Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup Swatches


1. Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup, 1.0 oz for $11.99

For those of you who are curious about the shade differentiation, and if you are around a MAC NC 25 – NC 30, I figured I would post the shades that closely correspond to that shade range.

Here you go.

Revlon Nearly Naked Swatches

While the outdoor shot is accurate for how the shades appear, I have to caution that the indoor shades appear less orange, than they show up in real life. 

All of the midtone shades looked various shades of orange except some leaned yellow, while others leaned pink.  The swatches are aligned going from darkest intensity to lightest, or at least the opposite of how the bottles are arranged above.  Did you notice how the Natural Beige actually appears darker than Medium BeigeMedium Beige is the yellowest shade of the entire range, I believe.  It may actually work for MAC NC 30 girls, too.    The shades Warm Beige and Sun Beige are much deeper instense yellow shade, turning towards tan-ish light brown.  However, I urge anyone to check out this range personally because what may look orangey-wrong on me, could look beigey-perfect on you.

As far as texture, it is incredibly lightweight and the coverage is sheer, but I believe buildable to a medium.  However, this will intensify the color, and it may make orangey-ness aspect even more noticeable if you do not have beigey-peach skin.  It sets very quickly because of its sheerness and on my non-oily arms, stayed put.  As to how it reacts to oily skin and large pores, I do not know.  I did not face test this and I will not.



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