Sunday Sundries

Sunday Sundries…a post for those little things that aren’t appropriate for a full post.  A wrap up of the week.

Empties for Sunday

Lining up the almost used products, and taking ’em out one by one.  Score for this week!!! John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Color Renew Tone Correcting Conditioner with Optical Brightener and Lavender (I do not have blonde hair but I hate brassiness in my hair.  This moisturized my hair quite nicely without weighing it down.  Unsure if I will repurchase though.);  Head and Shoulders Clinical Strength Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (Um, well, yeah, healthy scalp…man…it’s important.  Whatever!  I get flakes if I don’t use anti-dandruff shampoo every two weeks.  Honestly, these anti-dandruff shampoos are mostly the same on me.  I’ve tried so many different ones but I don’t see much difference so far.   Totally utilitarian and mostly fungible.); Yes to Tomatoes Acne Daily Pore Scrub (Totally thought this was a useless acne cleanser which didn’t degrease my oily skin.  Then I discovered it’s gentle properties were best for sensitized, tazorac’d skin that still needs gentle pore clearing. Hurrah! Boo to the tiny buffing beads that get everwhere!!!Purchased 2x);  Kose Deep Softymo Cleansing Oil (another one bites the dust! Still have an extra under my vanity table.)  Nothing like empty bottles.  SWEET.


Watching Looper, thinking “damn, Joseph Gordon Levitt is somehow hotter and looks a little different.”  Whoah to the prosthetics that made him look like a younger, way HOTTER Bruce Willis.  Bruce Willis WISHES he looked that good in his heyday.  Being impatient and wikipedia-ing the end and being annoyed.  Where is the plot development?!  Watching anyways, and being blown away by the ending because it wasn’t a plot focused movie, but a character development movie.  INTENSE.


Being tardy on maintaining resolutions…YIKES….Consistency folks!  (Um, I should mention that I never got past the first pages of this book when I first got it.)  Haha!  UGH.

Starbucks 1

Realizing that my Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso Coffee drink was no longer having the same kicky effect.  Doubling up at the gym and realizing this is a problem.  Forgoing the drink for my workouts.  I’ll get my old mojo back eventually.  MOVE.

Lush Hair Care

Being blown away by Lush hair care products. Volume has been explosive, but hair is feeling a little drier and rougher.  Huh?  Must be all the protein.  But you know what? Still dig it!  LOVE.

Stock Up Collage

Placing new orders for Rodial’s Glamtox Cleanser and derma E’s Enzyme Cleansing Mask.  Falling even more in love with Rodial’s cleansing balm as a makeup remover and treatment mask all in one.  derma E’s Enzyme Cleansing Mask – detox for the skin.  Best dead sea salt product out there for the price and convenience.  Running low. Don’t want to be caught empty handed.  BEST.


Gearing up to meet up an important networking contact over the course of the next several days at various events she invited me to.  Doing my homework to impress!  HUSTLE.

Ah, another week down.  I feel like January is moving SO FAST!  But it’s going to move faster.  My calendar’s kind of busy starting next week. Keep it up.  MOMENTUM.



  1. I was SO excited for Looper to come out and now, I keep forgetting to watch it 😛 I didn’t realize they put prosthetics on JGL in that movie–now I am curious to see! But JGL is already so hot, any additions made to his perfect visage would only serve to mar the effect! 😛 haha

    • I always thought he was cute, not necessarily hot – he has a little boy face – then I saw Deception and I was like Whoah baby! But in Looper something was off about his face, it looked way longer and more cut – that’s when I realized they somehow altered his face – it could have been computer generated but I think they used prosthetics, make up, and he contorted his face a bit. He definitely looked more “masculine” but he is hot regardless! Definitely watch Looper and just don’t expect an action flick – that’s totally backseat to the real focus.

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