MAC Cosmetics Pro Powder Blush

Pro Fuschia

1. MAC Cosmetics Pro Powder Blush in Full Fucshia for $17.00

MAC Cosmetics is well known.  It is the gateway cosmetic brand for someone making the jump from drugstore to department store.  It is cool, colorful, fairly priced, and just too much freaking fun.  You can easily develop a cosmetic addiction off of MAC Cosmetics alone.    There isn’t much to say about this powder blush purchase.  I love blushes, in general.  This Pro Powder Blush is designed to fit in a palette, which I love.  There is nothing more awesome than opening a palette and just seeing circles of color and dab, dab, dabbing your brush in there like a painter.  It makes me feel oh so creative and skilled – except I am not that skilled, or talented, on the creative front.  Boooo.  But I can oh so pretend to my heart’s content. 

Anyways, this is Full Fuchsia and you can see it is a hair more purple and deeper than the fucshia shade I have from Kevyn Aucoin’s The Creamy Glow in LiquifucshiaLiquifucshia has this vibrancy that I love.  Full Fuchsia can be used to tone down the vibrancy of Liquifuchsia, but also impart a richer, multi-dimensional fuchsia flush.  It can also anchor the color so that the cream blush doesn’t fade away or migrate on oily skin.   I likes.  Hate to say it, but it NEVER occurred to me to actually layer blushes, especially powders over creams, until I started this blog.  #FACEPALM. #FAIL.

Here are the swatches.

MAC Pro fuschia swatch 1 Text



  1. MAC definitely was my gateway brand. The first highend product I bought was a MAC face powder.
    Full Fuchsia is gorgeous. I like buying MAC blushes in pans because they’re cheaper and like you said they look great in the palette. x

    • I am so late to this party but had I known about the awesomeness of palettes I would have bought all of my previous mac blushes as refill pans. However, one disaster depotting experience has held me back from depotting the rest. Using palettes actually makes it more likely for me to use more of my powder blushes…perhaps unnecessarily – but whatever… 🙂

    • Based off of the skintone swatches I see, you could totally rock super bright! Give up the peachy pinks! Too safe! explore! For some reason I have been feeling lilac-y tints – Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick in lilac is calling or MUF lavendar shadow used as blush. I assure you this would be a weekend look.

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