Wednesday, Wednesday Random Updates

Can you feel it?  Spring?  I can.  So, I am digging  out of the last few weeks worth of funk I have been in.  It’s strange that it only recently hit me, but I always get in the funkiest of moods in February.  Like if I had a happy-o-meter, there would be a noticeable PLUNGE in February.  A look back over the years reveals to me I always lose my freaking gasket during this time of the year about SOMETHING, and some how magically I return to “normal” for me at some point in March.   I should not be surprised it starts as soon as I can sense there is more daylight.  Basically, the shift happens when sunrise starts occurring before 7 am in the morning.  Total moodshift.

All I know is that posting became a drag.  Everything became a drag.  Had I not prescheduled a bunch of posts in January, there would have been significantly less posts than usual.  It means my professional development activity HALTED.  My ANYTHING activity just stopped.  Even going to the gym became WORK.  UGH.

So, it may be a bit premature since spring is still a few weeks away, but I feel a little more alert and ready to take on the world…again.  🙂

Here’s a couple of things on my radar:

1. My HP ENVY Spectre XT Ultrabook has to be sent back AGAIN because of a malfunctioning battery.  It shuts off like it has no power when it’s not connected to the adapter – and also shuts when it is connected for no reason.  I have had this computer since NOVEMBER 2012.  A few weeks ago, it was sent back because of a split chassis.  Not good.

2. I am near my HEAVIEST grad school weight, which is awesome because it’s also the lightest I have been in almost 2.5 years.    Never again will I sacrifice my health (and vanity) for a job!

3. I am intrigued by new (to me) cosmetic lines MAKE by WeSeeBeauty, a for benefit cosmetic line that donates a third of its sales to its women’s foundation.

4. I am also intrigued by British brand MyFace Cosmetics, which I see has an american distributor now…  🙂

5. I have come to realize that when it comes to camouflaging my massive pores and controlling my oily skin, La Roche Posay’s Anthelios Anti-Aging Primer SPF 50 is my holy grail.  However, L’Oreal’s Revitalift “Miracle Blur” Primer is a less drying, cheaper substitute (as long as you have super oily skin and use a moisturizer beforehand).  No comments for the dry skinned.

6. Less is more…as in less foundation is better.  I can’t deny that my skin is different now than what it was two years ago.  It has changed and I am not talking about acne.  The more foundation I use, the older I look.  Blech.  I no longer use full face foundation.  I apply a bit to the center of my face around my nose, where I have visible pores, and I blend out.  Gasp!  I no longer look early-mid twenties!  I have been bumped into mid-late twenties.  :/

7.  Some of my newer foundations have started to separate, while older foundations are still good.  There should be visible expiration dates on makeup.  I clearly bought OLD foundation.  Looking at you INGLOT and REVLON.

8. I am still obsessed with creating my skin perfecting, moisturizing glowing base for my skin before the primer.  Thank you Charlotte Tilburry and your makeup tutorial videos where you mention your “secret mix.”  Would love to know what’s in it.  It glows on your model’s skin.

9. I have become very obsessed with finding skintone matching concealers…oh, a much harder feat because cosmetics companies offer even less shades in this category compared to foundations.

10. I am officially banning drugstore blushes, which consistently have proven they just DO NOT have the pigmentation, or silky application, I crave.

11.  I have incorporated weight training into my exercise routine and I have noticed faster results as to my shrinking body.  YES!  I have a waist again!!!

12. I have been contemplating participating in a MUDRUN type event…the kind where children can participate. I am not nuts, alright!  Baby steps, baby steps!  I don’t need to be surrounded by a bunch of ex-marines.



  1. Good luck with your weight training! I’m usually terrible at sticking at it. I’m glad your seeing good results 🙂
    I really dislike most drugstore blushes. The texture and color payoff is not there. Some people look at me and think I’m snooty when I say that but I’m just not impressed.

    • The tough part is in the beginning when you don’t see any results, but when you start seeing results you get addicted and don’t want to backslide. I saw waist and a hint of thigh muscle definition and I am not stopping. 🙂

      Honestly, after years of being a blush whore and buying at all price points, I can definitely say there is no point to current lineup of drugstore blushes. Waste of money. Not snooty when you quality compare at cost per use. I have to DIG in for crappy/patchy/sheer pigment at the drugstore OR it’s too rough and pigmented (Wetn’Wild). Especially when you start noticing some of these blushes are getting to be $10-13 bucks…such a waste of money.

  2. Wow good for you, and good luck with your weight training! I keep telling myself I am going to get back in shape but then push it off and push it off….I feel you when you talk about being in a slump. I have been in a MAJOR one lately, I think. Ahhh can’t wait for spring!!! Also, I think you’ve convinced me to try that LRP primer. HG? Good for oily skin AND enlarged pores?? Sign me up!! Also more willing to try it now that I’ve discovered an amazing cleansing oil, so i’m not so scared of any residual build-up and resulting breakouts!

    • Yeah, it’s funny because when I first used the LRP Primer I HATED it and was really annoyed at how much money I had spend on it. I FORCED myself to use it because I hate buying dud skincare products. Except it turned out it was SOOOO not a dud. I repurchased it after it was stolen with my makeup bag. I now consider it INDISPENSIBLE part of my PUBLIC PUT TOGETHER FACE. On the gym thing, I hate when I backslide. Feeling fit and thin apparently gave me license to eat like a trucker the past couple of days. UGGHHHHHH

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