Shahs of Sunset

I love the Shahs of Sunset! (Forget the Housewives series, I am not into any of it).  I can’t help it.  The cast members are so amusing with a star turn from RezaAsa is the beatnik granola who truly believes life is about drinking diamonds.  G.G. is anger-bomb, machete nuts.  MJ is out there with her drinky drinky and a little lost, but still likeable.  Mike is still a teenage boy falling for every pretty, non-approvable woman to his parents.  And, yup, I absolutely love Lily, the new addition to the show, who is probably the only one without issues!  It is a crazy group when Lily – the one who walks out in massive barbie hair, boobs, and six inch heels, creating her own line of “swimgerie” – comes off as the normal, sane likeable one.

Actually, for me, Reza and Lily are the stars, while the rest are more entertaining supporting cast.  But I love the group as a whole.  I would love to see more cast members included to add to the story with different personality types.  As a matter of fact, since I get that these folks may be the “out there” folks of the community, how about the more traditional, conservative ones?  Hmmm…they would probably avoid being on the show.  Too bad.  I hope this series lasts for several seasons.

Plus, gotta love all the nose jobs!  You know what they say – even persians don’t look like persians! haha!  Whatever!  I love that self conscious comment Lily made about how she loves how her makeup artist makes her look like she has a nosejob, which only made me wonder!  Nosejob, no nosejob – doesn’t matter.  This show is awesome!  More Reza and Lily, please!

Update: Lilly Ghalichi has admitted to her nose job and boob job.  You know what I say?  Who cares and good for her!  Number 1 – it was kind of obvious, but number 2 – that’s kind of ballsy.  Well, I was never a fan of the real Barbie, but I definitely like this Persian Barbie.  On another note, it appears almost ALL of the cast members have had the same nose job using the same technique, i started realizing they all had the same side indentations on their nose.  I thought it was pretty cool I could pick up on that.  I don’t see nose jobs on the regular.  But the work done was SO SIMILAR, it is obvious to me that there was probably a PERSIAN plastic surgeon using the same technique on similar noses.  Fascinating.


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