Depotting Disaster


I mistakenly believed based off of all of those depotting posts you see floating around, as well as youtube videos, that depotting is easy.   Well, maybe, I got a tough case with tough glue cuz I warped the metal casing with the knife (and warped the knife) and broke my MAC Blush in Buff into crumbly pieces.  Since, I was clueless, I crushed the broken bits on a paper towel (FAIL) and proceeded to try to add it all into the pan, except it overflowed the pan (FAIL).  After dumping some Super 70 Bay Rum (SCENTED) distilled alcohol (don’t think this was the type of alcohol I should have used) and creating an overflowing – but very fragrant – lumpy mess (FAIL), I was able to save some of the mush my blush had turned into, and playdoh that sucker into a somewhat flat surface.  In the end, I got a lumpy looking blush to go in my MAC palette.  That was the last time I will attempt depotting.  My blush looks grimey.  And I normally throw out makeup that looks grimey – hello! Nars Blush in Orgasm (the grimey-est over time product packaging in the world of cosmetic packaging).  What saves this franken-blush?  I love smelling it.  It totally enhances “blushing up.” 

See below.

Busted buff



  1. well, you are not alone with this disaster, I suck at depotting as well. I got better with time but it takes SO long. Having quite many products, I wish I could depot almost everything (especially my Burberry e/s, the packaging is nice but so bulky) *sigh*

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