MZ Wallace Bedford Savoy Medium Cosmetic Case in Eggplant

MZ Wallace Eggplant

Do not get between me and a sale for accessories, cosmetics and skincare.  These are my weaknesses.  I don’t throw money at bars for alcohol, or dinners, or shoes, salons, clothes, electronics, ecetera…but accessories, cosmetics and skincare are my thing.  Don’t judge me!

I have been eyeing this case for a while.  I was waiting for a potential sale.  Score! There was a sale.  Now the sale wasn’t that great but since I had been scoping this out for a while and it is rather subdued and professional looking I justified purchasing it as a work mini cosmetic bag. 

MZ Wallace Inside

I thought the medium would be the perfect size because the Large sounded huge and the Small seemed teeny.  Well, the Medium looked kind of teeny to me when I got it.  But it is deceptively small.  I could actually jam it with a few more items then I thought.  It is still smaller than what I would have preferred but I guess I like the idea of a discreet, elegant AND utilitarian looking makeup/toiletry case.

MZ Wallace back

The eggplant color I was lusting after so much actually appears much more brown than purple or burgandy. So, that was another surprise, as well.  Frankly, there was no reason for me not to check this out in the store other than extreme laziness.  However, the sale was an online one and I wasn’t going to waste time comparing.  Actually, the sale is still going on and while they are sold out of the Medium, they may still have the Large and Small available, but you will need to call them up per website instructions.  They have other colors, as well, for sale.

MZ Wallace Bottom

For the record, this will NOT being going anywhere in my gym bag. 

* The nail polish that is two weeks past needing change is by Barielle and it is the shade Black Rose.


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