Liebster/Tag Award (x4)

Sweet! A Liebster mention and a tag! Becca over at NARCISSISTA.ME and Satine over at Randombeautythings have tagged me, and if you haven’t already, please do check out their blogs. Love the tongue in cheek/humorous take on Becca’s beauty adventures ( I am taking notes) and I certainly don’t have the patience to explore Youtube for beauty vloggers, so Satine’s recommendations have been helpful and given me some new music for my workouts (seriously, I have downloaded songs featured in some of her vlog recs that I never would have heard otherwise).

Now, I have been adding facts like loco to my “about me” page, so I feel like I am only a few Liebsters from giving you guys my social security number, but I’ll refrain!  🙂  Here are 11 6 new tidbits about myself:

1. I am a chronic nailbiter.  Only getting my nails done gets me to stop, unless I wait too long between salon visits. 

2. Current nail status: bitten down to quick.

3. I loved reading Calvin & Hobbes and Bloom County (Opus and Bill the Cat) comic strip books.

4. I used to have a weird thing with re-arranging my bedroom for many years, which I later found out reflected some Feng Shui principles. 

5. I hate walking barefoot anywhere.

6. I loved watching the canadian series: Friday the 13th Series. 

Keeping with the six, answering 11  6 of Satine’s questions from RandomBeautyThings:

1) What is your favourite way of spending free time?

Gym.  No lie.
2) Can you play any instruments?

Sadly, no.
3) A talent you think you have?

I can read people – as long as I am not invested in the “reading.” 
4) What would you change about your personality? And your body?

I am a ruminator – ughhhh.  I hate my legs.  😦
5) The nicest compliment you have ever received?

Got asked by a colleague to join them in their business endeavor.  I declined because it wasn’t a direction I wanted to go in, but I was flattered.
6) Your biggest idol?

Hillary Rodham Clinton is my rockstar.  Visciously kicked down, graciously got up – over and over again.


Oooooooooooof.  I know I should put some blogs, but I have either done them before, they have been done before by other bloggers, they are known to bloggers who do follow my blog, or they are very well known.  I am bad on this one.  I have linked the Liebster/Tag pages of the recommenders who did nominate/tag 11 other bloggers earlier.  Please check out their pages.  Also,  why not take a peek at other major blogs’ follow pages, that’s what I do.  Even though I no longer follow as many blogs as I used to, I still occasionally peak new blogs based on these recommendations.   



  1. Aw, thanks for doing the TAG! 😉 Wow, I respect you so much for actually enjoying gym. I hate it! 😦 Any tips to make it better?

    I’m glad my “YouTuber of the moment” posts are helpful! 😉
    But -wait I didn’t get that, you got music from which vlogs?

    • One of the earlier ones you posted – I accidently thought the vlogger was you. I can’t remember the song but I played it to death. Vlogger was doing Spring multi-colored eye shadow look. But alot of the vlogger recs you post have other recommendations when viewed from youtube so I will occasionally click on those too. Honestly, gym helps so much with my moods and I am competitive so it helps with that area too because I push myself to improve myself. Having a bad day – works out aggression too! 🙂

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