Sephora X – The New Neutrals

Sephora X Nail Polish

1. Sephora X – The New Neutrals Nail Polish in Hoodlum and Self Righteous, 0.33 oz for $9.50

Bright, graphic, abstract  – you name it – it’s been done on nails.  I only got into nail polish about two years ago, and I was immediately attracted to very bright, or non-traditional, colors.  Who wants sedate and boring?  Except, sometimes you really shouldn’t go out in funky colors, no matter if it’s only one shade and not encrusted with glitter.  I have been looking for more professionally appropriate polishes that aren’t BORING.  I spotted the new Sephora nail polish display for Sephora X divided into different color stories and I was immediately attracted to The New Neutrals.

Sephora X – The New Neutrals are color-calibrated shades that are meant to enhance natural skintones in 16 shades with a high-shine cream finish formulated with anti-chip technology that is resistant to water and detergent, offering long wear.

My take?  They are very thick and creamy which means you should have some skill in applying them and making sure you don’t take too much product from the bottle.  Best to make sure thin it out.  All you need are two coats and I think that may be a bit too much.  If it were possible, 1.5 coats would be ideal.  These are very opaque even at the first layer.  Two layers equals full, cream-like coverage.  You may spend a little extra time drying your nails just because you are afraid the nail polish applied too thick and may smudge.  Don’t you hate when that happens?

Sephora X Beige Horizontal

Sephora X Gray Horizontal

I picked up Self-Righteous, which offers an incredible mannequin hand look for light-medium warm gals.  Described by Sephora as a neutral foundation beige, this offers that uber naked, no nailbed look…weird, right?  NOPE! AWESOME!  I have short, child-like fingers that could use some lengthening.  It is still a great “fleshtone” shade for anyone else whether lighter or darker…it just won’t be “your” fleshtone color. 

Hoodlum is nice medium neutral gray putty color.  There is a hint of blue undertone to this shade which makes it more flattering on my skintone than some other grays that just makes me look sickly.  Hoodlum is the sweatshirt of nail polish shades.  I love it. 

Sephora X Nail Polish Swatch 1 Text

Both are appropriate in a professional setting, but also look very cool outside of the office. 

Sephora X Beige Vertical

Sephora X Vertical Gray 2

Sephora X Belt 2

10 fingers and 10 toes up!  🙂

*That last photo is me holding a tan leather belt from JCrew.  I do not remember what color it is but it looks great with Self Righteous doesn’t it.

**Yes, I chew on my fingers – nail and skin, frequently.  I can go for a while without chewing on them, but if I don’t get my nails done within 3-4 weeks, I start chewing again.



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