Movie: Bachelorette


Women friends.  Girlfriends.  Friends with boobs.  Female friendships can be complex. Male friendships are easy.  They hang out, they get drunk, they get pissed off, they kick each other’s asses, then they are friends again like nothing happened.  Women, not so much.  We have all seen, or experienced, female friendships that aren’t the most positive.

The movie Bachelorette explores old high school female friendships in a dark comedy format.  I am assuming it is “dark” because while the comedy is there, there is nothing really cute, or “rah rah” about this movie.  My mouth was mostly agape.  These were some seriously dysfunctional, almost caricaturized, friendships.  Except, I think they cared about each other.  Okay, maybe not.  Who knows?

Bachelorette came out in the fall of 2012 and it was not heavily promoted.  There is nothing feel good about this movie.  Okay, there are a few endearing scenes.  Mostly, though, it’s like a distorted funhouse mirror, where everything is so bad and fucked up that small bits of genuine non-selfish and snon-self absorbed emotions become magnified.

I STILL enjoyed this movie.  You know, the way you become fascinated by a total train wreck.  Regan, played by Kirsten Dunst, meets up for a quick lunch/brunch with Rebel Wilson’s character, Becky.  Regan is the quintessential movie stereotype of a self-absorbed, calculating, anorexic, “blue-blood-ish” icy-blonde obsessed with staying “on track” to the plum job (non-existent) and the plum wealthy, blue-blood boyfriend in med school (hasn’t proposed yet) who is “best friends” with Becky, the formerly bullied, but still very much overweight girl.  Much later on in the movie, you will discover why Regan feels indebted to Becky.  Becky tells Regan that the wealthy, charming, attractive guy she has been seeing has proposed to her.  Initially, Regan has presumed that the wealthy, attractive, total catch had dumped Becky and that is why Becky has called Regan for brunch, because  he was embarassed  to be associated to Becky.  However, Becky corrects her.  Regan is AGHAST and SHELLSHOCKED.  Becky has one-upped her not just by being the first to get married, but also by getting such a catch.  So, Regan is made the maid of honor, and she and the other bridesmaids, Gena (Lizzy Caplan) and Katie (Isla Fischer), go about preparing for the bachelorette event.  Except, it is a travesty of misshaps caused by their completely dysfunctional, self-absorbed selves.  Gena is a barely functioning, promiscuous drug addict and Katie is a not functioning promiscuous alcoholic, who gets so drunk, she frequently blacks out and has sex with men she does not know, before or after. 

Now, the reasons why whatever pivotal moment in their past fucked them is briefly provided, but as to why it became this debilitating experience they could not move beyond is never explained and mostly they come off as INCREDIBLY UNLIKEABLE and IMMATURE.  I did feel bad for them, though.  Even ice queen Regan.  What I did not like was the complete lack of character development for Becky’s character.  She has the least screen time because she is the bride and the movie follows the bridesmaids for one night trying to make right what they destroyed in time for the wedding.  However, I believe Becky is presumed to be the most healthy and functional of the group.  Except, I don’t know how someone like that ends up being “besties” with three other women who are so selfishly broken and dysfunctional.  Of course, Becky’s dysfunctioning could be that she thinks she is “lucky” to have friendships with the now formerly “hottest” girls in high school?  Her self worth magnified and increased because of her relationship to these three girls.  However, it is obvious that with the exception of, maybe, Regan, that the other two girls don’t really give two “you know whats” for Becky, and were probably only friends with her because of Regan. 

Anyways, why did I like this movie?  Despite the melodramatic hotmessiness of this movie, there was a “real” human flawedness to it that I enjoyed.  Not all relationshps are the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.  (In college, one of the girls in my freshman hall, who was pledging a very popular sorority, was nearly poisoned with extreme laxatives baked into a chocolate fudge brownie cake decorated with her pledging sororities letters.  She and a few of her hallmate friends she shared the cake with were RUSHED to the hospital to have their stomaches’ pumped.  Oddly, I discovered several years later that she blamed her roommate for making the cake because they did not like each other.  So, she and her frat boyfriend, and their fratty/soro mutual friends, EXTREME hazed the roommate for the rest of the year.  No one in the sorority took responsibility for the cake.  It was a cake that would have required an off campus apartment, or sorority house, something that her roommate being a few months into the semester as a freshman in a foreign state would not have had access to.  The roommate never made the cake.  There was no point to. Clearly, someone never took responsibility and was afraid so they allowed someone else to be HAZED.)  Anyways, hopefully, most people’s friendships are not that insane, but if you ever start feeling a little like a gremlin for whatever reason, and it’s not them but YOU, watching this will SMACK it down.

The other alternative is to enter girls in fight clubs and allow them to physically take out their aggressions early on so that we too can sock the crap out of each other and move on.

But it is a really interesting movie and I did enjoy it.



  1. Haven’t seen this one, but it’s on my to-watch list. I watched Bridesmaid, though and I think they are pretty similar! I don’t think too much about this kind of movies..I wouldn’t approve those actions too much in real life! 😉

    • I thought the movie was going to be like Bridesmaids, so when I saw it I was like WTF? I was totally expecting a feel good funny comedy…so my mouth was on the floor…DID NOT see trailers for this movie – just rented it thinking it was going to be cute and funny!

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