It’s A Recap Sunday

Formerly named Sunday Sundries…NOW – It’s A Recap Sunday!!!  A post for the little things not appropriate for a full post, a recap of the past week, and a peek into the next.

Beautiful Creature Cover

I have been seeing those fascinating movie trailers for Beautiful Creatures.  I will see the movie because it seems interesting, and because the cinematography looks beautiful.  However, the unknown actors in the lead roles don’t seem compelling to me in the bit I saw.  But since it is focused on a book series, I picked it up to read.  Unfortunately, the first few pages just did not grab me.  Ok, I know, it’s the first few pages…

Renpure Empty

Another empty! Yes!  I reviewed this a while back here.  I always finish conditioners faster than shampoos.  I have so many bottles of conditioner AND crazy shampoo bottles that it will be a while before I repurchase this.  And repurchase this I will.  It is very good.

Zumna cover

I read this on the cover of INC. and it reminded me of how I dropped out of ZUMBA.  THAT SH&*&*(*T is HARD!  I don’t know what was more embarrassing: not being able to keep up with the bobbing college coeds, or the fact that I got two left feet with the latin footwork, did I mention that bachata, merengue, and salsa are my people’s dance moves?  FAIL!!!  Well, I am not that great a dancer.  Two words – MASALA BANGRAH!  If you are not the most foot coordinated, jello-hipped of dancers, Masala Bangrah is fun, upbeat and ALOT simpler.  Of course, it get’s a little crazy with the hand motions, but you get SOOOO tired jumping up and down!

Stock Up

I ordered my cleansing balm and enzyme mask last week and it came (picked up a new toner I never tried before too).  YAY!  Doubled up on the Glamtox – it is actually doing a really job of removing the reddish brown post-acne marks, as well as the large discoloration around my cheeks and forehead from melasma (in conjunction with Differin).  


I saw the movie MAMA and it was interesting.  I enjoyed it but the ending made me sad.  It was unusual for a horror movie.  If you are into horror movies, this is worth checking out, if you are not – I guess you could pass and wait for the DVD. 

DSC03310Filling in the calender for the next two weeks with dates, appointments, and meetings.


Ah, let’s discuss the trainwreck that was that networking event.  It started off well, then came the jumping accusations, the snappish behavior, the eye rolls, the increasingly badgering questions on why I was interested in the area I was trying to redirect my career in (she happened to luck into it with no background, she revealed, but she NEEDED a concrete connection – umokay).  I had an answer, she just didn’t like it.   The alternating hostility and superficial fake friendliness was confusing.  It ended at a cafe, with me just wanting it over.  As I went home, I beat myself up about not having prepared better.  Except, as I recollected the event, it became increasingly clear that she HAD AN ISSUE WITH ME for whatever reason.  She was unprofessional, rude, too familiar, and just unbelievably inappropriate.  I wish I could get more detailed – but that would be too revealing.  After how awesomely easy the other networking connection I made with the other senior executive was, this mid-level person was an abrupt glass of cold water in the face.  Needless to say,  I am keeping my distance.  After recounting the event to a friend, I realized I was also upset that I just took it.  The next time someone thinks they can get out of line with me for whatever DEEPSEATED ISSUES – I mean –  reason is going to get a terse walkout.  The upshot, my friend mentioned, is that I am now prepared for the next offthewall person to cross my path.  BRING THE CRAZY – I am ready!

The sad truth in the professional world of over-degree’d individuals is that those extra years of schooling does not necessarily mean that they are of sound mind, judgment or principles.  Degrees do not change people.  It’s just an extra few lines on a resume, a few letters at the back of your name, or the front.  You get to cloak yourself with the perception of respectability, but that’s all it is – A CLOAK.  If you have issues, a degree isn’t going to solve it – it’s just going to help you to mask it longer from unsuspecting folks.



  1. I wonder if your networking contact was trying to derail you, perceiving you as a potential rival; in which case, it may be taken as a compliment, no? I am a relatively new subscriber of your blog having found your entries relating to foundations spot on. Thanks for posting.

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