Origins Halo Effect: Instant Face Illuminator for Face

Origins Halo Effect

1. Origins Halo Effect: Instant Illuminator for Face in Golden Potion, 0.5 oz for $19.50

I picked up Origins Halo Effect in Golden Potion a while back when I picked up their Origins Plantscription foundation.  This is a great starter illuminator for someone who is curious about using illuminators but is afraid of using something too obvious.  This is NOT obvious.  It is a subdued inner glow that you would not naturally ascribe to cosmetics, even if you ARE in the know.  I think this is a great place to start for newbies and for those at the office place, who would like to integrate a more “made up” natural face at the office.  You can apply this to naked skin, preferably on top of sunscreen for a hushed, subtle warmth on the skin.  You can mix this with foundations for the same, or with moisturizers.  You know the drill.  While I have no problem using illuminators on my oily skin, I do tend to shy away from using my non-Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheers during the summer.  My skin is just toooo greasy.  I don’t need to strobe light glow!  I need to wrap myself up in blotting papers.  However, this is the only one I would consider safe to use during the summer.  It is very watery with fine opalescent shimmer and a pink-gold veil of barely there warmth.

Origins brand literature describes this as a lightweight pearly potion that contains rosemary to soothe the skin, sage extracts to smooth and a citrus scent to uplift.  While I could detect a very mild scent to this product, I could not really tell that it was a citrus fragrance…so, it is a VERY mild scent.  This does not irritate my skin, or cause it to break out, and while I did not save the box, or pay attention to the ingredient list – it is ORIGINS.  Can’t be too bad compared to other cosmetic brands out there.

There are two shade options for this: Pink Potion and Golden Potion.  When I was consulting the beauty associate, she suggested I get the Pink Potion, but I decided against it because I am not cool undertoned, at least not in the summer.  So, I went with the Golden Potion.  Here is the thing.  I have many variations of golden undertoned illuminators.  This is more of a pink-golden illuminator.  Part of me wishes I had picked up the light silvery-pink version out of curiousity, but I figure, perhaps, later down the road, I will.  Not for a while, though. 

I like this product, and while I can’t say for sure if it is a repurchase because I haven’t gone through an entire bottle yet, and it will take me a while, considering all the other highlighters I do have, I do think this is a great value buy for someone trying to incorporate a subtle, more made up face.  Some of these highlighter products can cost three and four times as much as this product and may be too potent (and therefore) unncessary for someone who just wants a subtle glow.  This stuff is pretty goof proof.  Can’t say that about some of my other illuminators – HELLO Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea of Illumination – YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL with that one!  While Golden Potion is a great pick for most neutral and warm toned ladies,  I highly suggest the Pink Potion (silvery-pale pink) for blue-toned, or VERY FAIR ladies.   The Origins beauty associate was a very fair asian woman (with flawless skin) and it looked amazing on her!

Here are the swatches:

Origins Halo Swatch Text



  1. I was also surprised when I saw this at the Origins counter. Had no idea it existed but my head did a quick snapback when I caught the bottles. Out of all the liquid luminizers I have, I enjoy the pricing, size, and packaging for this above all others. I wish all quality cosmetics were under $20 bucks in pretty minimalist glass bottles. 🙂 Check out the Pink Potion!

  2. Ah,I will hop to it then. Origins is one of those lines that doesn’t really publicize their color collections I don’t think. I think they rely on their skincare line to bring in the bodies. If you ever get the chance to try it – get the Pink Potion!

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