Versatile Blogger Award!

I want to thank Jacques over at Jacques Delight for nominating for the Versatile Blogger Award – my very first Versatile Blogger Award!  Jacques is an incredibly versatile blogger who loves books and beauty, so expect to find numerous reviews on both, but also random odds and ends on just about anything. 

Now – on to the the 7 things about me (I feel like I am this close to giving away my blood type, bank account number and snapshot of my birth certificate. teehee) with all the about me nuggets:

1.  I constantly debate on whether to out certain rather huge aspects about myself on the blog to put things in context.  What I do, my name….you know the basics.

2. However,  I am a bit paranoid.

3. I used to be very into designer bags…thank goodness that’s no longer the case…

4. Some of my friends still don’t know about my beauty blog and I don’t think I will ever share it.  If it’s not their thing,  why share it?

5. I always say I am going to get plastic surgery to either fix my nose, or get another “enhancement,”  but I don’t think I will – for the nose.  Now that other one….

6.  I don’t think botox is plastic surgery, therefore, when the time comes, botox me up!  (Secretly though, I hope that I will be the special little snowflake who won’t need it).

7.  I am a speedreader.  This mostly involves dropping articles and other unnecessary words.  Unfortunately, this skill has affected my thought and writing patterns – significantly.   I constantly have to proofread more “social” types of writing.  This blog showed me how bad it truly is.  Eek.

Now, on to the 15 blogs.  Yikes.  What I have become aware of is that bloggers tend to travel in packs.  We tend to circle around the same blogs.  I am not interested in redundancy.  But I also have less time to discover new blogs-which makes me sad.    So, with that I am altering the rules.  Sorry!  I am only going to post one blog, which I have found VERY impressive, and which I am sure is not visited by the same circle of blogs that visit mine.  I love her organization, product selection (budget to department store mix), and the awesome FOTDs.  She has only been blogging since late fall but her blog growth has been EXPLOSIVE  – and she takes pictures with an IPHONE folks.  *shakes head at my crappy lighting and skill situation*  She also has a companion tumblr site which I find just incredibly beautiful to look at because I love the assortment of colors.

Introducing the beauty MILK, both the blog and the tumblr site.  Written by Coco of Puerto Rico, a latina – woohoo.  She is an engineering student with a passion for cosmetics and the skills to compete with any makeup artist.  Oh yeah, and she is gorgeous  – SMACK, SMACK, SMACK – just kidding!   I hope to see her enter the Allure Beauty Blogger Competition coming this spring (hint, hint).

UPDATED: Apparently the bogus REVLON sponsored Allure Beauty Blogger Competition is not open to commonwealth Puerto Ricans, despite being citizens of the United States.   Bummer.

An honorable mention goes to Teni Panosian of Miss Maven.  She is an actress/model of armenian descent, who created her own blog and youtube channel.  Apparently, armenian women are beautiful, she looks strikingly similar to Kim Kardashian.  I don’t really consider her blog an amateur blog, so it gets an honorable mention.  However, I LOVE her makeup tutorial videos. 

*click on the bold to get to the blog or tumblr site.



  1. I have so many things I want to say at once!! Let me start from the beginning of your post.
    I completely understand what you mean when you say you’re hesitant to share personal details on your blog! When I first started I debated whether I should go by my name or my nickname. I didn’t post any pictures of myself for the first few weeks of blogging. And even now I still feel a bit of paranoia. I don’t post any pictures of personal outings or with my friends. I don’t tweet or instagram about the places I frequent or eat. I’m not quite sure why the thought of doing it gives me a bit of anxiety.
    I never told any of my friends that I have a blog either. They found it by accident through my Tumblr. Then it spread and now it’s like a known fact but I still don’t bring it up much.

    I have to say that I am thrilled you included me in this post!! You wrote the sweetest things!! I’m literally smiling as I write this (how dorky). I don’t even know what to say. This entire post came off as really sincere, including what you wrote about my blog. Thank you for making my morning a bit brighter 🙂
    And I know I have already rambled on enough but I wanted to mention the Allure Blogger Competition. It looks like such an amazing opportunity for any blogger but I read the rules and discovered I’m not eligible to enter. It’s only open to legal residents of the 50 United States. 😦 I’ve found that living in Puerto Rico usually means not being eligible for most contests. I have to admit it made me a bit sad, I had hopes of entering.

    Nuevamente, gracias!!! ❤

    • What! Now I am upset! I never read the rules since I wasn’t going to enter. You know, somehow this affected me more than learning about the fact a while ago that commonwealth Puerto Ricans can’t vote for the president. Gotta keep my priorities straight! Well, this is disappointing. A huge part of the reason why I started blogging was because it was very difficult to find latina beauty bloggers with the kind of blog I would love to follow. However, I know my limitations so, I still seek beauty blogs, in general. However, I still hunt for latina blogs. Personally I would love for your blog to get huge so you can do more of the types of posts I love. But you certainly don’t need the Allure Blogger competition to do that so keep doing a great job with your blog. I really enjoy it!

  2. I really loved this post and can totally relate to it, on every check I read I thought ‘wow me too’. I.e. Speedreader which also means typo queen, I too also hesitate and still don’t get too personal on my blog, I keep saying I want to get my boobs done (read for 10 yrs) but somehow I just don’t and I grew to love my b cup chest that doesn’t require a bra, and I also have a debate with myself if I should I push my blog or not to my friends considering they all work in the industry but somehow feel awkward. I’m glad you started following my blog today, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading through yours this afternoon. Thanks!

    • Ha, I’ve been saying the same thing about my chest for years, but then I see how most jobs are a disaster. The only natural looking boob jobs have belonged to curvy women who were already on the side of busty but had saggy boobs so an implant just gave that naturally full plush effect (Salma Hayek and Kim Kardashian). But I don’t like scars, items that could burst, and rock hard boobs. Speedreading is awesome…for reading…not for writing. EEEk. Thanks for enjoying my little ramshackle piece of the net!

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