Sunday Sundries

There are a lot of little odds and ends that aren’t really appropriate for a single post.  So, I figured I would start a new sunday feature.  Sunday Sundries!  Ooops on it being so late!

empties collage

  • I finished a few bottles this past week, which is awesome!!!  Goodbye DDF Brightening Cleanser, Topix Glycolix Gly-Sal 10-2 Cleanser (review to follow shortly), and exactly four uses left of the EmerginC Vitamin C 20 Serum, I reviewed over the summer.  That stuff is potent!


  • A while ago, I got tired of my chartreuse large print floral wallpaper on my accent wall and ripped it down.  But I didn’t like the blandness of my bedroom walls surrounded by Benjamin Moore Clear Skies, a light aqua blue.  So, I recently painted my accent wall a contrasting periwinkle-based blue, Fresh Blue, surrounded by super white glossy trim.  I, also, ended up picking Benjamin Moore Fresh Cut Grass for my “vanity” table.  Except it ended up being more lemony-green yellow, not pale apple green, which was a disappointment.  (I think the mixer jacked up the formula).  Not feeling up to painting the entire table the slightly green tinted yellow (blech), I only painted the top and added black-white floral contact paper on to the middle, allowing an inch of the green-tinted yellow to peak on either side as an accent color.  My vanity table looks so much better.  But it’s basically on it’s death legs before I purchase a new one.


  • Um, why did I notice that my Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation had separated?  There was a thin layer of translucent something sitting on top.  What the heck?  That is way too soon!


  • Today was the end of the first weight challenge between two grad school friends and myself.  We had all grown displeased with our weight gain and decided to put our money where I mouths were.  At the end of each period, the winner will take the money pot.  Not a single one of us lost the required poundage!  My pounds lost?  3.6 pounds.  That’s what happens when you start a weight loss competition right before thanksgiving, xmas, and new years!  The best part was going to a famous chocolatier restaurant the night before, splitting a triple chocolate truffle heart, and reminding my friends about the weigh in on friday while eating a White Castle burger…YES!!! *fist pump*

Cosmo Cover

  • I committed fashion magazine sin by purchasing my first Cosmopolitan in YEARS!!! That magazine makes me go blech but I had to know what the new editor, Joanna Coles, formerly of Marie Claire, had done.  It’s an improvement.  But I still hang my head in shame. 

TS Song

  • I think I am becoming a teenybopper…no, really.  Why have I been loving Taylor Swift’s songs?  Ack!  Newest jam I Knew You Were Trouble has been on repeat.  But Red is awesome, too. 


  • I chopped about six inches of hair with a large scissor within the last few weeks.  I never like the cut I get in salons and they always cut too much and they layer my hair, which is not good for my hair.  Well, I cut too much and now my hair is all one length (almost) and…I LOVE IT!  It looks SOOOO much better.  Even with the blunt-choppy uneven ends.  It may be because I chopped off the last bit of highlighted (damaged) hair but my hair look so healthy and full now.   I was, also, reminded that my hair grows rather fast.  Yippee!  Not sure why this seems to slip my mind. 

Sundays are awesome. 


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