Kristen Stewart’s New Style Direction

KS Lace

I mentioned in one of my earliest posts how much the Bella Swann character irritated me from Twilight.  I don’t know if I was transferring when Kristen Stewart as Bella Swann started irritating me as well.  Plausible.  But then I saw Snow White and the Huntsman.  I just did not think she was a good choice for the role.  Then again I think she has a pretty distinct personality that peeks out in all of her roles that I find annoying.  I can never really get lost in the character.  I just think there is sullen, awkward Kristen Stewart acting.   However,  Kristen Stewart’s new style direction since she started promoting Breaking Dawn Part 2 has been really appealing to me.  While I used to think of her as a cute, but still kind of plain girl, I can see she is turning into quite the beautiful young woman.  The styling she has received lately in fashion magazines has been highlighting what I suppose I missed early on, that she takes great pictures.  So, I must admit I am thrilled at her styling choices (or her stylists – don’t care). 

There is a little bit of sauciness and sexiness coming out in her choices.  If this was meant to distract from some earlier summer time indiscretions – so be it – it has worked!  I love her usage of color and bold styling choices.  My favorite look is from a Leno appearance and the dress is from Peter Pilotto.

KS Bright 2 Peter Pilotto

But ALL of her promotional appearances have been great too.  I think neon brights look great on her, as well as smokey all black ensembles. 

KS Pink KS Red Lip

KS Black Subdued

However, despite the awesomeness of her new style direction, it won’t justify the fact that I think she will be the new Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Renee Zellweger for fashion magazines.  So annoying to have the same actress on all the covers multiple times a year. 

But if you really can’t get enough of Kristen Stewart’s new focus on being fashionable then head over to this tumblr site:


  1. “I just think there is sullen, awkward Kristen Stewart acting.”
    I’m on the same page. And, to be honest, I really want to like her, but..I don’t know, I canìt help it. 😦

    I love her evolution in style too. Plus with those legs and that face..I really think she can wear anything, ahaha!
    I didn’t like AT ALL the outfit with neon shoes, though! :/

    • Right there man – unlikeable moment she opens her mouth. But I actually do like the neon shoes and the sheer see through dress. Truthfully – had it not been for the great color choice, I would have disliked it too. All about the colors most times.

  2. I completely agree with you–I’ve been LOVING her/her stylist’s choices lately. The Peter Pilotto dress really stood out for me too! When I saw it, I swooned and couldn’t believe the outfit wasn’t getting more attention. Also particularly liked the outfit she wore to the On the Road screening on Sept. 10–black ALC pants and Balenciaga shirt. I thought it was really cool and perfectly styled. It doesn’t seem to special and a lot of other celebrities have worn similar looks, but on her, for some reason it just really blew me away.

    • Totally agree. I think alot of what elevates her looks that have been worn by others is the absolute GLOWING and PORCELAIN CLEAR FINISH of her skin and how her makeup never looks like it is masking her skin. She looks fresh. Whoever does her makeup is doing an amazing job, but then I can’t help but think Kristien Stewart’s skin is in AMAZING CONDITION. Plus, her hair never looks overly done. Everything just looks “natural” even though I know it’s not. Kristen Stewarts amazing skin is the reason why I am obsessed with spotless, even toned, clear glowing skin. It elevates everything you wear. GGRRRR – oily, hormonal acne!

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