Laura Mercier Cavier Stick Eye Colour

LM Shadow 1

1. Laura Mercier Cavier Stick Eye Colour,  0.05 oz for $24.00

I was checking out Sephora to see if they had a display of Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Powder I could look at, which they didn’t, when I discovered these really pretty eyeshadow/liners from Laura Mercier, which are new to the line for Spring 2013.

The Eye Sticks were not the creamiest, silkiest, or softest pigment, but it was suitabley comfortable applying it to my skin.  Once applied it did not shift, budge, or crinkle.  These were created as a companion to the Caviar Eye Liner, to create an easy smokey eye effect in a “long-wearing, transfer-proof, and crease-resistant” formula with intense color pigment.   I love the smokey eyelook and have never been able to duplicate it.  Eventually, I will test this on a weekend before actual purchase.

I was able to meander around the store, flexing my hand, checking out different products.  It did not shift, or crumble, for the 30 minutes I was there.  Obviously, this is not my eye area.  I liked the colors and I like how they felt and stayed put.  One huge problem.  You may need extra strength eye makeup remover to remove this.   I mean hardcore extra strength. 

One of my big concerns with these types of cream eye shadow/liners is that they do not stay put on my oily skin.  On my eyes, most things migrate downward, or the oils break it apart dissolving the color.  This will not do that.  This would be awesome if I did not become freaked out by how much makeup remover I had to use and how hard I had to literally scrub my skin to remove this.  It took six cotton pads soaked  with Sephora’s makeup remover – which may be kind of weak, I don’t know – and vigorous rubbing in my skin, until it was very red and hurt to remove this. 

Here are the swatches. 

LM Swatches Text

I only applied them to the back of my hand.  Forgive me for the mini hairs.   I hate swatches with hair follicles interfering.  I don’t shave my hand because I feel like it’s quite normal and fine to have fine hairs on the arm, but in close up shots – it looks all sasquatchish.  It didn’t even occur to me to put on the underside of my arm since I was only swatching for my benefit ’til I realized that I could take a picture and post.  Oh well.

Here is what the swatches looked like after two makeup remover soaked cotton pads.


*The Khaki tester was not available and the extra stick in the Khaki holder is actually another Sand Gold tester.   There is, also, a wider assortment of colors available online than what I saw in the store.

These are really pretty, long lasting, and comfortable but there should be suggestions as to the kind of makeup remover to use to easily and non-irritatingly remove this.



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