, and even if you don’t suffer from dry lips, you should moisturize up because these don’t really have much of a conditioning effect.  So you may need to keep reapplying the balm, but these are not necessarily drying on their own.

What I love about these LipMixes are that they can be used on their own, or mixed together to create a high lasting and durable look on the lip, but they also don’t feel like anything.   On it’s own, it is a super saturated color, incredibly thin, barely there feel on the lip, providing a stain effect if you want it to.  But the best part is how quickly and easily it washes away without perma-staining your skin the way Cover Girl’s Lip Perfection does.  I have not gotten to mixing these shades with other lip products I have – yet, but it’s going to be a matte, high voltage summer on those lazy casual weekends.

These are a worthwhile investment at $15.00. 

Here are the swatches of Orange and Fucshia.  These are so vibrantly pigmented that even on an overcast day, you can see how bright they are.

LipMix Text



    • I am not 100 percent sure but I think MAC LipMixes came out before OCC’s Lip Tars. The difference maybe that MAC’s LipMixes used to be a “PRO” item only available to professional makeup artists, while now anyone can buy PrO products so it is available to the general public. I’ve seen OCC Lip Tars, and the name “tar” reminded me of sludgey texture so I never picked one up, but now I am curious if say they are the same.

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