It’s A (VERY LATE) Recap Sun…errrr Tuesday

Another Recap Sunday post…which is REALLLY late. 

It will be a slowish blogging week for me (maybe, for month of February, too).  I haven’t had an unintentional slow post week since I started the blog until now.  There is always room for firsts. 

1. Had another informational interview with someone else and it was kind of depressing. They painted a very difficult picture of breaking into what I wanted to do.  Hmmmm.

2. Finally heard back from another suggested contact – it only took two weeks to respond back!   I am all networked out for the time being. This is being scheduled for early February – if I can help it.   

3.  But I am still going to another professional networking event I signed up for weeks ago, later this week.  May not be on my “A” game but I am just going to treat it like a social event.  So tired of “network” speak.  Let’s see if I can meet some cool new folks for fun. 

4. Had awesome catch up dinner this past friday with some friends.  Found out one of them is celebrating their birthday this week in JAMAICA!!!  BRRRR – I mean – GRRRR – it’s freaking freezing out here in NYC!   Oh wait – now it’s not.  Schizo weather…

5. Had a great weekend with a friend.  First by visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, getting lost on the upper west side looking for a popular restaurant, and then heading downtown to escape the biting cold and just sitting and talking all night long.

6. Discovered a new cosmetics line carried by Nordstrom called Gorgeous Cosmetics, an australian beauty brand.  I hoped the foundations would match but nope.  The highlighting POWDER of varying shades of Beigey-Gold, however, was a super HIT.  Hope to post some swatches eventually.   Too bad about the foundations.  These run high yellow, peach, pink or orangey-beige, but the formulation is REALLY NICE.  😦

7.  Tried some new Elizabeth Arden products.  Eh…izokay.  Trying to figure out if the brand history somehow justifies department store prices for middling products.  You look into the early history of Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics and it’s basically misrepresentations on sourcing of ingredients, efficacy, and total marketing magic working on an upwardly mobile, newly industrialized population hungry for some magical cream.  Ah, the good ole’ days when you could create demand with any ole’ lie.  Oh wait…

8.  Not sure why I wait so long to post some swatches, in general, especially for the new of the moment stuff.  I’ve been sitting on some stuff for a while, including a drugstore cleanser-palooza.  Oh well…Don’t want to do half-assed review.

9.  Yeeeaaaaah….Don’t expect to see a post, perhaps, ’til next week…

10. Looking forward to a laidback week and a nice weekend meet up with some more friends.  I’ve been very social lately.  I really dislike these darker, dreary days.

11. Late january through end of february is the worst time of the year for me.  Super cold, dreary, mostly overcast, dark, and sometimes rainy.  Where’s that green JCrew sweatshirt and green MAC Clutch when you need it.  I am going to rock emerald green for as long as possible.

‘Til next week amigos!


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