New Magazine Launch in March: Glam Belleza Latina

glam belleza Latina A

A new women’s beauty magazine launch! YES!  I heard about this a few months ago, but I shelved it to the back of my mind because I am horribly impatient.  American Glamour will be launching a BRAND new women’s magazine, which will be released quarterly, starting March 5, 2013.  It is the new to the market Glam Belleza Latina, a latina-centric BEAUTY magazine. 


This new magazine has been described as the lovechild of Glamour and Allure magazine.  I used to ADORE Allure magazine (before they became STALE.   (I still subscribe  – ‘cuz you never know when they will fire up that stagnant ship.  That magazine was responsible for my first non-drugstore related beauty purchases from Sephora for many years.)  If there were a magazine that desperately needed a REDESIGN and REDIRECTION, it would be ALLURE.  You heard that editorial board at ALLURE?  This loyal subscriber for the past 10 years wants you to get better and not sink the ship.)  Anyways, I am really excited.  While I enjoy looking at fashion, what really rings my bell are beauty editorials and new skincare product launches.  I am so addicted that I have tear sheets of the best beauty editorials and beauty spotlights for the last several years, collected in colorful binders.  (Alright, alright, stuffed into the pockets of the binders, waiting to be sorted and organized by different themes.)

This magazine will be available at newstands on March 5, 2013 and it will come in the ever convenient digest size.  Basically the same size as the british edition of Glamour, which makes it perfectly stowable in most shoulder bags, like Rebecca Minkoff’s MAC Clutch.  I am really excited and I can’t wait to get my mitts on this.  I hope I am not disappointed, but even if I were, I would still buy it.  TRUTH.

Cosmopolitan for Latinas launched last spring, and I was super excited to get that.  Before that I had been occasionally picking up Latina.  However, that was an exercise in dashed hopes, over and over again.  I think I kept buying it out of a sense of obligation.  I don’t know how they make money. That magazine is SO LOSTIt’s everywhere, yet magically nowhere.  I remember reading this interesting article on Mexican women who spend their lives running crazy distances.  It was a brief one page article but what was the point?  I flipped the page intrigued to read more but NADA.  That was it.  Nothing else on this group of indigenous women in the dustier, more rural parts of Mexico.  Guess I will no longer have to buy Latina magazine, cuz I’ve got not one but TWO replacements.  YAY!!!  I just hope to the plastic baby jesus  in the manger of Talladega Nights that it isn’t the same content you would find in a general women’s magazine -cough, cough -with the same “universal” images.

Even if I weren’t latina, I would still pick this up because I am a true BEAUTY fiend.  If I could, I would buy the beauty inserts in asian magazines individually – AND I can’t even read the characters!  It doesn’t matter.  Beauty products and editorials represent an international non-lingual language that ALL WOMEN understand.  So, don’t hesitate to pick this up even if you are not Latina.

Eeeek.  I await.

I await no longer.  Here’s a snap of two pages.

Glam Belleza Latina 2

Glam Belleza Latina 1


*Um…the inaugural issue has left me feeling a bit meh…as a baby quarterly mag, I will allow it to grow up.  Since it comes with my regular Glamour subscription, I don’t have to pay extra to receive it, but this is trailing ALLURE in quality of content and uniqueness of vision.  Honestly, they slapped known latina stars (with a bevy of what appeared to be non-latina models) over content that looks EXACTLY the same as what you would find in any other american women’s fashion magazine.  I love it! (sarcasm)  NO BUENO.   They basically inserted the word “latina” in various places.  WOW. 

I believe they are taking a page from Latina magazine trying to be “universal.”  The problem with that is when you try to be all things to all people, you please NO ONE.  They are basically ignoring certain demographic realities within the american latino community that the good ‘ole U.S. Census Bureau is grappling with as we speak.  Oh, what fun we will have when those census forms roll out!

So far: Cosmopolitan for Latinas >>>Glam Belleza Latina >>Latina

*No comment on the cheesy uninspired title of the magazine or the very repetitive choice of the lovely Jennifer Lopez on the inaugural cover.  I swear Jennifer Lopez is not the end all be all of LATINA beauty.  (You know when I will get excited for a feature on Jennifer Lopez?  When she publicly reveals all the things she does to stay looking that AMAZING! ALL OF IT!!!  I want to know her dermatologist’s name, treatments used, presciptions, skincare products, spa treatments, diets, exercise routine, hair color, makeup shades she uses, ecetera!)

How about we break out some new stars.  I am getting tired of the Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek, Shakira, Zoe Saldanha covers – and this is not an excuse to start rotating in Sofia Vergara or Selena Gomez (love them both – don’t me wrong) either.  My only exception is Eva Mendes who can be on as many covers as she wants (you know, like, this is Eva in Orange, and this month Eva in Green, and this month Eva in Pink  – she is THAT stunning.  I will NEVER get tired of her face.

HA! I think I just listed every future cover star for the next two years! 🙂

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